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Sex & Nudity

  • Content Rating: 10/10 Graphic, frequent content of sexual themes and nudity.
  • Compared to other shows (Family Guy, South Park), Drawn Together's sexual content is rather over-the-top.
  • There are a number of sexual scenes, including some lesbian stuff. However, the explicit sexual action is not typically shown. Uncensored DVD version does include some full nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • Content rating: 8/10 Bloody and disturbing violence results in gory content
  • Frequent strong animated bloody/gory violence in many episodes, although all violence is rather comical and played for laughs.
  • Characters are killed in various of ways, including decapitation, characters severing body parts on themselves and from others, and characters being shot and stabbed.


  • Content rating: 10/10 (uncensored DVDs) Extremely offensive, vulgar terms including pervasive racial, offensive, and religious terms that many people will find offensive. Although these terms are used for humor.
  • All profanity on the DVD releases are uncensored. F-words and its derivatives are frequent, terms like "bitch", "pussy", and derogatory terms for homosexuals are common, the "c" word is less frequent but still present, and many other scatological terms are usual.
  • One character is a big-time racist because her father made her that way. Racial stereotypes are not rare either they're in literally every episode.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Content rating: 4/10 Drug, alcohol and smoking use is rare in most episodes
  • Occasional drug references some relating to hard and soft drugs e.g. "weed".

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Content rating: 5/10 (disturbing content: 7/10) The disturbing content contains defecating which will disturb some viewers
  • Some viewers might find some of the scenes in the "Violence & Gore" section disturbing. Although all of the violence is intended to be over-the-top and comical.
  • One episode actually contains a jumpscare which can startle and disturb many young viewers. The jumpscare is not so bad, but it is unpredictable. Although this is a jumpscare, this is supposed to be for humor purposes only.
  • Total:37/50
  • TV show content rating: TV-MA LSV. Suggested MPAA: Rated R
  • 17+

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