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Horror does hard time in the slam
Wolfdemon12 September 2005
Prison, a place where criminals go after committing crimes ranging from rape to murder. But would you encounter your inner demons in jail, even on death-row? Perhaps. The Suffering, an action/horror game from Midway and Surreal Software, is the prime example of that. Here's my review on The Suffering.

Plot: The star of The Suffering is Torque, a convicted felon put on death-row for the murder of his wife and two kids. His arrival isn't welcomed with open arms since inmates don't like child killers very much. Just as Torque is about to settle down with his new life on death-row, a slight earthquake rocks the prison and something in the darkness attacks and kills Torque's fellow inmates, leaving him as the sole survivor. Now Torque must escape from jail and find the truth about what really happened to his family while fighting against monsters and his own inner demons in order to survive. 5/5

Graphics: The graphics in The Suffering are truly dark and gritty, not to mention well done. Every character and monster are near photo-realistic. What really sets the creatures apart from the monsters from other survival horror games is they are based on different execution methods. Though designed by Stan Winston Studios, the monsters look like something out of a H.R. Giger painting. Even the blood looks good. 5/5

Sound: The music in this game aren't the traditional music we would hear in most survival horror games. The music are inspired by the sounds you would usually hear in every day life. The sounds gives you the feeling of what's around the corner. True work of genius. 5/5

Gameplay: You can switch the views of the game from 3rd to 1st person perspectives. In 3rd person mode, the controls are responsive yet stiff. In 1st person mode, the controls gets rid most of the stiffness. Torque can transform into a demon with just a simple touch of a button. In his demon form, Torque can tear his enemies apart with ease. The Suffering has a moral system, any action Torque does will effect the outcome of the game. 4/5

Midway and Surreal Software certainly did a good job on The Suffering. Certainly will make Resident Evil and Silent Hill look like a couple of Disney cartoons. Be on the look out for the sequel, The Suffering: Ties that Bind.

Final Review: 5/5
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Best gory horror game in years
PlayerSS16 March 2004
First off forget about Resident Evil. Thats just childs play compared to Midway's The Suffering. You start as a prisoner named Torque who offed his wife and kids or did he? Thats why you play and find out.

He is on death row. The night he is put in the prison an earthquake happens and demons invade the prison. You are then let out to explore the prison and the island that the prison is on.

Most of the demons are just reincarnated versions of inmates who were killed there before. The game has some pretty violent things to go along with the horror theme of the game. The game is ultra bloody.

There is a lot of swearing all through the game. Of course what else would you expect. Its a prison for one and its being overrun by demons. Who wouldn't be using every word they could think of.

The main character Torque doesn't talk. Which I really don't mind that too much. I just hate when companies take the easy way out and give everyone else a voice, but the main character. Like I said its not too bad in this game. As Torque has a lot of various little actions that really make his character stand out.

There are three different endings. There are plenty of weapons to defend yourself. Its a damn near perfect game.
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It Will Leave You Wanting More
This was one of my first video games that was rated M and I love it so much and still do. I still can't believe I didn't commented this video game first.But now I will, and for all you people who wants to play a scary survival game with lots of gore than play this game. The monsters were cool and it also teaches history, about the war and all soldiers/prisoners death that are real life people. They are also going to make a movie of it(hope they won't screw this movie up). Anyways if you play this in the dark, cold weather, and nobody around you will start to feel that you are in the game. There are scary moments when those f#####g Slayers or Noosemens come out of nowhere. This has a lot of thinking to go to the next level and also love the idea of other people in the game helping you(tip:don't kill them so quickly, they could help you).And those Infernas are annoying, and when some of those Slayers revive is scary and awesome.I haven't had this much fun since playing Resident Evil 4 or GRT: San Andres. Please, buy this game, I highly recommend it. It has 8.9, soon in the range of 9.0 or higher. You won't be disappointed.
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An unforgettable adventure.
zeeboe8211 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A neanderthalic barbarian named Torque has been convicted of murdering his family. Although he claims he was blacked out at the time his wife and two children were killed and couldn't remember anything. He is sent to the infamous Abbott State Penitentiary, a very old institution built to house the most dangerous criminals in the state of Maryland....and also a place where child killers are not too popular among their fellow inmates. Rather Torque is guilty or innocent of his crime remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Torque has always been a very violent and angry man and has been sent to different correctional facilitates through out his life because of his temper.

The Abbott State Prison is located on the very old Carnate Island where many terrible things have happened for hundred's and hundred's of years. For a very long time many evil people have done their evil deeds on the island. Now one way of looking at this game is like this: The night Torque arrives, there may be finally way too much evil for the little that is good to hold on to, thus causing an extremely overwhelming amount of evil to explode and be unleashed all over the island. The gates of Hades have been opened and it is now judgment night. Armageddon is here. It is a fight to the death between all sinners, both past and present and only the strong will survive.

That's just one theory. That's one of the many great things about the game. It can be interpreted in so many different ways. It's all up to the individual gamer.

Torque is a very interesting and different character because most heroes in the genre of horror movies are usually very weak people who just barely survive, whereas Torque is just as dangerous as the enemies in the game. In fact, based on how you decide to control him....he may be the biggest threat.

"The Suffering" is something straight out of the book of Revelations. Beware of monsters, demons, ghosts, witches and even your fellow human beings....i.e. other convicts and the prison guards. Just because all hell has broken loose does not mean everyone has changed and became better people and want to help one another. Some cons are still just as dangerous as they were before and some of the correctional officers are just as corrupt. In fact, you might find some of the men to be more dangerous then they usual would be because they are scared and like you, they too are fighting to survive and get out of the prison and island alive and they don't know who they can trust. So be very careful who YOU trust, no matter how polite or helpful they appear to be at first. If you do find someone you think you can trust and you join forces, don't allow them to slow you down or hold you back. Watch your own back at all times.

