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Very funny, not for the weak of heart
Chris Richards22 March 2005
If you like outrageous humor, then Drawn Together is great. It parodies such drivel as survivor and real world, exposing them for the tripe they are (I'm not bitter at all, am I). Also, the amount of references and jokes to other mediums make this a fantastic blend of humor. Sme jokes are simple and stupid, some are clever references (Toot as Jabba the Hutt!) and some are really obscure (The MC Escher room!!!) Anyway, I liked it, but it was really offensive and mean (that was the fun). If you have a giving sense of humor, you'll love it. If you're easily offended by any topic at all, from sex to abortion to race, don't watch cause it'll just aggrevate you more.
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not your average viewing
nobbytatoes26 September 2005
When a group a cartoon character live in a house with video cameras everywhere, you know things are going to get crazy; and crazy it does. Drawn Together is a very sharp, tongue-in-cheek, parody show that isn't for the faint of heart viewer. This is gross, disgusting comedy, and i love every minute of it. It makes fun of other shows, but puts its own spin on it. You've seen a lot of the skits and jokes from somewhere else, but it seems so fresh and new in here. The writer ain't afraid to push the envelope to. When you see the episode about Clara's cursed genitals you'll understand.

All the characters are great and they spend time on them all. Ling-ling is just crazy, Clara is so flaky, foxy so independent, Captain Hero so naive, Spanky ham is the only one above thirty, Toot is one back-stabbing bitch, Wooldoor is there for laughs, and Xander is so gay but he's always trying to save his girlfriend.

This isn't for many people, but if it tickles your fancy than you wont be disappointed. A great disgusting comedy.
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A brilliant comedy watched by a few
charlotteulyatt17 February 2007
I love this show so much and always enjoy the characters crazy shenanigans every episode. People say that it is a rip off of south park but I disagree (mostly because I cant stand south park)the voice work is excellent the animation is the best I've seen for an adult cartoon in many years and the script is witty and innovative.

However I have a feeling that many of the plots are likely to offend a lot of people. Not only are the jokes risqué some of them are in bad taste. Saying this though if you enjoy the programme you can usually come to the the conclusion that these are cartoon characters and as such behave as cartoon characters (completely insane).

A prime example of this insanity usually rests with captain hero who believed that raping xandier and his parents would somehow erase their memories and believing that a Greek family living next door was a Greek fraternity who had a goat mascot that was actually their daughter who coincidentally looked nothing like a goat!
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Show for a new generation
Since Buying the DVDs of the first season I have been watching them incessantly, cracking up every time. This is a show for a generation of open minded comedy lovers who aren't offended by a racist remark (racism exists, lets not hide from it, lets make fun of how ridiculous it truly is). The same for mocking a paraplegic, or the mentally handicapped (usually trying not to look is more obvious than looking, and acting like someone is invisible is more insulting than staring at a missing leg, or a wheelchair). Taking this show's humor with a grain of salt is all that is necessary to enjoy the kinds of jokes we keep to ourselves, that way "Drawn Together" keeps in line with shows like Family Guy and South Park.
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Laugh Out Loud Funny - Ignore the Bad Reviews
mikeanto2 December 2004
This show is easily one of the funniest shows on television right now. Spanky Ham (Adam Carolla's character) is a friggin' riot - they all are. Even the unlikable characters (Wil-douche) are good as you know they are there for one of the other more likable characters' evil interests.

It is also, like The Simpsons, the kind of show that rewards one for paying attention. (Maybe you missed the Glory Hole, Spanky Ham's uttering of "Bukkake?, etc.)

