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Searching for this series in vain
susan_mccaffrey18 June 2006
When this most excellent series was being broadcast on PBS, we taped a few of them "As Long as He can Count the Cows" being the first one we kept. This grouping of programs is extraordinarily literate, well-produced, and of diverse style and ethnic background. I have spend many hours on the internet trying to purchase this series, to no avail. If anyone can direct us all to a source, it would be a real public service. The only copy I could find in my research was at a college library in California. This series should be brought back on air, it is a real treasure, especially in these times of such a dearth of children's quality programming.
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Ahh, Finally
RagsWay13 May 2004
I'm extremely glad to see this here. I remember watching "Long Ago and Far Away" as a child and being absolutely mesmerized by the stories. James Earl Jones hosted the series, which televised one-shot cartoons from all over the world. I remember watching a claymation version of "The Adventures of Frog and Toad" over and over again as well as a beautifully animated story about Pegasus and his friend, the muse Minerva. I wish that PBS would play repeats of this show as I believe it to be one of the best children's shows ever to air. If you ever get your hands on a copy of any one of these episodes treasure it because I am sure it is a rare find.
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The children's literature series "Long Ago and Far Away", which aired on PBS in the late 1980's and early 1990's, needs to return!
lewart9 July 2006
The children's literature series "Long Ago and Far Away", which aired on PBS in the late 1980's and early 1990's, needs to return! I am an elementary school teacher who recalls the rich and wonderful stories presented in this award-winning children's literature series, and would love to use them as part of my teaching. Years ago I even managed to secure a Discussion and Activity Guide, only to discover that the series was no longer available. To quote the guide's writer, Susan Hepler, "Television is a far-reaching, influential, and entertaining medium. Its potential for educating young children in the humanities, however, has largely been unrealized. Yet educators have seen the value of such public television programming... in motivating children to read the books that these programs feature. Long Ago and Far Away focuses on timeless stories, dramatizing or animating them to appeal to an audience of children five to nine years old and their families. The dramatizations are faithful to the spirit and intent of their literary sources. ... Subtleties in characterization and narrative, as well as the visual power of each film, invite children to experience the power of the story as it has been told or written. Consequently, when children encounter the actual book or a story similar to the one they have just viewed, they already have some familiarity with its content. This familiarity invites them to return to the literary source and to move into related literature." When there is something wonderful like this, and an enthusiastic audience waiting in the wings, why is it withheld for so long from the general public? Again, I appeal to a persuasive body to set this series in motion again. It is sorely needed.
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Wonderful show and long search
Chad M7 December 2004
I LOVED the one episode of this show that I saw over 10 years ago as an early teenager and have been SCOURING to find it. It was 'Svatohor' or, I believe, "The Fool of The World And The Flying Ship." It was amazing. I still remember it and would love to see it again or have it on video if at all possible. PBS needs to bring this back! The story lines were intriguing, the character construction was amazing and James Earl Jones brought it all together nicely. The whole show reminded me much of the animation of Wallace & Gromit. Does anyone know if this is still shown on PBS at all? Or if there is a DVD/video available for purchase? Any help would be appreciated very much.
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PBS must make this program available again.
unjunharee30 June 2012
I watched all these programs with my four children. I have always felt that this was one of the greatest TV program that my children watched and enjoyed a great deal besides learning and benefiting from the fairy tales. As Einstien has said that stimulating IMAGINATION is what helps children enhance their minds. And of course the great book by Bruno Battelheim..."the uses of enchantment" emphasizes the same thing.

We taped some of them but would like to get my hands on DVD or other format if anyone has found.

I must express my disappointment with PBS -(whom I supported for quite a long time)- that they have at least up till now failed to retain and maintain such superb programs for children.
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superb series that should be out on DVD
olgayaleo72915 September 2009
magnificent series that i started watching (and started taping the second or third week) when i was pregnant with my first child. cannot write highly enough of the exquisite contents and james earl jones' wonderful sensitivity in introducing each story. we still have the (poor quality) videotapes that i made. each story is so extraordinary, so beautifully rendered, such wonderful messages, so much diverse culture, it should be made available on DVD to the world - it would help heal so much misunderstanding, fears, intolerance - and help to usher in so much joy, beauty, wonder, and sense of the miraculousness of life, the heart, and the capacities of the imagination!
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Which episode was it
hanley-bonynge12 September 2007
There was an episode that was animated (I think most of them were) but if I remember correctly, it involved some kids with fantasy creature friends and they had to rescue someone in a mountain fortress type thing. I also think that they discovered that water destroyed the monster creatures that were the "bad guys" in the episode. I really hope this rings a bell for somebody. It really is a shame these aren't readily available to anybody since so many people spent their childhood watching them. I remember another episode that I thought was about Johnny Appleseed but I guess it was called something else. Thanks for everyone's help.
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