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Season 2

11 Sep. 2004
Days Past
Wuya's ruling the world, Omi's trapped in the distant past, and Clay, Kimiko and Raimundo are working with Jack Spicer.What else could go wrong?
18 Sep. 2004
Citadel of Doom
The young Dragons have grown complacent.They possess all the activated Shen Gong Wu, and Wuya is back in her box.Meanwhile, Jack Spicer creates the ultimate evil machine to help in world domination--a robotic version of himself!
25 Sep. 2004
The Shard of Lighting
The young Dragons have grown complacent.They possess all the activated Shen Gong Wu, and Wuya is back in her box.Meanwhile, Jack Spicer creates the ultimate evil machine to help in world domination--a robotic version of himself!
2 Oct. 2004
The Crystal Glasses
A Shen Gong Wu that enables Omi to look into the future reveals itself, and the young monk learns that someday he will join the dark side.
9 Oct. 2004
When Omi and the others are captured by the evil crime boss PandaBubba, Raimundo proves his worth to the group and himself.After his heroic efforts, Raimundo is made an apprentice.
30 Oct. 2004
Sizing Up Omi
Omi increases his strength by growing larger after combining the effects of Shen Gong Wu.However, he discovers a downside when these effects appear to be irreversible.
6 Nov. 2004
Enter the Dragon
Once every 1,500 years, Dojo must be locked up for 24 hours.If he gets out, he will travel the globe, devouring every Shen Gong Wu he can find, along with everything else in his path.It will be the beginning of the end.Omi is given the responsibility to make sure this doesn't happen.
13 Nov. 2004
The Sands of Time
Old Omi from the distant future sends a hologram image of himself to warn young Omi of disaster.A Shen Gong Wu that will lead to a world dominated by evil is about to reveal itself--only Omi can prevent this terrible future from happening.
20 Nov. 2004
Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil
Omi uses the lessons learned from the Mind Reader Conch against Jack in a showdown to win back a bag of Shen Gong Wu that Jack steals from the temple.
27 Nov. 2004
A Shen Gong Wu known as the Shadow of Fear reveals itself, allowing the bearer to enter the dreams of others and learn their deepest fears.Jack uses this Shen Gong Wu to torment Omi after discovering the young monk's fear.
11 Dec. 2004
Master Monk Guan
Omi's favorite monk, Master Monk Guan, arrives at the Temple.But later, Omi is disillusioned when Master Monk Guan betrays the Dragons-in-Training by selling Dojo to the evil Chase Young, the greatest Tai Chi Master.
5 Feb. 2005
The Evil Within
Kimiko accidentally breaks a Shen Gong Wu and repairs it without telling anyone.What she doesn't realize is that she's released an evil spirit in the form of an earwig-like creature that crawls into Clay's ear and takes over his body.
12 Feb. 2005
The Deep Freeze
When an accidentally created Evil Snowman uses a new Shen Gong Wu to block the sun and freeze planet Earth, it's up to Omi to defeat the creature by using water, his signature element.
19 Feb. 2005
The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back
Shen Gong Wu around the world are drawn together to form the Fearsome Four: The Mala Mala Brothers.The Emperor Scorpion, a Shen Gong Wu that controls all other SGW will soon reveal itself.If the Fearsome Four reaches it before the monks, the Mala Mala Brothers will control their own destiny, and they will be unstoppable.
26 Feb. 2005
The Black Vipers
The monks search for a Shen Gong Wu in Texas, where Clay reunites with his estranged younger sister, Jesse, who's the leader of a group of female outlaws on motorcycles.Clay doesn't trust Jesse, who has a history of taking advantage of people.
16 Apr. 2005
Screams of the Siren
The young dragons discover a distressed mermaid who's been frozen in a glacier for centuries.In freeing her, they also free her mortal enemy known as the Hunter.They soon learn that good and evil aren't always easy to recognize at first glance.
23 Apr. 2005
The Return of Pandabubba
Kimiko worries that her father has turned evil when she discovers that he's now working with PandaBubba.But in reality, PandaBubba has taken over her father's business and has turned him and his workers into zombies.
23 Apr. 2005
The Last Temptation of Raimundo
Master Fung warns the monks that during the passing of the Heylin Comet, the Shen Gong Wu will be unpredictable and must not be touched.Raimundo succumbs to temptation in order to save his hometown.He then finds that the Golden Tiger Claws fused onto his hand, which starts him on the path to becoming half human, half Shen Gong Wu.
30 Apr. 2005
The Year of the Green Monkey
The monkey forces are stronger than usual because it is the Year of the Green Monkey, and Chase desires to take advantage of this time. He uses Jack to help him create an army of monkeys that will invade the temple and keep the young monks occupied while he stops them from acquiring a special Shen Gong Wu that could lead to the end of his reign.
30 Apr. 2005
The Demon Seed
Master Fung puts the monks in charge of the powerful Heylin Seed that the elder monks have guarded for over fifteen hundred years.But things go awry when Jack Spicer and Vlad steal the seed, releasing an evil French plant that intends to elevate plant life to the top of the food chain.
7 May 2005
The New Order
Since Wuya now works with Chase, Jack strikes back by forming an alliance with Cyclops. Jack uses the Sphere of Yun SGW to lock up Chase and take over his legion of jungle cats. Jack appears to be unstoppable. Omi is in the precarious position of having to help Chase in order to stop Jack.
7 May 2005
The Apprentice
Jack and Katnappe compete to become Chase Young's apprentice.When Katnappe wins, Jack is so disheartened that he considers giving up evil for good.Omi seizes the opportunity to turn Jack around and prove that he really was destined for good, only to have his optimism used against him.
14 May 2005
Something Jermaine
When Jermaine visits, Omi is shocked to learn that not only has his friend become a monk, but that he's also advanced much faster than Omi.Tension escalates as Omi's competitiveness costs the monks a Shen Gong Wu.Omi discovers that Jermaine's mentor is Chase Young, and he tries to warn Jermaine that he's following the path of evil.But Jermaine doesn't believe him, thinking that Omi is acting out of jealousy.
14 May 2005
Dangerous Minds
The world is threatened by giant arachnids that have created a highly evolved ant-type commune deep below the earth's surface.Chase and Omi form an alliance to stop these spiders from destroying the planet.
21 May 2005
Judging Omi
As the monks bicker about which one of them will be chosen to advance to the next level, Master Fung mysteriously disappears, apparently at the hands of Jack Spicer and his new army of evildoers.Omi blames himself and secretly strikes a deal with Chase Young for help.Omi travels into the Ying Yang world looking for Master Fung.But when he returns, Omi's allegiance has changed.He is now ready to serve alongside the evil Chase Young.
21 May 2005
Saving Omi
Omi is now aligned with Chase.The other young monks don't know what to think of this new friendship.Then they discover that the choice was not Omi's.By passing into the Ying Yang world, part of Omi was left behind--the good part.The young monks blame themselves for pushing Omi so hard and realize that they must save him.

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