Yeah, it's crass, vulgar, mean-spirited - but it's FUNNY! If this kind of humor isn't your cup of tea go to the Shrek board or something.
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why the f*ck is comedy central planning on canceling this show
poopdoggdeadfreak200531 December 2006
honestly this show is f*King great on the same level as south park....i read where they thought it was too dirty but that's a load of bullish*t if i ever heard any my god the crap they play on there is a of the same level maybe not as obscene but still the point is that comedy central is an adult station f*ck people who think this should be canceled simply because their f*King kids happened to witness some of it it's their f*King fault for letting them see it so if comedy central wants to cancel this show then F*CK you comedy central!!!!! I swear it just figures that something this great could ever stay on the air since apparently morons in this country only prefer reality crap with no effort or cleverness put behind it it was definitely inevitable soon they'll cancel south park cause its the best d*Mn show there is these days and soon any worthy television will disperse and never exist again because every station and every frigging idiot working for these companies doesn't want to do their d*Mn jobs they simply bring in no talent losers and expect America to eat it up and here's the sad they f*king do i know i misspelled f**king but these idiots want let me cuss when i'm so d*Mn ticked off but i don't care don't cancel the show and whoever agrees please respond.
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So funny it almost destroyed my laptop. Seriously.
rann-chan27 October 2004
This show made me laugh so hard that I was very much in danger of accidentally dropping my laptop off of my laps and onto the floor. It expertly parodies not only reality shows, but all the various genres from which the characters are drawn. Toots is not only a parody of Betty Boop, but a parody of stereotypical goth chicks, complete with massive attention-whoring and self-mutilation in search of that attention. Then, we've got the big stupid superhero guy, who is quite possibly a close relative of Captain Zap Brannigan from Futurama. The Disney-style princess is so absolutely spot-on that you'd swear she sprung directly from the House of Mouse, albeit becoming rather twisted in the process. Her relationship with the smack-talking "Hot Chick" (a spin on a Josie and the Pussycats character, for sure) revolves through hostile and EXTREMELY affectionate by turns. Never before was there a Disneyesque musical number done about a lesbian kiss, and one can only hope there will be many more in this show's future. And Ling-Ling... ah, what can be said about Ling-Ling, the Pokemon takeoff? Other than the fact that she may very well be one of the greatest characters ever conceived of in the history of television, that is all.
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very funny and not for the shy
cucu-ciprian18 May 2006
This is definitely one of the best shows I've seen so far.

It makes me laugh even thinking about it. It's very ironical and in someways puts some social issues into the lives of the characters, without being too serious about it. It's also very entertaining and you never know what to expect next.

You should know that it's full of sex - related scenes or jokes and it sometimes even makes fun of religion. If you are into singing carols and holding hands with your girl / boy friend all day long, you would probably find it hard to digest.

On the other hand, if you like Southpark - it's definitely a good show for you.
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It's All About Xandir!
sexytail4 November 2004
"Drawn Together" is a real breath of fresh air for network cartoons. It's a parody of reality shows, has cool ireverant humor, casually portrays (hot) homosexuality, and is actually funny!

Anybody who grew up with cartoons will enjoy the loads of references to things like "Scooby Doo". All the characters of take-offs of existing cartoon characters like Bettie Boop and Pokemon. This makes the often sex-based humor all the more effective.

Apart from all of it's more entertaining and respectable strengths, I enjoy "Drawn Together" especially for the gay game-type character, Xandir. It's nice to see a male cartoon charter who's that actively sexy and openly queer!

This is good enough to be on Adult Swim!
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Enjoy South Park and Family Guy?
jxharding21 December 2004
This is an totally original script. It is in the vein of south park, because of it offending a lot of groups. It does not tend to the "reality TV" experience that much, what i mean by that is the way you see the program, is not from obscure camera angles, and there is no big brother from the outside speaking to them. the characters are well thought out, and initially true to the original character types they misguidedly portray, e.g. a princess type, with a bit of a dark side. the super hero, with a super libido.

this program is a fresh breeze, i reckon it will be boycotted by minor religious groups, prob just like south park was. They pretty much cover everything in this program,religion, sex, racism. Some people just believe it shouldn't be in a show. You'll think back about an episode and think, hey because of moral values, i shouldn't be laughing at that part, but damn it was pretty funny.
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My favourite animated comedy, not for everyone though
LoneWolfAndCub7 October 2006
Drawn Together is one of the funniest (if not THE funniest) parodies I have ever seen. The script is incredibly funny and witty and the characters are the funniest take-offs ever. T here is Ling-Ling, the pikachu like creature who is always ignored and taken advantage of. Princess Clara is what you get when you blend all of Disney's princesses together. Captain Hero is a take off of a few superheroes, but he is extremely weird and quite lame. Foxxy Love is the "black chick" of the house, the only smart one. Toot (a 20's sex symbol) is a Betty Boop rip-off who is way past her time and overweight. Wooldor is a demented Spongebob/Ren & Stimpy type critter. Spanky Ham is a crude, internet flash. Xandir is a homosexual Link-esquire type character.

