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Imaginative and immensely engrossing film.
A triumph of psychological drama, owing as much to Ms. Bier's sensitive style as to Anders Thomas Jensen's smart screenplay, based on Bier's own story idea.
Brothers takes a scenario as old as Genesis - two jealous siblings spar over the affections of the same woman - and renders it fresh and immediate, by virtue of the warm, almost maternal, generosity director Susanne Bier shows her characters.
Entertainment Weekly
We do live in a fraught world of interconnections, Bier makes clear, and what happens far away matters, in unexpected ways, close to home.
Wall Street Journal
A drama of uncommon moral complexity, unexpected humor, convincing transformations (for good and bad) and, best of all, vibrant, unpredictable energy. In a movie landscape littered with dead souls, here's a live one.
The Hollywood Reporter
Everyone involved -- actors, crew, director Susanne Bier and screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen in their second collaboration -- are in peak form in this unflinching look at repressed feelings and emotional devastation.
The central performance in Brothers is by Connie Nielsen, who is strong, deep and true.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Brothers is about how people change, how they can rise to an occasion, or sink to one. It's a tale of love and allegiance, of truth and the cruelties that men can bring to bear on one another.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A powerful, brutal, funny, tragic, vibrant, very human movie.
Charlotte Observer
The two male leads, bulwarks of the Danish film industry for more than a decade, play off each other like the veterans they are.
New York Daily News
Tapping into the basest fears of war while subverting all expectations, director Susanne Bier deftly reads between the headlines.

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