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727 out of 916 people found the following review useful:

Michael Moore is the #1 patriot in USA, I hope people realize it now.

Author: Antti from Finland
18 June 2007

I can only hope this movie wakes some people up, especially those flag waving people who keep on repeating slogans like "greatest country in the world" etc. This could be a serious wake up call for a proud nation. I have always wondered how people can still call it the greatest country if it does not have universal health care, but maybe the reason is, they don't know any better. They do not realize that in other western countries this has been done for ages and it works.

People of USA should embrace Moore as the patriot he is. He wants the American PEOPLE all the best, but he gets sacrificed by the same people because he dares to speak about the government. But true patriots rise against governments too, if they are bad for the people. United states is not the flag, not the white house, not the senate, not the soaring eagle. It is the people living there, and this is what they have to remember. You can demand for universal health care, and you can vote for it.

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682 out of 865 people found the following review useful:

Viewer beware on Sicko

Author: roblange17 from United States
13 June 2007

As an American this movie was one of the most depressing movies I've seen in awhile. Bowling for Columbine doesn't even hold a candle to the disheartening realizations contained in this film. I walked away with a sick taste in my mouth having been reminded of how disgusting and heartless our bottom line policy making is. How sick it is to be imprisoned by the government through healthcare. How the healthcare system will tear down every other joy in your life until your 80, working 50 hours a week to pay the cost of staying alive, unable to stand against the rich or have the hope left to vote. Thus the propaganda arm of the American Dream prevails. I don't plan to watch this movie again until I obtain citizenship in Britain, France, Cuba… or Ron Paul could get elected president and as a former physician he might actually fix the system.

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316 out of 370 people found the following review useful:

Wow.. just wow

Author: rich3077 from United States
23 June 2007

I just got done watching this movie and no other movie I have seen in my life has had the impact on me that this movie has had.

My wife has M.S. and requires a LOT of medical treatment. Just ONE of her many prescriptions is a thousand (US) dollars a month. This very expensive experimental drug is nothing more than an old flu shot they are experimenting with. ( seriously )

I am a middle class skilled worker with great insurance.. and I may soon be homeless due in part to this. The other part is due to the corrupt banking system that I hope one day gets equally exposed.

I am now officially embarrassed to be a US citizen. If it wasn't for me already being middle aged and having 15 years seniority in a job I cannot replace... I would forever leave this so called "Free Country"

Peace Rich

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307 out of 381 people found the following review useful:

California Nurses Association executive director Rose Ann DeMoro summed it up...

Author: shum preston from California
24 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Sicko" Diagnoses a Cure for the Nation

Perhaps the exponents of expediency just haven't met the rescue heroes of September 11 still plagued by debilitating respiratory illnesses, but unable to get the healthcare they need in the country they volunteered to help in our hour of despair.

Or the machinist and his newspaper editor wife who had to sell their home and move into a cramped room in their daughter's house when his heart attacks and her cancer caused their medical bills to soar.

Or the woman whose husband died after their insurer refused to authorize a bone marrow transplant from his younger brother because it was "experimental."

They are among the stars of Michael Moore's riveting new film "Sicko," that we were privileged to be among 50 people in an intimate private screening in New York a few days before the premiere in Cannes Saturday night where it was the hottest ticket in town and greeted with well-deserved rave reviews.

Many of those in the New York audience, the real life stars of "Sicko," were brought to tears by a film and filmmaker who viewed their lives with a lot more humanity than the insurance companies who had treated them with such calculated disregard.

The people, who, as one industry whistleblower says in the film, didn't just "fall through the cracks." They were deliberately thrown overboard.

Cast aside by the same insurance giants that far too many ostensible reformers think we should reward for their greed by funneling them hundreds of millions dollars more.

"Sicko" is not just an indictment of an indefensible healthcare industry in the U.S. It's a rejoinder for those who think we can fix the soulless monster by tinkering with an unconscionable system that puts us further in thrall to those who created the crisis.

Following the screening, Moore put it as simply as possible: the private insurance companies "have to go."

Unlike too many of our friends in the progressive community, Moore did not go for the easy way out.

There are no calls here for forcing individuals to buy unaffordable, junk insurance. Or handing over ever more tax dollars to those who profit by denying care, and whose biggest accomplishment, says Moore, "is buying our U.S. Congress" to protect their wealth and stranglehold over our health.

There are no cynical ad homonyms to not let "the perfect be the enemy of the good" - the last refuge of the politicians desperate to convince us, and perhaps themselves as well, that the Faustian compromises they propose will all be OK. Tell it to the worker in "Sicko" who had to choose between restoring one severed finger for $60,000 or another for $12,000.

