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Better than his recent movies
Andrew Hollingsworth30 November 2004
Anyone expecting a film to equal the classic Police Story will be disappointed. I didn't, so I wasn't.

Some comments have been rather scathing but I believe that New Police Story is the best Jackie Chan film to come out since Drunken Master 2, especially as far as action is concerned.

The story, although not perfect, is more than adequate and is something of a departure for Chan. He may not be the world's greatest actor but his performance is more than adequate. Although comedy action is what Jackie does best, that formula is getting tired now.

Although little of the action was original (bus stunt again, amongst others) it is much better in this film than any of his recent American financed films.

Wires have been used by Hong Kong action stars for a very long time now. Jackie Chan used wires in the New Police Story but that is nothing new for Chan now either, he is 50(ish) after all. Anyone who has worked with wires will tell you what hard work it is so it shouldn't be so easily dismissed.

Overall reasonably entertaining film that most Jackie Chan fans will enjoy as long as they are not expecting a film as good as Police Story.

One reviewer gave this 3/10 but if New Police Story is worth 3/10 then the Medallion (for me possibly the worst Jackie Chan film) should have a negative rating. I highly recommend this one to Jackie Chan fans and those who are not may be pleasantly surprised. I give the New Police Story 7/10.
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Return of the Master
Lester Mak (leekandham)31 December 2004
There is always a suspicion when films come out with "New" in the title and particularly here, when you've had variations on the Police Story numbering over the years. Does it mean that the whole franchise has changed completely? Is Jackie Chan trying to pass on the mantle? How different is it really? Well, put it this way. The only thing that has changed is that it's better than the previous instalments.

New Police Story tells of Wing (Jackie Chan), a super-cop who has managed to solve the toughest and roughest cases for the Hong Kong police force. So much so that he gains a bit of cockiness. When a group of young guns led by Joe (Daniel Wu) start a crime spree by robbing banks and gunning down cops for fun, Wing declares that he would catch the criminals in just 3 hours. However, his plans bite the dust as his team are gunned down following a leak of his plans. Wing is knocked into drink and depression and rookie Fung (Nic Tse) come to egg him into revenge.

This film follows the style of the previous Police Story series in that it is gritty and dramatic as opposed to Jackie's comedic style. However, this film is very much darker than the previous ones. The usual stunts are there - including a bus sequence which reminds you of the original Police Story - but each stunt has been brought a new lease of life with some perfectionist choreography. I was impressed by Nic Tse's martial art stunts, which certainly were not easy, but mastered flawlessly. Daniel Wu caps off a very good year for him with a very good performance as the enemy. Credit goes to Benny Chan also, who really has pulled out all the stops for this movie.

This is one of Jackie Chan's best films and following some recent dismal Hollywood attempts, I'm really glad that he can still pull it off, particularly when there is a good script for him.

One to see the old master back at his best.
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The return of good Jackie Chan movies
hellbent_645 December 2004
In comparison with his American efforts, any of his Chinese based movies easily outshines any of his newer US productions, and this particular one is no exception. Though Jackie Chan is getting older, it still doesn't stop him from making good (or bad) movies. It certainly doesn't stop a lot of US actors. If I can move like Jackie Chan does when I get to his age, i'd be glad. (Especially since I cant even do some of those moves now) The movie moves at a steady pace, with some parts that are a bit over-reaching and over-emotional, but has some really spectacular stunts and action. I am posting this review primarily as a counterpoint to the previous users comment. I don't understand why someone who doesn't like ANY of Jackie Chan's movies would write a (biased) review. I don't write reviews on movies I hate, and I don't go to movies featuring an actor/acress I don't enjoy, so I have to wonder why he did so.
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NEW POLICE STORY packs a violent confrontation between Jackie and an evil young bunch
ma-cortes27 April 2009
This stirring story about the cop named Chang Wing of the Hong Kong precinct is well played by Jackie Chan. When his police buddies are chased by a wicked criminal band , Wing turns into an unfortunate boozer. A youth allegedly police inspector helps him to track down the gang of five commanded by nasty Joe. Then Chan looks for vengeance against the ominous villains at a cat and mouse game.