This show parodies almost everything from games, food, movies, music and TV shows. But there is plenty of sex jokes, nudity, racism, violence, gore, sadism, etc. For the easily offended, stay far away from this show. But for those looking for a crude laugh, I strongly recommend the best cartoon out now.

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Almost as good as Family Guy
tj1926 October 2005
This TV show is hilarious. It is almost as good as Family Guy and Futurama. And it has "spoofs" galore. Not only are the characters spoofed (Like Bettie Boop, Link from Zelda, Pikachu from Pokemon, and SpongeBob Square Pants), the events that happen are also made fun of. The first episode I saw, they spoofed The Shawshank Redemption and Kill Bill vol. 2. Like I said this show is extremely funny. The most serious person in the world could not watch an episode without a grin. If you love the animated adult comedies (Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad), then this is perfect. And if you do not, you are probably not reading this review!
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Not so much offensive as it is unfunny
jjchiappelli228 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers

Why is it that Comedy Central can no longer make shows that are funny? "The Daily Show" and "South Park" are both still doing pretty well, but they were both created years ago. It seems like every attempt the network makes to do something new results in utter failure.

Perhaps it is because they have forgotten one of the major rules of humor: Nothing is inherently funny. No matter what your subject material is or how you present it, you have to have a joke. Jokes involve a build-up and a payoff (punchline)---you can't just throw out a bunch of material and hope that everybody finds it funny.

"Drawn Together" is a perfect example of this. The show features plenty of potentially offensive material and "shocking" moments, but it doesn't really have any comedy in it. Here's an example of one of the longest moments that was supposed to be funny: Clara and Foxxy are in a hot tub. Clara has made unintentionally racist comments about Foxxy. Foxxy proceeds to make out with Clara.

The joke is that they're lesbians. Get it? Perhaps you didn't get it. Maybe I need to capitalize the word. They're LESBIANS. Is it funny now?

Here's another joke: Toot gets sad, and then she decides to cut herself with a razor. Then she says, "Sometimes I cut myself to relieve the pain, tee hee." That's it. There isn't any build up to this, nor is there a punchline---it just happens, and because it's "shocking" and it involves a (really lame) parody of Betty Boop, we're supposed to find it funny?

And one more example: Foxxy's breasts. I wish I could elaborate more on this, but I really can't---her breasts are the "joke." The camera gets a close-up of them, and... well, yeah, that's about it.

I guess another way to put it would be like this: if I was trying to write a "Matrix" parody (I know, it's dated---but so is this show), I could just say the words "Neo" and "Matrix" a lot. "Hey, guess what? The Matrix! Neo!" But that's not funny. If I did something completely twisted with the concept, though, like turning Neo into a gullible twelve year-old while Morpheus was a con artist who just created "The Matrix" as an excuse to get Neo out of his house, then there's some potential for a few laughs. "Drawn Together" is a lot like somebody repeating the words "Matrix" and "Neo" over and over again, hoping that you'll find it funny.

The other major flaw in the show is that its whole premise is pretty stupid.

It's a reality-TV parody featuring cartoon characters. Problem 1: Reality-TV is a parody of itself, so parodying it is redundant. It's like drawing a caricature of a caricature---by the time you see the end result, you get more of a "So what?" response than anything else. Problem 2: The cartoon characters are completely wasted. It might as well have been made with live actors---the fact that they are cartoons is hyped-up as one of the jokes, but because there is nothing particularly special about them, it only serves as a way to cook up a very weak back-story for each character. It might have been funny if each character satirized the world from which they came, but given how completely inept the writers of this show are, I highly doubt that they could've made it work.

On the other hand, if you like it when comedians are lazy and don't actually try to come up with any jokes, you might like this show. Everybody else: stay away!
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Makes "Family Guy" look subtle and refined by comparison
Rectangular_businessman22 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Drawn Together", more than being a parody of reality shows, serves as a cheap excuse for the creators of this series to include a lot of tired cultural references (Seriously, by the time when this series was made "Star Wars" parodies stopped being funny and became redundant, if not annoying) and include a lot of offensive jokes and stereotypes, trying to justify the use of that kind of humor with the excuse of it being a "satire". However, I don't buy it.

