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luv it luv it luv it
designguy22 September 2005
This is SO funny. 2 sleazy Noo Yoikers in a trashy cable channel studio doing for Sesame Street what Flesh Gordon did for comic book heroes.. Top notch guest interviews and all the while Teddy Tourettes living up to his name and singing about slamming his c*ck in the door, just for entertainment. BB just about puts up with TT insulting the guests cos he's stoned out of his head most of the time. I wasn't looking for 'mature' entertainment and I got what I was looking for.. fun, brash and down-right hysterical.. The spoofs of other shows and pop/rap music videos are funny enough but Teddy T's take on porn playing a pizza deliver man and a plumber with his stick on 'tache and trademark ciggie hanging out of his mouth are perfect. The short cartoons of the guitar playing gerbil and his guide to your insides are so awful they're fantastic. I now know what my pancreas is for!
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Bronx Bunny Show - Genius!!
katyjc12321 December 2004
Are you kidding me??? The Bronx Bunny Show was the funniest thing to hit our screens in YEARS!! I think those first comments were either written by an uptight 80 year old nun or someone who didn't actually watch the show at all. I enjoyed the entire series thoroughly and myself and about 5 mates cancelled all our plans on Friday nights to watch it! We're just waiting and hoping for another few episodes...or maybe at least a Christmas special?? Please Channel 4??!!! Those last comment were misleading. The fact is, those last 2 members obviously take offence to swearing and programmes of an adult nature in which case, DO NOT WATCH LATE NIGHT ADULT ENTERTAINMENT!!! It's as simple as that! It annoys me when people make unfair judgements on a genre of TV show/ music/ clothes etc etc that is just never going to be to their taste. I hate Reggae....does that mean Reggae is crap?? Surely not??? I thought the whole concept of The Bronx Bunny Show was brilliant - the whole parody of a Sesame Street/ educational type show was really clever and TV has been crying out for a show like it. The swearing was not in lieu of jokes and the dynamic between the bunny and the bear was real classic comedy duo stuff. The pole dancers making the number of the day with their bodies was brilliant! Turned the whole "women as objects" idea on its head completely. And we all loved the "essential Spanish phrases"!! A few of them were taken down for subsequent use! I loved the eclectic mix of guests - I don't think we will EVER get to see Wonder Woman sleazed over by a panda again!! Favourite interviews have to be Johnny Rotton and Steve Schrippa from the Sopranos. And Teddy's home porno movies were hilarious. And the Gerbil cartoons were pant-wettingly funny! Such a good take on those awful 80's info-mations we all had to watch in biology class!! I want to know what the writer of that first comment finds funny - they're probably more of a Jasper Carrot's "About Me" fan. Which is fine! You're obviously more of pc person! I honestly can't say enough good things about this show. If you do get a chance to see it, for the love of God WATCH IT!! And join me in writing to Channel 4 to demand it comes back!!! Bring back Bronx and Teddy....he's a dirty bear!!
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This IS Funny, Very Disgusting, puerile Rubbish, BUT Funny
mr_dj_1428579 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Two animal characters are a sort of comedy duo, straight man and funny man. Its sort of Sesame Street on Crack. The animated shorts closely parody sesame street with 'Internal Gerbil', and spelling and translation mirroring sesame street well enough to be funny.

It made me laugh out loud, probably because it was a totally original idea (to us in the UK anyway).

Comeo appearances via 'interview' by some media related celebrities, some even are interesting. Some give as good as they get. Funny at times.

The highlight, probably internal gerbil animated section where a gerbil takes a tour of a gay man's internal organs by crawling up his asshole. I did warn you it was puerile...
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bronx bunny rules!
scousepower29 January 2005
the bronx bunny show is superb! having grown up with sesame street and the like, this is a superb parody! teddy t is one of the best creations in a long time, and new episodes are well overdue! i'm sure it will offend some, but then everything offends someone, doesn't it? it's aimed at the younger market sure, but the humour appeals wider than that.the language is strong, but warnings are given so if you watch, that's your choice. the celebrity interviews are brilliant, and teddy t's drifting off into fantasy or home-made porn made us laugh 'till we cried!the joke sponsors of the show work as well, and there are worse things for sale in reality.have a pint, lighten up and enjoy!
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Very Funny!!
jim.toola2 November 2006
I really enjoyed the shows. The humour reminds me of Derek & Clive (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore). I guess this means you either love or hate the programmes but I'm certainly in the love category! The shows are not PC and they do use the shock value of saying obscure or vulgar things to guests in the same way as "The Bear" does in Bo Selecta to good effect. Some guests get the humour some don't but all the guests come out better for taking part in the show.