This exciting movie is crammed of action-packed, breathtaking stunt-work and lots of violence.Jackie Chan is top notch as one army man fighting a group of heinous criminals and as always he makes his own stunts like is showed on the final fake-shots. Awesome,incredible stunts and brief comic touches, as usual ; the picture is better constructed than its predecessor. The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times because the runtime is overlong, two hours and some, but frenetic action sequences make up for it. Spotlights movie include Jackie jumping over a bus , furthermore dangling and downing a skyscraper, among others. This is a phenomenal action movie distinguished by nicely cinematography of the spectacular sequences , though contain lesser sense of humor than previous entries. However while the former outings Jackie teamed up to prestigious actresses and fine action stars in their own right ,like Maggie Cheung and Michelle Khan , at this film his parternaire is unknown. The first version titled ¨Police story(1985)¨ directed by the same Jackie Chan was a perfect action film for enthusiastic of the genre; the following was ¨Police story 2(1988)¨also pretty violent and with abundant humor touches. It's followed by ¨Supercop¨ directed by Stanley Tong and finally, ¨Police story IV : Crime story. Rating : Good, the picture has its sensational moments , mostly provided by its agile star, the great Jackie Chan.
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Dark turn for POLICE STORY franchise
Libretio20 December 2004
NEW POLICE STORY (Xin Jing Cha Gu Shi)

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Sound format: Dolby Digital

A disgraced cop (Jackie Chan) is encouraged by a younger colleague (Nicholas Tse) to pursue the game-obsessed thugs who murdered an entire police squad.

Dark-hearted addition to the "Police Story" series (a 'sequel' in name only) which signals its defiance of old traditions from the very first scene, in which Chan stumbles into an alleyway and pukes copiously before collapsing in a drunken stupor. Director Benny Chan (A MOMENT OF ROMANCE) energizes Alan Yuen's fast-paced script in no uncertain terms, and is reunited with several cast members from his recent blockbuster GEN-X COPS (1999), including Daniel Wu (ENTER THE PHOENIX) as the thuggish gang leader rebelling against a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his policeman stepfather, and teen idol Tse (genuinely charming as the young cop who - literally - picks Chan out of the gutter and restores his self-respect). Charlie Yeung has the thankless role of Chan's much younger love interest, and gorgeous Andy On (so memorable in the otherwise routine BLACK MASK II) kicks butt as a member of Wu's criminal fraternity who defeats Chan in open combat.

The film's tone is much rougher than anything Chan has done recently, established by a harrowing sequence in which he's forced to play a series of 'games' with Wu and his cohorts in order to save the lives of his devastated squad members, and his subsequent remorse is played with great sensitivity by Chan, who becomes overwhelmed by guilt and depression (hence his drunken despair in the opening scene). Action set-pieces are fast and stylized, and there's a memorable climactic showdown on top of the Hong Kong Convention Center, spoiled only by blatant - and intrusive - product placement. Otherwise, this is top-notch entertainment all the way, conceived and executed with genuine cinematic flair.

(Cantonese dialogue)
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Love it!!!
jadzyuk4 June 2010
I watched this movie a couple of days ago and I love it, I haven't watched such an amazing movie in ages. I would really, really advise everyone to watch this, it's another spectacular movie from Jackie Chan and co. I love all the actors and actresses and I think their performances were phenomenal. Everything about the movie convinced me it was real and I think that it took a lot of courage to perform the stunts they did and I really honour them for that! I really haven't got anything bad to say about it, I wish that everyone would watch it and if you are a Jackie Chan fan, then you should definitely watch it and comment too, because it deserves all the credit and gratitude from the fans. I loved to see a lot of my other favourite actors, such as Daniel Wu, Andy On, Hayama Go, Terence Yin, Coco Chiang, and I know they are all of the terrorists or whatever you want to call them, but I know them all and love them all.
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Best Jackie chan Film in a long time!
goodmen4 December 2004
Benny Chan who directed this film, is a very successful commercial director, who has made many great big budget HK movie (like last year Heroic Duo). Benny Chan, also made a movie with Jackie call WHo Am I and that was also a very entertaining movie.

This movie, has many new star and young star like Charlene Choi, Nic Tse, Daniel Wu, Andy On and so on (rich and powerful parent). I wish his son should be in this movie to play one of the bad guy.