No, Moore doesn't feel he has to temporize with people's lives or accede to those whose goal, he says, is to "frighten and demoralize" people so they are unable to fight.

Moore doesn't think the problem is "too much" medical care, or people who want to over utilize the system by spending hours waiting in an Emergency Room. Among the rare gems here is one of Richard Nixon's taped conversations, in the Oval Office with John Ehrlichman on the eve of Nixon's 1971 law promoting managed care. You can rest assured, Ehrlichman promises Nixon, "all the incentives are towards less medical care."

"Sicko" has no trouble finding a solution. It can be found in the rest of the world. There's no hand wringing here for the ideologues who are already attacking Moore for promoting the alternative- medical systems he visits to Canada, England, France, and even Cuba, countries, says Moore, where when it comes to the nation's health, they know the distinction between the "we" and the "me.".

Here's what Moore found. Care "doesn't depend on your premiums, it depends on your needs," the film reports. You don't have to check your health security at the door, or mortgage your future when at your most sick and vulnerable.

Moore's not even afraid of the inevitable complaints about "socialized" medicine. "Back home in America we're socializing lots of things," "Sicko" finds, among them our fire and police service, Social Security checks, and even the library.

At a time when the apologists of accommodation are promoting the lowest common denominator, Moore most of all offers a vision and hope.

"Not all of us have a kid in Iraq, but all of us have been to see a doctor, or paid for a prescription, or have elderly parents," he said after the screening. To put it another way, there's no free marketers in hospital beds, just patients.

The health care crisis "will bring us together," says Moore. And, I'd add, "Sicko" will help us get there.

see for more!

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319 out of 419 people found the following review useful:

This Film is Amazing!!!

Author: (brokentarot-1) from United States
13 June 2007

Please, cast aside your prejudices and watch this film with an open mind. I personally do not like Michael Moore whatsoever, but this film is mind blowing. I hope that that including quotes from the movie is not considered spoiling it.

Feb 17th, 1971 5:23 P.M.

Ehrlichman : "We have now narrowed down the vice president's problems on this thing to one issue, and that is whether we should include these Health Maintenance Organizations like Edgar Kaiser's Permenente thing." President Nixon : "Let me ask you, you know I'm not too keen on any of these damn medical programs." Ehrlichman : " This is a private enterprise one." Nixon : "Well, that appeals to me." Ehrlichman : " Edgar Kaiser is running this permanente thing for profit. And the reason he can do it... I had Edgar Kaiser come in, and talk to me about this... And I went into some depth... All the incentives are toward less medical care, because the less care they give them, the more money they make." Nixon : "Fine." Ehrlichman : " And the incentives run the right way." Nixon : "Not bad."

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243 out of 287 people found the following review useful:


Author: perebarr from Catalonia
14 July 2007

As European living temporary in this country (my wife is American), I would like to give my point of view about the movie:

1) The facts that Michael Moore show about European Health System is true. We don't pay bills for medical procedures.

2) Universal Health Care it doesn't mean "socialist" health care like Cuba. Rich and middle-high class can go to the private system, so we have both to choice, but it's normal that if you have to afford a expensive medical bill (how can afford a 250k medical bill?), even rich people go to the public system.

3) As European living in United States, I can say Americans pay more taxes (direct and indirect), than Europeans, it's absolutely false that UHC will double the taxes of Americans.

4) This is not a issue about conservatives or liberals, this is simple a humanity question.

5) The Cuban woman made the right question: if a poor caribean island like Cuba can give Universal health care to their citizens, how the first economical potence can afford this? 6)One of the typical points to critic this movie is about wait lines to have medical attention in countries with UHC. The statistics are very clear: there are no more wait lines in this countries than in USA, even covering 100 % of the people (if you are a little bit intelligent and not a fanatic extremist, you can understand that if you exclude 50 milion person from medical attention, your rates about this issue can be better).

7) This people that support the actual health care, I think they don't understood one of the principal messages of this movie: it doesn't matter if you have a good can be exclude for "bussiness" reasons. HORRIBLE AND INSANE.

8) Every American had to recommend this movie to their neighbour, and associate (like in other times for other issues like segregation laws or vote for women), because affordable health care is BASIC HUMAN RIGHT, forbidden in the the richest country in the world.

9) A lot of Americans are proud to be good Christians...I'm not sure Jesus and God support a system that treat human being as garbage. This post is specially dedicated for people that love America and the tradition (conservatives), because if they accept taxes for pay national security, inside this security can include this silent and big enemies that are always waiting to kill American people (cancer, strokes...). Don't worry, you can be conservative and patritotic and support a human and Christian system that support the poor and normal people. This not socialist, is capitalism with human face (normal in other advanced societies where they live more and better).

