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Season 13

16 Dec. 2013
Fight to the Death
British Airways flight 548 crashes shortly after take off from London Heathrow airport in 1972. Piecing the clues together one by one, the investigation reveals shocking truth.
30 Dec. 2013
Speed Trap
An unfortunate mid-air collision in 1971 brings sweeping changes to the ATC system in the USA.
Lost in Translation
Crossair flight 498 crashes shortly after take-off from Zurich. The airplane was in good condition and the pilots had adequate training. Or did they? The investigation takes a dramatic turn when the cockpit voice recorder is retrieved.
23 Dec. 2013
Disaster on the Potomac
After Air Florida flight 90 crashes on take-off from Washington D.C., it is not easy to find the cause of the accident. It turns out eventually that this was no accident but simple and deadly oversight.
6 Jan. 2014
Queens Catastrophe
American Airlines flight 587 drops out of the sky after take-off from JFK airport in New York and plunges into the Queens suburb. The investigators work hard to determine the cause of this tragedy only to find out that it originated in the cockpit after all.
10 Feb. 2014
Into the Eye of the Storm
They're called hurricane hunters, research scientists who head straight into killer storms to collect valuable data that will ultimately save lives. In 1989, however, it's the scientists' own lives that are in peril after they enter one of the most violent forces of nature of all time: Hurricane Hugo. Relive their harrowing battle against this category 5 monster and the efforts to keep NOAA 42 in the air as it's ripped apart by a raging storm growing stronger by the minute.
20 Jan. 2014
Massacre Over the Mediterranean
When Itavia flight 870 goes missing over the Mediterranean sea, a conspiracy theory of a missile strike surfaces. Was the plane shot down by a Libyan fighter jet?
3 Feb. 2014
Imperfect Pitch
On the 27th November 2008, an aircraft on a post-maintenance test flight operating as XL Airways Germany Flight 888T crashes into the Mediterranean Sea off the French coast, killing all seven people on board. Improper cleaning maintenance allowed water to enter the aircraft's angle of attack sensors. At the flight's high altitude, the water froze and caused the sensors to stop working when the crew put the aircraft into a low-speed stall to test the stall warning system.
25 Apr. 2014
Terror in Paradise
A popular Twin Otter aircraft crashes shortly after take-off in Tahiti. A bad maintenance decision and a series of other factors combined together create just the right recipe for disaster.
Titanic in the Sky
The biggest passenger jet in the world, the A380, suffers a catastrophic in-flight engine failure. With damaged flight controls and leaking fuel, can the crew return to the airport and land safely? And what happens if they do land the overweight and leaking jet?
9 May 2014
Getting Out Alive
A special showing how people survived certain air crashes and how airline crews are trained to facilitate survival of the passengers.

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