All the so-called "Satire" elements from this series feel so shallow, so forced and uninspired that it is hard to believe that there is a serious attempt to criticize issues like religious intolerance and homophobia. Instead of that, this show seemed as it was desperate to be the "next South Park/Robot Chicken/Family Guy" by including a lot of offensive jokes and "controversial" content that stooped being "edgy" long time ago (Swearing, raunchy humor, racism)

In fact, all the "edgy" themes and jokes from this series had been done before (and better) in other series, like "South Park", "Robot Chicken" and "Family Guy": This series only repeats exactly the same kind of stuff that is usually showed in all those cartoons, and for that reason, I always found it to be dumb, predictable and painfully unfunny, as it were the animated version of one those awful movies made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

And That's why I disliked this so much: It could have been a great parody of the many usual archetypes that could be find in other animated series and movies. Instead of that, we got stupid jokes about one character being fat, about another character being gay, and about another character being stereotypically Asian. For example, the Toot Braunstein is supposed to be a Betty-Boop parody, but all the jokes made about her are concerned with her fatness and alcoholism. It is almost like the writers just didn't know what to do with this character, and just include her to include a major amount of raunchy jokes.

"Drawn Together" was a terrible show which I'm glad that it was canceled. It was for cartoons like this that adult animation have the bad reputation of being tasteless and immature.
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You can't make fun of a parody
raindead7 August 2006
You know, I used to think that the reality shows, deep voice trailers, super heroes, 70's shows, emo chicks, pokeymen, horny pigs, spongebob square pants, toilet humour, geeks and gays were funny (I kinda liked the lesbians and the racism (you know, in a serious way)), but now that I've seen this show it really put me in a whole new perspective. I laughed so hard I nearly soiled my pants. Actually I did. With a whole load of rancid pile of feces crawling with maggots....whoops, whatever. I think there might also be some blood from the lungs (from laughing so hard) in there, or was it just parts of my intestines...anyways, I've just realized I should have toned down my review a little bit, but I'll just leave it because it was really coming from my heart and please don't take this the wrong way, man this is like the best parody of an parody of an parody of an parody that I've ever seen, truly, it makes itself funny just by mere existence. Genius.
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I tried to like this -- I really did
namyzarc5 November 2004
I was really hoping this would be a good show, but there's just something...missing from the whole thing. Maybe it's because the characters themselves are so weakly written that you don't care about any of them. Maybe it's the poor humor execution -- being in your face and offensive can be quite humorous (see South Park), but this show seems to think being vulgar and crude automatically makes something funny.

Sorry, "Drawn Together", but it's just not happening for me. I'll be doing things a lot more productive at that time slot (like maybe sleeping!).
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Probably the Stupidest Crap on Television
GB_Koolio13 October 2007
Drawn Together. Essentially (and supposedly) the first ever reality show that ultimately spoofs all the goofy "reality" shows out there by putting an interesting twist on things, I.E. presenting the show as a cartoon, containing every possible cartoon stereotype you can think of while injecting as many pop culture references, gross-out humor, graphic violence and sexuality as possible. Sounds like the oh-so-common grand recipe for another hilarious (albeit South Park/Family Guy ripoff) animated spoof on society, right? Wrong. And I'll tell you why.

Normally, Drawn Together most likely would have easily lived up to all the hype it received prior to its official televised airing, with the previews showcasing all the typical satirical humor and content these types of shows carry, and giving the viewer a brief falsified glimpse of what was supposedly to come and creating the illusion that this show might actually be considered "humorous" especially considering the hefty amounts of shock-value Drawn Together relies on. Unfortunately, even if the previews and teasers did in fact convince a considerable audience to tune in to view the pilot episode, I seriously doubt that even half of the original viewing audience bothered to tune in to view any subsequent episodes, or even ever watch the show again period, for that matter. Why you ask? Well, for one thing, if you're reading this and asking that question legitimately, in good conscious I would have to assume that you've never actually seen the show. And if you are a fan, forgive me for my personal opinions, but in all honesty I for one simply cannot fathom how anyone would actually enjoy this show.

