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19 Oct. 2005
The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist: Part 2
The house-mates return to the real world, only to find that nobody cares about reality-show contestants.
26 Oct. 2005
Foxxy vs. The Board of Education
Spanky and Xandir decide to get married, while Foxxy must try to pass the SAT to get her detective's license.
16 Sep. 2005
Little Orphan Hero
Captain Hero discovers that his homeworld wasn't really destroyed, and that his parents are still alive.
9 Nov. 2005
Captain Hero's Marriage Pact
Captain Hero gets a visit from an old college friend looking for more than a back-rub, while Foxxy decides to reunite her old band.
16 Nov. 2005
Clum Babies
Wooldoor surprises the house-mates with his masturbation efforts, and Ling-Ling finds himself in an arranged battle.
30 Nov. 2005
Ghosteses in the Slot Machine
After vengeful Indian spirits build a casino in the house-mates' backyard, Clara becomes a stripper to win her father's approval while Hero throws fights for quick cash.
7 Dec. 2005
Super Nanny
Captain Hero takes on his imagined nemesis, Super Nanny, while Ling-Ling undergoes a radical transformation to get his driver's license.

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