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Comic Book Guy wouldn't say Worst Game Ever to this one

Author: Darth_Homer
3 February 2004

It's the genre we love to hate, licensed video games. This genre often produces some of the crappiest games ever made, one such victim has been the Simpsons, in which many a crappy game has been made about the show.

Now, the waters have parted, at last, A great Simpsons game since Konamis smash aracde game has graced us, it's name, The Simpsons: Hit and Run.

To put the game a little simpiler, it's Simpsons meets GTA, minus all the violence which made the latter a smash hit. But even without the violence, this is still a great game.

The best part about the game is the script and sound. The script is great, being penned by the shows writers and voiced by the shows actors, getting an authentic feel to the game, and the script is one of the funniest ever written, probably funnier than the Futurama script.

The games only fault is with the camera, it just happens to get in your way so much it's really annoying and destroys the game.

In short, if u love the Simpsons or love car-madness, get this game!

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Best Simpsons game ever

Author: PlayerSS from North Carolina
11 December 2003

This game shamelessly rips off the Grand Theft Auto game engine. It works for this game though. Hit and Run has almost every simpsons character. You can only drive with a select few. The game takes around different parts of Springfield doing missions for certain people with different characters.

Marge, Homer, Lisa, Bart, and for some reason Apu are the main characters you can drive as. You can get out of your original car and get into some else's just like in Grand Theft Auto. You can't drive other people's car. They drive you around.

All around Springfield you can find little tie-ins to some of the episodes. As for design Springfield is designed just like I would have imagined it. The story is written by the simpsons writers. Its almost as if you were playing an actual episode.

While your driving around your character will say different things. Just like in Road Rage. While the lines that the character say can get a little repetitive, but they are still funny. Hit and Run is the best simpsons game to date. A sure buy for any fan of the simpsons

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The Simpsons Hit & Run (2003)

Author: simpsonssite9999 from United States
15 October 2005

The Simpsons Hit & Run is the best Simpsons game ever, it is much better than The Simpsons Road Rage. In Road Rage There is not much to do you just drive people around Springfield and try to beat 10 missions. In The Simpsons Hit & Run there are over 50 missions they don't make them easy like Road Rage they make them fun and challenging. You can step out of your car and go on foot you can go inside the Kwik-E-Mart, Springfield Elementary, Barts bedroom, the DMV, the Comic Book Shop, and the Observeotory. there are 3 land forms the Suburb, City, and the Seaside area, each land form are packed with buildings and famous land marks like Mr. Burn's Mansion, or the Stonecutturs lodge of tunnel.

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Finally! GTA for The Simpsons fanatic! (or at least something like it)

Author: YourMomInAGorillaSuit from The bathroom floor
19 February 2006

It has been almost 2 years since I got this game. What I really like about it is that the missions are really fun and some of the cars are really cool (my favorites are the Ferreni and the Homer) But the game gets wicked hard after level 3.And the traffic is ridiculous, you hit one car and they don't move. And the police just magically appear out of someone's driveway when you hit something.

I think that they should have had more than 7 levels because that way you could enjoy the game some more. I also think that Grampa,not Apu should have been on level 5. After all he is a part of The Simpson family.

What really ticked me off is that they had no girl testers. (before you put the game on the market you test it) Being a girl myself I loved this game and many other video games and if they make another Hit and run, they should consider having girl testers Overall it was a fun game

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Author: Gunner1234106573 from Denbigh, Wales
12 September 2004

This game is one of the best games in my collection of games. I had it for Christmas and it was excellent, after a while it wears a bit thin but still is excellent.

If you have not got this game yet (which you should have by now!!!!) then get it quick. I can safely say this game is way better the Simpsons: road rage. I mean, the graphics are better, you can go on foot as well as in a car and you go in any old car not just the one you start of with. You can also change your clothes, kick mechanical wasps and chase black vans. what more would you want in a video game and its all about the Simpsons.

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Gotta Love it!