The main problem Drawn Together has is that despite initially having all the right tools needed for a quality satire on the current day and age, Drawn Together fails miserably to utilize these tools correctly, and instead bounces off the walls with confusing, irrelevant and inconsistent punch lines, that, although are caught quickly and easily understood by the casual viewer, don't end up actually garnering a chuckle from the viewer because these points of humor are not used at the right times during the show. It's like taking a blank, white canvas, having all these different colored paints, and then taking all the paints you have and soaking the canvas with them all at the same time and hoping to come up with a beautiful masterpiece. It simply isn't going to happen.

The reason why shows like South Park, Family Guy and even Robot Chicken have been so successful despite having a very similar approach to comedy is because the creators and writers of these shows understood that having an at least fair amount of consistency and relevance to their product were essential attributes needed to back up the humor their shows present. It's all about being able to accurately build your storyline in such a way that you are able to plug in your humor so that your product actually ends up being funny. Shock-value and randomness alone is simply not enough to make a show funny, and in turn usually just ends up making a show overwhelmingly annoying and painful to watch. The Simpsons and Futurama have not exactly lived up their own respective hypes, but even they have not imploded with miserable failure the way Drawn Together has.

Unless they are reacting to surprisingly positive ratings Drawn Together is receiving, I cannot understand why Comedy Central continues to push this awful series. Drawn Together is by far the worse thing Comedy Central has ever released, and I'm including Lil' Bush and Freak Show. All Drawn Together really is is tasteless content combined with sickening levels of shock-value and obvious but still non-funny references to pop culture and the media. This show really had a ton of potential if only it was marketed properly, but alas, not every program of this kind is destined to live up to the standards that it should.
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It's Really Very Simple
triphammer27 November 2004
Let me just start by saying that it feels like there's a lot of pretense when it comes to Drawn Together. It's as if the show is so pleased with itself that it can't believe you aren't too.

One of the running gags in Drawn Together is a grossly over-done "DUHHH!" line, performed in a kind of raspy idiot voice with the character's head suddenly growing and going wide-eyed. Think about your funniest friends, do any of them do this? I think the overwhelming majority of people would say no. Now think about your friends who actually do this... would you give them a comedy show? Or would you do the proper thing and ridicule their dream into oblivion?

I wouldn't recommend this show, it's a good premise but it just isn't very funny.
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Awful with not a single redeeming quality
chriscipollini22 September 2006
This is a terrible show. The humor if you can call it that is disgusting, the characters, not at all likable, and it feels the need to push the envelope for no reason. The concept is that you have a bunch of animated characters from a Betty Boop spoof to a Disney princess wannabe and a zelda type character living in a house in a type of "Surreal Life" atmosphere. There's really not much in the way of plot. Just barfing, sexual jokes, and general gross out humor too lewd for Ren and Stimpy. The thing that separates this show from South Park is that SP has brilliant story lines and decent writing to fall back on. It dosen't need to rely on despicable humor and filth to be edgy and funny. This show fails in every sense of the word in my book.
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A ridiculous failure
Titleist1824 November 2004
"Drawn Together", Comedy Central's "reality show", simply fails in all it sets out to accomplish. As opposed to fellow Comedy Central hits such as "Crank Yankers" and, of course, the megapopular and often hilarious "South Park", both of which have large amounts of creativity and substance behind their jokes, Drawn Together attempts to create humor only via sexual and toilet humor means. What we get instead is a crude, disgusting and utterly tasteless half-hour of garbage that doesn't even near the modest expectations it had set for itself.

This isn't Matt Stone and Trey Parker, twisted and screwed up as they may be, taking very funny characters with humorous lines and coming up with new, interesting material. Stone and Parker are very good at creating satire, which is why their shows and movies are considered by all to be very funny. This, on the other hand, is grabbing sexual and elementary-school junk and making a pathetically terrible show out of it. It is simply an utter, disgusting, unreasonably-inappropriate disappointment. Stay away from this one.
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Sometimes funny sometimes utterly sickening
falkbay15 July 2006
It seems that everyone has run out of ideas these days. The only solution to achieving humor would be to find out where the line is drawn and then crossing it, further pushing the line forward and then crossing it again. Neither is this right thing to do nor is it intelligent. Offensive humor is simply a lazy solution. Everybody follows that formula nowadays and this is no exception.