The baddie here are rich bored people with nothing to do, except Daniel Wu the leader of the bandit who rob the major bank for fun. In this movie i actually wanted them to win because those bad guy were so smart (has you will see in the beginning). Jackie Chan acted marvelous and i won't be surprise if he getting a nomination for that. By far his best acting in a long time, like the part where his girlfriend was strap in bomb and they were talking about their dying romance. Daniel Wu play another marvelous job and his acting is for sure getting better. This guy going to make many great film has time goes. The action in this movie is amazing considering Jackie Chan age, and it seem like Nic Tse wanted to be the next JC, cuz he done some of the stunt himself. Charlie Young who play JC girlfriend return after 7 years of no acting. She still look pretty, exactly too young for JC i might add, in this movie her brother was under Jackie Chan team, but of course the bandit (call themself x-games) kill all his team including her brother. Therefore JC feel ashame for that and sour their relationship. Charlene Choi (one of the twins) is also in this movie but she play a very minor role but still a funny character like at the ending. She suppose to play Nic Tse character.

Right from the beginning to the end, this film was superb and by far the first film HK film this year i would give it 9 out of ten (One nite in Mangkok come close with 8.5/10). Watching these kind of film make me wonder why he, Jet Li and CYF don't come back to HK and make those kind of amazing films.
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Lifestyles of the Rich and Gamers
Coventry17 May 2007
It's almost tragic to establish that in Hollywood Jackie Chan exclusively gets cast to appear in lame action-comedies (like "The Tuxedo" and "Rush Hour"), whilst in his home country of Hong Kong he's at least righteously offered to play serious roles and to be a genuine hard-fighting icon of action movies. "New Police Story" is everything but comical, it's a harsh and hardcore-to-the-bone cop thriller with an extreme overload of violent shootouts, dazzling stunts and relentless executions. The story is fairly original and adapted to the new type of crime-waves representing the post-2000 era, with Chan playing the cop who's up against an entirely new breed of villains: bored and spoiled rich kids obsessed with video games and committing violence purely for kicks. The youthful gang members inventively rob banks even though they don't need the money, have an insatiable appetite for destruction and – oh yeah – they really hate cops. When inspector Chan is a little too confident on TV about catching the thugs, they set up an ambush to sadistically slaughter Chan's entire team. The pain and guilt of losing his team drives Chan to drink heavily and neglect his police work, but a younger colleague slowly convinces him to solve the case and avenge his dead team-members. Like most Asian productions, "New Police Story" is rather long for an action film (slightly over 2 hours) but it's never boring or unnecessarily sentimental, not even during the relatively long period when inspector Chan mourns over his departed friends and colleagues. The action sequences and stunts are downright sensational; the highlight being an excessively destructive bus-out-of-control scene through the crowded streets of Hong Kong. "New Police Story" in an almost non-stop and adrenalin-rushing series of spectacular stunts, but it's also very praiseworthy for Jackie Chan's tour-de-force acting performance. This is his first film in which his acting talent is actually a lot more impressive than his fabulous martial arts skills. Especially the sequences in which his character stumbles through dark alleys at night, incredibly drunk and heart-broken, are harrowing and very realistic. Grim, sadistic violence and real drama are very difficult themes to mix together, but this film seemly pulls it off without too much trouble. "New Police Story" isn't intended for the faint-hearted, but if you like your heroes invincible, your criminals ultra-evil and your action rough & explicit, this film comes with my highest possible recommendation.
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Well Made Action Movie
gerrythree3 December 2004
'New Police Story' shows how top production values, a well-known cast, a fine action director and a great director of photography can turn a pretty moronic screenplay into an entertaining action movie. One way to see the fine job done here is to compare Nicholas Tse's performance here in a pivotal role to the part he played in 'Goddess of Mercy,' an HK movie involving police made in mainland China. In that movie Tse played his role as a bad guy as if he were overdue for a dialysis treatment, unsmiling and shabby looking. In 'New Police Story' he is full of life, playing a key role that initiates much of the action. Charlene Choi, in a supporting role as an HK police woman, also helps keep the action moving (without overdoing the perkiness). If Jackie Chan wants to play serious his role as an inspector whose life has gone on the skids, he has the sense not to overdo it after an early scene where he is so drunk he throws up in an alley. As a star vehicle for Jackie Chan, 'New Police Story' does the job. Next time, though, Jackie should make the villains more believable.
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Jackie Chan is back and he is in a serious role!
skwong24 September 2004
The new movie from Jackie Chan deviates from his last few American box office duds as he plays a serious and dramatic role as a Hong Kong police officer. This movie is in fact very good.