This is the only game I have ever played where enemies not only attack you....but they attack other enemies as well! It's pretty cool. In fact, a few times I've played this, I've actually been unintentionally saved by my foes and/or I have even depended on them to take down another enemy while I deal with another but after that business is over with, we go back to trying to kill each other. It is literally every man and every beast for himself.

I found the game to be scary, difficult, stressful and frustrating, but also a whole lot of fun!
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My first computer game review !
shadowman12327 November 2007
I still am a very big gamer and I always seem to make time where ever and whenever possible to play although its I don't play as I used to due to other various commitments but still my fondness for the escapism of computer games has not faded and what an excellent way to mark my return to the world of computer games with The Suffering!

Being a huge fan of survival horror genre with the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill it was going to be difficult for something to come up close and match the high level of atmosphere and game play, and I was glad to see that The Suffering delivers on many levels.

Players will assume the lead role of Torque an inmate sent to the infamous and remote barren Prison Island called Carnate, he has been sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and children , the action then picks up for there as you are swung into a nightmare world and take control of the hard as nails Torque. The game receives a lot of praise from me for capture of the grim and depressing place that is the island it-self along with an explanation to its rather colourful past. There are truly some jump out at you moments with scare and atmosphere all the way along to keep you going further. The game captures this Silent Hill/The Shining atmosphere well in some places and a Resident Evil theme in the other and carriers that well so the player never really does get bored.

The faults I would have to say start with the graphics which seem a little like PS 1 graphics in most places and the controls really do taking some used to (can't tell you how many times I blew my-self up when I was just trying to jump) but if you put the effort in you get used to them in no time. Also game play can be a little bit tedious in most places with a bit of repetitiveness but having said that you never truly do feel like turning your console off because the scary atmosphere keeps you going.

The game took my 4-5 nights of serious game play and believe me it is great playing at nights in a dark room! Players should also remember that the endings are determined by your behaviour and choices during the game. To sum it up The Suffering is what a computer should be about - entertainment and escapism and this delivers more than that as it also has a few themes tied behind it, my only regret is that I checked out a little too late . I am also aware that there is a sequel called Ties That Bind and a movie is in the works so I am looking forward to both , highly recommended and worth a look at.


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Scary as hell!
theblasphemy30 March 2007
Take Silent Hill, add Beyond Reanimator with the nickname "Rebirth power", add a lot of horror survival, some cliché "cute little girl wants to play" horror, and the result is a wonderful fast but repetitive and short Survival Horror TPS/FPS. The actual plot changes the way you finish it, and if you don't know how you are, you can track down your character's soul alignment from the family picture.

The cleaner it is, the better you are. I don't want to add more as it would be spoiler, but I advise fans of such games to get and play it. IT is a game worth playing at least once.

Annoying Problems: Grenades aren't worth much in more difficult modes than Easy. Game sometimes crashes, so save often. Rhombium heals less in easy mode, so do monsters hurt less, so difficulty level only defines maximum health and monster health.
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Evangelos Tsiontsis9 July 2004
I will not tell u again how great the game is. The previous reviews have covered that already and i completely agree. Its been a long time since i was drawn into such a dark atmosphere. Hardcore game with lot of violence (but u get that in most of games nowadays) What makes it special is the sound and the dialogs. I was surprised by the profanity and the bad words (in how many games have u heard the word co*k?).

And a strange coincident. I finished the game yesterday and just finished watching the movie "Beyond Reanimator" (2003). It is obvious that the game draws its inspiration from that movie. Some of the monsters, the lethal ejections, the electric chamber, the doctor.....yes its all in beyond reanimator :) excellent movie by the way (in its genre)
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Demo was freakin awesome
Scissorman16 February 2004
I work at an EB Games store and we had received the new Xbox magazine with the demo discs. One of the demo's happened to be The Suffering. I'll tell ya, for the brief 15-20 minutes the demo gave you to play, it was damn scary stuff. The atmosphere was creepy, the monsters scare the crap out of you, the noises would startle anyone, and the voices in your characters head will send chills up your spine. I am definately going to get this one when it is released.
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It gets the job done as a horror game, but the action can get repetitive. Fans of the genre should be pleased. Final Grade: B Minus
practiced_bravado8 June 2004
"The Suffering" plays like "Max Payne" meets "Resident Evil". It's a shooter that mainly consists of blowing away the same five monsters every few minutes. The main character is Torque, a death row inmate, who was convicted of killing his family. As luck would have it, an earthquake occurs in the middle of the night, freeing Torque from his cell. Unfortunately, monsters modeled by various forms of execution invade the prison.

This is where the player takes over. Your job is to help Torque escape the haunted prison. In the process, you can either help the guards and fellow prisoners or kill them. What you decide will dictate one of the game's three different endings. Your arsenal consists of 10 firearms, a shiv and flashbang grenades. At times, you also have the ability to transform into a giant, rampaging beast, "Hulk"-style. And you can switch between first-person and third-person perspective at any time.

The best aspect of the game is the cutscenes, hallucinations and flashbacks that propel the story forward. There done in a cinematic way which brings back memories of "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" and the 1999 remake of "House on Haunted Hill". It's pure horror. I only wish there was a bit more challenge. This is a straight-forward action game with a little exploration to be found. Yet, it's a fairly enjoyable lengthy adventure.

"The Suffering" is not for the little ones. It contains non-stop blood and gore, constant profanity and the words scrawled onto the prison walls are as profane as well. The DVD also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game and a documentary-like special entitled "Inside a Haunted Prison" covering an early time of the American penal institution. Horror fans should buy this, it's a well made title of the genre.
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