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Wall Street Journal
Immensely likable, and allows Mr. Smith to fulfill his manifest destiny -- as an urbane comedian who is also, shades of Cary Grant, a romantic hero.
The less in control Smith and his co- stars Eva Mendes and Kevin James appear, the better Hitch becomes, until it's rather delightful.
For much of its length, the premise seems less wilted than you'd guess. This is because, for one thing, Mendes gives as good as she gets.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Like most great comedies, Hitch confects a sweetly appealing fantasy.
New York Daily News
Smith turns it on with co-star Eva Mendes in a manner that will have George Clooney taking notes.
Miami Herald
Smith is an endearing, driving comedic force, one who makes the buoyant Hitch more enjoyable than it has any reason to be.
Hitch is 2005's lone legitimate contender for a Valentine's Day movie date.
The premise is intriguing, and for a time it seems that the Date Doctor may indeed know things about women that most men in the movies are not allowed to know, but the third act goes on autopilot just when the Doctor should be in.
Entertainment Weekly
Will Smith, taking a break from summer sci-fi smashfests, certainly shows a gift for modulation. Far from coasting, he plays a world expert at romance by ratcheting his charm up and down in supple, exacting degrees.
Will Smith has an easy charm, and this labored romantic farce works it hard. Too hard.
The Hollywood Reporter
An unwieldy, excessively talky affair, unintentionally exhibiting all the clunky stops and starts and self-conscious ramblings of a particularly awkward first date.

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