Don't expect death defying stunts at this point of Jackie Chan's career. There are some short and fast fight scenes but they are not anything you haven't seen before (except in his American movies). This time Jackie's girl is Charlie Young/Yeung, whom came out from retirement to work on this movie. Jackie's partner is Nicholas Tse, who did a lot of his own stunts in this movie.

The story is simple and is not very believable. With that out of the way, you will enjoy Jackie's seriousness in acting. In many scenes you can see his tears (and no one in the theater was laughing).

This is a breath of fresh air from his last few big duds. The thing is Jackie is in total control making his movies in Hong Kong and he can make the movies he wants.
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Possibly the worst Jackie Chan movie since The Prisoner?
Smiley59 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am a big fan of Jackie Chan. I have waited for this movie to come out (English dubbed/subtitles) for quite a while. Today, I came across it and sadly, viewed it just before I wrote this review.

Throughout the movie, I was waiting for an ending scene where Jackie wakes up and says "Woah! What a nightmare! Getting humiliated by snobby teen video game punks who made the biggest fool out of me by making me lose bets with them for the lives of my friends(eg. LOADING A GUN! OH THE SUSPENSE!), tried to kill my girlfriend, killed my girlfriend's brother, killed my friends, and then I feel sympathy for these loons by the end of my dream...That was worse than the moment in Drunken Master (I) where I had to crawl through that stinky old man's legs after getting my ass handed to me!"

The plot was out right over the line, unrealistic, cheesy, and horrible! An impersonator walking into a police building and getting officers to think he is a police officer. Unorganized police missions where you have Captain Jack telling the Channel News24 his plans while the villains listen in. Let alone, not having a SWAT team of some sort, not knowing the layout of the buildings, and using lame hand guns for dynamic entrances. Rich kids having better technology than the police force while being better trained and having better guns. Dramatic scene where Jackie's girlfriend asks him if he loves her while she has a bomb strapped to her neck and then decides it is time to cut the cables with the scissors after Jackie leaves to get help. Jackie crying. You might as well call it all a bad dream as this movie is so surreal and unrealistic that it is near impossible to suspend your disbeliefs throughout the film. If you do watch this movie the way I did, let me tell you...The fast forward button will be your best friend.

I'm still laughing out loud at how horrible this movie was. It's hard to believe people invested time, money, and dangering themselves for this garbage.

The way they showed how Jackie Chan cared for the stooges who killed/injured people close to him by the end of the movie is beyond me! This is, in no way, like the original Police Story where Jackie doesn't stand around and cry like a little baby, but actually fights back and has no remorse! Oh yeah, and they even had a SWAT team in that movie!

This movie was stupid, over dramatic, and horrible. Not even the stunts, special effects, or the impressive dubbing could save it!

Bottom line: If your fetish is to watch Jackie get smacked all over the place for 2/3rds of a movie and cry like a baby while drinking his flask along with a poor plot on the side with annoying villains who you will eventually suppose to feel sorry for in the end, then by all means watch this movie!

If you like laughing at bad movies, this movie is for you!

If you're me who wants to see Jackie kick ass and show no mercy along a nice plot...Stick with the other Police Stories, especially the first one!

Note: I deducted stars from this movie for plot, poor dialog, direction, production, and every time Jackie Chan decided it was time to cry. I gave it stars for stunts, special FX, and impressive dubbing for a bad movie.