There is a lot of swearing in the show but it fits the programme. Porridge used 'Naff Off' as it's swear word as you can't swear on prime time TV and I expect prisoners are likely to swear in general conversation. Bronx Bunny can use the swear words you would expect the characters to use as it is on late night TV. The show is much more than Zig and Zag's with swearing but it won't be to all tastes.

Teddy T comes over as a dirty old man and occasionally has fantasies with dancing girls in the show. There are short pieces which were meant to be educational and are a spoof of Sesame Street. The short pieces are funny and break the main show up well.
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Quite the most revealing chatshow on television
SamoraMachel28 March 2006
This show may quite possibly be satire at its sharpest. Everyone involved, from the host, a rabbit dressed as a dandy-pimp, to the guests who tolerate behaviour which would NEVER be accepted from a mere human host, the show reaches new heights, (or depths) in the genre of the puppet-satire-educational-chatshow. As with many other comical programmes, the devil is in the detail. The logo on Teddy T's hoodie, the Sesame Street-esquire number and letter inserts, with POLE DANCERS! Bunny's mannerisms, Teddy's damaged eye. All these, and more reveal a sense of humour which, I think, is without parallel. Not to mention the extraordinary number of expletives which they manage to insert into every show.
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Unfunny chat show with the word `f**k' substituted for jokes
bob the moo18 April 2004
Deep in the Bronx, a bunny runs a small cable access show where he interviews celebrities and tries to keep control of his drugged-up friend Teddy T as he continually comes on to the female guests and takes any opportunity to get his little panda c*ck out on television. Interspersed with the guests are small animated sections that teach the youth the ways of the Bronx.

I watched this as it was described as an adult puppet show and I assumed it would be like the funny bits of the Adam & Joe Show. The I realised that it was made by the Zig and Zag creators and that the word adult didn't mean mature - it meant dirty! The show is structured into 3 or 4 minute guest spots and minor little animated bits in-between. The animated bits spoof Sesame Street and are generally just dirty songs or words. Other bits include strippers shaping themselves into the shape of numbers or Teddy T having sexual fantasies. The actual guest spots include some reasonably famous celebrities (for example the most recent episode had Ming Na and Jessica Alba) however they are very short and the puppets say at least 4 times as much as the celebs. I wondered why Alba bothered when all she had to do was be the focal point for smut from Teddy T - however this is much the case for most of the guests. The interviews are of no value as they have no discussion and the smut is just embarrassing rather than funny.

In fitting with the Bronx setting, the two characters both speak with Nu Yark accents and say the words `sh*t', `f**k', `c*ck' or `motherf**ker' at least every five or six words. This makes it feel rather `adult but not actually funny. The characters are also not really characters but just mouth pieces for smut and swear words. They are basically Zig and Zag but with more cursing - if that's your thing then this is for you and good luck, you clearly have lower standards for `humour' than I do.

Overall this is rather a waste of 25 minutes. It isn't very funny and the interesting guests are only really used as a focal point for smut and heavy innuendo (if you could call it that). It isn't funny but I imagine that teenagers and students will find it on late night tv and lap it up like sheep! For me, I gave it a few episodes and that was more than enough.
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Oh, they're puppets, oh, they said the f word, oh it's completely unfunny!
Greatwhitewhale226 April 2004
I just saw some of this and think it's the stupidest thing I ever saw. Smutty adult humour may not have been done on puppets before, really, but not like this. A stupid rabbit and badger saying the f word and really lame sexual jokes.

All they do is interview celebrities and really awful cartoons. Engelbert Humperdink's name may sound like a disease but you can't really do much with that joke, can't you? The interview with the swedish model just concentrated on her breasts. Lame. Watch Letterman or Leno or Parkinson or Ross, anything but this!
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