Drawn together is sometimes witty and hilarious but there is too much explicit sodomy, incest, grotesque nudity, racism, wanton violence, gore, defecation, language and grotesque portrayals to the point that it is clear that there are no new ideas from the writers and utter shock value should attempt to make up for the lack of intelligence.

Drawn together is neither as subtle nor witty nor well executed as South Park or Family guy. It relies much more on parodying other shows rather than original writing. But some episodes do bring in good laughs and this is one of the better few shows on comedy central. However, some episodes are complete garbage that will make you puke. At the same time, both South Park and Family Guy are also guilty of the former mentioned.
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More terrible than edgy
thetalentedmrharvey4 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This show fails on pretty much every level. I'm not going to say it has never made me laugh, but I'm also wary of shows that insist on pushing the envelope for no apparent reason.

Is it trying to be edgy? Well, edginess is usually accompanied by some kind of point, which this show seems to lack. When Wooldoor and Spanky trick Princess Clara into singing so her animal friends will gather around her, and they can kill them for food, the animators decide to show the animals being killed. One would expect a reason for unusually gruesome displays of violence, but none ever comes. They did it just to do it, and it's not even funny.

In the same episode, Toot (a Betty Boop parody) becomes extremely obese, and Xandir (ostensibly a spoof of Link from the Legend of Zelda video games) teaches her to purge to maker her skinny again. At the end of the episode, the roommates decide that Toot is producing way too much vomit, and instead encourage her to become anorexic. Is it funny? No. It's hateful, and it's ridiculous, and it's stupid, above all else.

Edgy, offensive, even downright awful jokes can be hilarious, if executed correctly. But Drawn Together doesn't even have that going for it. It's mean-spirited, unintelligent, and every single parody falls flat. Watch South Park if you want an example of an offensive show that hits all the right marks and manages to be hilarious and relevant. But don't bother with Drawn Together unless there's absolutely nothing else on, and you feel like you MUST watch TV.
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Terribe, Terrible Cartoon
michael_the_nermal10 June 2006
"The Simpsons" spawned a wave of inferior imitators, few of which survived. "South Park" and "Family Guy" seem to have inspired a similar interest in the prolific production of adult cartoons. TNN, FOX, The Cartoon Channel and Comedy Central seem dead set on producing a wave of adult toons, very few of which are any good. This is no renaissance of cartooning, but a saturation period of mostly mediocre toons, with a few good ones splattered about. "Drawn Together" is one of those poorly done toons from "The Family Guy" generation of imitators.

This cartoon is dreadful. None of the characters are funny, none of the situations are funny. The parodies of stock cartoon characters (the Pokemon creature, the "Sleeping Beauty" Disney princess, Superman, and the anime or fantasy epic elf) are very badly rendered. I don't like the current trend in animation, where toons are poorly animated and resemble abstract shapes rather than real people or animals. Sure, it may be cheaper, but I ain't watching. Like "Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon," this toon thinks that amped-up gross out humor equals mature adult content. This assumption is both stupid and insulting. Swill like this is the reason I do not watch Comedy Central. They had better hold on to "The Daily Show" and "South Park" while they still can, or else they risk sinking to the bottom of the cable TV ratings barrel.
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Saw "Family Guy"? Here's a chance to relive those same jokes again
liquidcelluloid-113 January 2005
Network: Comedy Central; Genre: Animated Comedy, Parody; Aveage Content Rating: TV-MA (for strong sexual content, strong language, animated nudity and violence); Classification: Contemporary (Star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Season 1+

"Drawn Together" is the true story of 8 cartoon and video game characters put together in the same house with the cameras rolling "Big Brother"-style. An obvious parody of reality show craze conventions, the show goes for the easiest and most popular targets, with scene specific riffs on "The Real World", "Survivor", "The Bachelor" and "The Apprentice". That instead of biting into the real meat of the reality show – that most of them fail and but networks push them onto the schedule anyway in a misguided and condescending view of the public. For "Drawn" reality shows just seem to be a naturally existing phenomenon without rhyme or reason put to network or audience. Lord help us if this is our defense against them.