Author: IlovetheFog from Hong Kong
11 June 2005

I can honestly say that this is, by all time, my favorite Video Game I've EVER Played! It's hilarious, has great graphics and wonderful voice overs, and the plot is so silly and lame you just have to laugh out loud! Aliens are taking over Springfield with their Buzz Cola! You play as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Apu in order to stop it! THe levels are very addicting and fun, and some of the costumes and cars are really neat! They've got the whole Springfield to search, too. They've got from Evrgreen Terrace to the Duff Brewery to Krustlyuw studios to the Screaming monkey research center! This game is worth it! A must have for every single Simpson fan there is out there.

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Awsome Simpsons Game.

Author: Ashki from Texas
30 December 2003

I've played this game for both the Playstation II, and the Gamecube, and its got to easily be the best Simpsons game thats ever been made. The voice acting and the graphics are perfect.

IF your into the Simpsons, then this is a must get game.

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Oh Yeah!

Author: smcgann14 from United States
3 May 2011

This is probably one of my favorite video games. The best part is the dialog. There are so many great lines, like Homer with "I am evil Homer!", Marge with "I shouldn't be laughing at that", Bart with "My beautiful skull", Lisa with "Watch where you're going!", and Comic Book Guy with "I have spilled my Squishee." But the Holy Donut of Dialogue goes to Apu. I love his quotes like "I hope my store is robbed only three times while I'm driving around," "Move your clumsy vehicle," and "That is a four-wheeled disgrace." But my favorite Apu line is, "Who put this here? It makes no sense!" I also love the graphics, action, humor, and the fact that the vehicle can actually be damaged, and realistically.

Best Food with Title: Donuts

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best. Simpson's game. ever.

Author: tim-o-t112 from Wales
14 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this game has by far got to be the best Simpson's game available. that may not sound like an accomplishment seeing as the previous Simpson's titles have been terrible but in the process of making a good game for the yellow family they have given us a good game overall. I realise that the game is fairly old at the time I'm writing this but i thought it deserves my review. 1st of all it has got to be the most interactive game i have ever played. the scenery is fully interactive and as a matter of fact there is so much interaction it is actually part of the game in which you have to find each 'gag' around each level. The storyline is a fairly good one in which aliens kang and kodos have started a space reality show called 'foolish earthlings' and are recording the citizens of Springfield with cameras in robotic bees and later poison the water supply to wake the dead, hence the Halloween theme for level 7. each level starts with a spinning newspaper explaining each level and what is happening. level 1 starts off with the newspaper reading: 'study shows 90% of video games start off with an easy tutorial level'-yet another in game joke as the majority of the 1st level has nothing to do with the games storyline (only the last two missions). many people believe that this game is the Simpson's with a gta (grand theft auto) twist, this is simply because the style of the games are similar but in truth these people are wrong, I'm sure some of my fellow reviewers will agree. the gameplay of this game is, on a whole, good but leaves room for improvement and the handling of the cars is really good. The graphics are definitely a step up from previous Simpson's titles but could stand to have them more solid. for me and a few other gamers it is too easy the only challenge in the whole game is the last mission on the final level (7) in which homer and grandpa have to deliver the nuclear waste to the alien space ship. On a whole this is a very entertaining game and i read a very good request from a fellow reviewer...they should make a sequel to this game and improve on the game to make it a classic, we'll have to wait and see but for now i would recommend this game to any one, but the hardcore gamer will find this a walk in the park.

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Homer won't be Dohing over this game!

Author: Robbie14 from Long Island
31 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Slight Spoilers) I just got this game for Christmas, and I have to say it's one of the coolest games ever!

In Springfield, weird things have been going on. Black vans, giant robotic wasps, and video cameras have been seen throughout town! Who is doing this?! Only the Simpsons can find out! Oh, and Apu as well.

In the last Simpsons game, ''Road Rage'', you could only stay in the car. But now you can travel on-foot! Not only that, you can let the players go in other vehicles than their defaults! You must do certain missions to go to the next level. There are bonus missions in where you can unlock stuff like cars. You'll also see trading cards, where if you collect all of them in a level, you get a bonus track to race in. If you collect all the cards in all the levels, you get to unlock an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon!

If you're a fan of Simpsons or action/adventure games, this'll be one you won't afford to miss.

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