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California's first railroad, the Sacramento Valley Railroad, didn't open until 1856, six years after the movie's setting.
The Confederate States of America and its army play a large role in 1850, but they didn't exist until February 1861.
The setting no later than the US Civil War but the train use modern couplers which were invented in 1873 and not in widespread use until 1900.
Voting was done in the open. Privacy booths in America weren't developed until the 1900s.
In 1850, the desperado rides in shooting at voters with a "Henry" rifle, which hadn't been invented yet.
Armand's map of the 1850 United States shows all of the continental 48 states.
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When Elena is looking at clothes in the market, they are on wire clothes hangers which weren't invented until 1903.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Zorro and McGivens are fighting on the bridge, McGivens punches Zorro and he drops the ballot box. It doesn't make a sound.

Character error 

Armand challenges Alejandro to play polo "as they do in Slovenia," which he calls "a country." Slovenia was an Austrian imperial province in 1850, and did not become a country until 1991.
When Elena reads the ticker-tape telegram, use is made of punctuation as well as the word "STOP". "STOP" was only used in place of punctuation as four-letter words were free; punctuation cost extra.
The "R" sound in the word "Zorro" is pronounced as a hard, rolled "R". When Elena pronounces it, she pronounces it with a soft "R". A woman raised in Spain, as her character is, would definitely not pronounce it this way.


Joaquin hides under the horse carriage to follow McGivens to where his men are unloading the explosives. In the next shot, Joaquin is not there, and when the carriage stops, he is there again.
In the end of the movie, when Zorro, Elena and Armand are fighting on the front part of the train, they have a structure ahead of them (the one they will grab to get off the train). However, when camera shows us the view straight forward of the train, the structure is not there. In the following angles it appears to be there again.
Zorro squeezes the priest's cross with his right hand; when the camera angle changes he holds it with his left hand.
When Joaquin is engaging in a fight with the priest in school, the book on the desk disappears even though no movement was made to knock it off the desk.

Factual errors 

In the fight scene on the train near the end of the movie, the engineer is thrown forward, pushing the throttle in the cab of the locomotive forward. This has the effect of making the locomotive go faster, when in fact, the train should have stopped. Pulling the throttle back would have made the train go faster. Also, opening the throttle, as was the intent, will lower steam pressure - not rapidly raise it as shown. The only way to raise steam pressure is to add fuel to the fire. Using steam (as in going faster) lowers steam pressure.
The Pinkerton agents claim that since California has not obtained statehood, U.S. authorities don't have jurisdiction to get a search warrant. But California in early 1850 is a USA territory where federal agents have just as much jurisdiction as in states. Furthermore, "Pinkertons" were not employed by the federal government until 1861.
Telegraph wires connected the east and west coasts in 1861. Even if a telegraph message were relayed to the hidden receiver, it would have only been able to print a coded message, similar to Morse code, onto the ticker tape.
Homing pigeons return to the roost where they were born and raised. The birds Elena was using would have flown to their birth place, not the room in San Mateo.
On the train engine, as Zorro and Armand are fighting, Elena is holding on to the boiler with her bare hands. Her hands would have been burnt to a crisp!


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

At the end of the movie Frey Felipe performs the wedding in English. He should have said it in Latin.


During the wedding, Joaquin's hair style changes erratically.

Errors in geography 

Abraham Lincoln is shown in California on September 9, 1850. Lincoln probably never traveled to California in his life. On this particular date he was known to be in Illinois.

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