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305 out of 431 people found the following review useful:

Michael Moore For President!!!

Author: Max Vegas from Denmark
13 June 2007

After watching this film, i grew restless. Not the sorta restless, you get, when nobody calls you on the phone for weeks. No- restless that i can not reach out, and share parts of the health-care-system, from where i come from in Denmark. Now, i've only once experienced this sort of restlessness after watching a movie, and it was Michael Moores "Rodger and me". YES- Moore does it again. And he fulfills his role, as an rebellious anti-capitalist, pointing out the wrongs and rights in society, that people have simply grown accustom to. PERFECT! He once again gives us his artistic brand consisting of small terrific, or in this case, horrible stories from everyday people who have been neglected by the American health-care system. Michael Let's you pass trough the homes of MANY families as you engage upon their stories. This time Michael has brought far more people into the interviews, and it gives the hole bundle more juice then FAHRENHEIT. He also, takes his time to show old clips, video/photos of the people hes interviewing, so you feel you get the entire background on some of the folks. BRAVO! Michael himself, is this time a bit more "americaniced" -but only to really point out the benefits of the other countries, does he take the role of the average American joe. PERFECT! Over all. If you read this. I think this movie will make as huge an impact on you, as it did on me. And i think every Michael Moore film, is both educational and should be thought in schools, as well as very important for the entire society to see! That is... if you want to be a part of your society?

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205 out of 261 people found the following review useful:

Insured Americans beware

Author: Nat Shaw from United States
17 June 2007

I recently finished watching Michael Moore's Sicko (it's a great documentary that everyone should see). It's not about the 47 million Americans who don't have health insurance, it's about some of the 250 million who have/had health insurance and in spite of this their lives were ruined. It dispels a lot of the myths espoused by some in America such as long waiting lines, higher taxes and the doctors being paid close to nothing. It explains why HMOs were established and how their primary purpose is to deny claims. Advancement in these companies is based upon how many claims an employee denies and any claims that are actually paid out are seen as failures. He goes to countries like Canada, England, France and Cuba and talks to citizens of these countries to get their take on their country's health-care system. He also goes to hospitals and emergency rooms in these countries to get the take of the people there and when he ask "How much do you pay?", they all laugh at him. Moore sums up the premise of film when he says the rest of the western world practices "We" health-care while Americans practice "Me" health-care.

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177 out of 253 people found the following review useful:

Pretty much what I expected

Author: janne-junnonen from Lappeenranta, Finland
20 June 2007

Having read all the comments and reviews, this movie was pretty much what I expected. Moore does a really good job in making his point.

What bothered me a little was his black & white view of the healthcare industry - either it is public OR private. In reality, many western countries have a "hybrid" system. For example here in Finland we have a pretty reasonable public healthcare system (which by the way is not totally free for the patient, albeit very cheap), but in addition, we also have private clinics, if you want even faster service and are willing to pay extra. You can also get an insurance from private companies, which provides extra financial support and/or service in the private clinics in case of illness. Also some workplaces and institutes have free doctors.

A portion of the cost of medicines is substituted by the government in either case, and there is an annual limit after which they are totally substituted.

I think it would be pretty straightforward to establish this kind of system in the US. There is no need to socialize healthcare TOTALLY. There is no need for the insurance company to "go" (as Moore put it), they just need to step aside a little and stop being the main authority. Also, if insurance companies have to compete with FREE (health care), there is only one thing they can do: offer really good service!

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149 out of 205 people found the following review useful:

his best documentary so far

Author: I. Riley from Toronto, Canada
17 June 2007

Brilliant documentary, with a softer, less angry Moore taking a good hard look at the current state of the inner-workings of the American private health care system, and comparing them to the universal systems in Canada, England, and France. The nay-sayers will argue that he's skewing his content, or simply choosing the worst HMO stories, but that's exactly what he has to do to drive his point home! The content here is far less controversial than in his previous films. It's widely known that, despite being one of the richest countries in the world, the states is far from best when it comes to taking care of their own.

The film gives the impression that Canadians wait an average of 45minutes to get seen at a hospital. Being a Canadian, I'll tell you right away that is not the case. There is an issue here in Canada with long wait times (both at the hospital and for major surgery), however, the system still works well, and everyone is taken care of, regardless of financial or social status.

Seeing sicko really made me realize just how much I take our universal health care system for granted. Some of the HMO horror stories Moore gives are shocking (to put it lightly).

While this film doesn't pack quite the punch, compared to Fahrenheit and Columbine, it's still going to turn a lot of heads. Everyone should see this movie.

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