The show's conceptual joke, a "reality" show that's really animated (Get it? Get it?) gets old quickly. In dragging out this single joke to series length it isn't long before, out of necessity, "Drawn" jumps away from that becomes just another series siphoning off from the innovation of recent successes in adult animation. If you like "Family Guy", "Futurama" or "The Simpsons" then... as the saying goes... you should be insulted by everything going on in "Drawn Together".

The term "rip-off" is thrown around and mis-used on the internet all the time. So believe me that I don't say this lightly: "Drawn Together" is a flat-out rip-off of "Family Guy" and - to the extent it is stealing the same jokes - "Futurama". This soul-sucking hack work strips down and reverse engineers everything that made "Family Guy" work to create their own bastardized version - probably hoping that the public is so salivating for the return of the big guy's long-awaited 4th season they will take whatever they can get in the meantime. It has the same free-for-all attitude as its predecessors (not skimping on a fully nude live sex ed video), but the rip-off is more specific than that: "Drawn" is retelling many of the exact same jokes. Verbatim. If this where TV I would put a clip of Princess Clara being pushed down the stairs of the M. C. Escher painting side-by-side with the same joke from a 1999 episode of "Futurama". It goes on like this the entire episode. The show is a rapid-fire catalog of gags stolen from other shows.

The cast propping up this crass, loopy world are a collection of unappealing cartoon types - doubling for literal caricatures of reality show types. We have Betty Boop-type 40s sex symbol Toot (whom the show seems to think is the funniest), the chauvinist superhero Captain Hero (usually a sure bet for laughs, here dropping dead), the sassy straight women out of a Blackspoitation movie Foxxy Love (with a literal tail), the babe out of a Super Mario game, Princess Clara, the crude literal pig (voiced by Adam Corolla), flamboyant Zelda-type hero Xandir, the strange Spongebob Squarepants-type character appropriately named Wooldoor Sockbat and finally Ling-Ling proving that a gibberish-talking Pokemon-type (always ready for battle but stuck doing the dishes) will always be amusing. These characters can show up anywhere, for whatever suits the gag - even behind Princess Clara's glass eye in an extreme close-up.

Some of this, I grant you, sounds appealing on paper. It is hard not to chuckle at anything named "Wooldoor Sockbat". Creators Dave Jeser and Matthew Silverstein ("Greg the Bunny" as well as the "Family Guy" staff refuge "3-South") have fashioned sucker bait playing right into the hands of the reality show whiners. Those that think "Drawn" is the show that will finally speak up for them and put a steak through the heart of the reality invasion will be sourly disappointed though. It is more of a self-indulgent regurgitation of their own cartoon memories. Having seen at least the commercials for their reality targets Jeser and Silverstein unleash their anger in this loud, obnoxious, bombastic series in which the audience is caught in the middle. It is executed with all the style and grace of a sack beating - pummeling the life out of any potential laugh in its desire to be faster, cruder and more nonsensical.

The walls of the house are a flexible reality - opening up to whatever the gag calls for at any moment for no reason. "Drawn" has picked up the lightening fast pace of "Family Guy", but completely misses the terrific comic timing that actually made the gags funny. Here we are supposed to laugh because of the sheer speed and vacuous randomness at which they are thrown at us. The show's lack of any internal logic might seem like a breath of fresh air for some, but the rest of us need more to grab onto (as "Guy" provided). I certainly don't ask for strict plot, but the comedy needs to be grounded in something - anything - to work.

"Drawn" misses the ripe time for a reality show parody by about 2 years, as the public itself has now tired of the genre and many of the successful one's are viewed as parodies of themselves. The show doesn't know that or doesn't seem to care. It plays out smugly, grinning from ear to ear, endlessly amused with it's own nonsensical antics and with the knowledge that has the support of the network, a comfy TV-MA rating and that it can get away with anything and, because it's targets are so stationary and widely disliked, it will still be seen as better than the material it is supposed to be parodying. Besides, it worked before, right? It is shock gags, randomness and speed for the sake of it. A dated, crass, joyless, detestable series without a single original idea in its head.

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