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Absolutely exhilarating...Pound for pound, it's more kinetically thrilling than anything Hollywood has produced in years, not least of all because it's real.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's an adrenaline rush of a film.
With its exceptional multicamera coverage and dynamic editing, pic provides an amazing ride across the dusty roads and stunningly varied terrain of what could be the world's most demanding vehicle race.
Like his father, Brown inserts himself into the action via folksy narration. His husky, laid-back voice sounds something like Kevin Costner, lending a regular-guy aura to the reverential treatment he affords his subject.
The A.V. Club
Brown probably captures enough to satisfy hardcore enthusiasts, but everyone else might end up wondering why he ignored the glory for the dust.
The New York Times
There is occasionally some gorgeous scenery, and the challenge of driving through silt is mildly interesting.
The swooping helicopter shots, the POV camerawork from the front seat of a 800 hp trophy-truck and the propulsive soundtrack will have your heart racing towards the finishing line along with the drivers.
Entertainment Weekly
It turns out that speeding along dirt roads isn't nearly as photogenic - or as varied - as surfing is.
New York Daily News
But where there is a natural poetry of motion in surfing movies, off-road racing is a herky-jerky pastime whose ­appeal is hard to fathom. I guess you had to be there.
Village Voice
The movie is monotonous, storyless, and at under 100 minutes, interminable.

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