I hope somebody puts up a petition to change the name of this movie from 'New Police Story' to 'New Crap Story'.
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Terrible let down
nilay6 January 2005
This film i was really looking forward to was a Terrible let down. The villains were jokes, they were totally unbelievable and a disaster. The plot didn't fare much better, it was too unrealistic and completely stupid at times, also it didn't manage to interest me in the slightest. The actors all tended to overact far too much, although Jackie was alright. The film wasn't even very entertaining, i was finding myself bored at many points, since the plot didn't hook me in. The only reason i sat through the film was because it had decent action sequences (Espeicially the final one) and the beautiful women. In restrospect i really only enjoyed the last 2 minutes of the film. i wouldn't recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great new Jackie Chan film, let alone a good action film, it will truly disappoint. Although Jackie Chan was decent in this film, he didn't do anything new or exciting for my taste, his acting wasn't great and his stunts are becoming less dazzling as his body ages, still hes much better than i ever will be at that age. Overall i was disappointed with this film. There fore i could only give this film 4/5 out of 10
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a unmissable jackie chan film
mark barnfield15 March 2005
For anyone who's become slightly bored of the often un easy American outings of Jackie Chan new police story is a breath of fresh air.

It returns to the slightly grittier moods of some of his 80's films whilst still retaining his charm and wit.If you liked Police story 2, then i feel you will not be disappointed with the latest police story.

In comparison to his earlier films,the action is slightly slower, and includes cgi elements in some of the scenes. But damn it, the mans over 50 and he's still jumping off buildings and kicking ass.

The story line is sound, if a little odd at times to a western viewer, but enjoyable none the less.

One unfortunate draw back is unless you speak Cantonese, the gag reel at the end is a disappointment
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One of Jackie Chan's best. Griping story, action and drama.
Sassy Cat11 January 2013
Definitely the best of the Police Story series, and one of the best movies that Jackie's been in. As much as I love his comedy, I really enjoy seeing him do straight drama. The story and the action are riveting and pretty much nonstop. A small gang of punkass teens are after money and have an insatiable thirst for cop blood. And they are pretty brutal about getting both. The way they go about their mayhem is pretty clever and twisted. One of the best things going in this movie are the teaming of Jackie and Nicholas Nse. Nse's fast talking, smart mouthed younger cop makes a perfect match for Jackie's seasoned and serious veteran. They play off each other perfectly with touches of subtle humor here and there. I would have loved to see them paired up more as this cop duo, but it's now 9 years later already and even Nse himself isn't a kid anymore.

A definite winner. Break out the popcorn and settle in with the lights off.
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ignore what haters say...
veggwhale4 July 2011
this movie is very good. i don't care if the stunts are redone or from previous old jackie chan movies. this is by far one of my favorite movies.

jackie chan deserved a lot for his movies. better than those overrated...paparazzi following U.S. celebrities...Americans love so much.

screw haters.......this movie was great. i'm glad they made this.

so what if the hk police look weak? U.S. police are crap too in real life too.

i like this movie in its original language.

i give it a full score because this movie deserved it.

it was funny, thrilling, sad, suspenseful, and action pack.

i don't care what haters think....they don't know how to review a good movie.

this movie is awesome so f#ck off!
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A bit too "Hollywood"
dee-zed9 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
From the opening scenes it was apparent this was no ordinary Jackie Chan film. Jackie's character walking drunkenly down an alley staggers, throws up and passes out. It then falls into a cliché Hollywood film - lots of guns, explosions, stupid police and unbelievable criminals. Basically a group of bored video gamers decide to hunt real policemen and set elaborate traps for them, gaining "points" for each one they kill. They manage to kill all of Jackies "elite" squad and spare him. The rest of the film is basically about redemption for Jackie. But why we have to put up with stupid plot points is beyond me, e.g. Jackies girlfriend sits calmly in the waiting room at the police station while one of the gang places a bomb around her neck (Oh please!!!). Fortunately the stunts are up to Jackies high standard and stops this being a "give it a miss" flick. I was much more entertained by Jackies other release - "The Myth".
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Cobbler, stick to your trade
kosmasp7 July 2007
I do like Jackie Chan movies. Although I'd probably be in the Jet Li corner, if I had to pick one of those two martial artist (Jet Li being the more serious one, e.g. the action is "more realistic" and aims for impact, whereas Jackie Chan movies, are lighter and more fun), but I still like JC.

I do think he's a great comedic actor, but after seeing this movie, I have to say, that he shouldn't try drama anytime soon again! Maybe it's the movie here, but the drama part, just doesn't work! And that's what drags the movie down. There is a scene in the movie, where JC and a friend of his are in the police station. Although this scene is earnest at the beginning a falling object turns it into comedy. That's the latest where you should realize, that the drama just doesn't work here. So while it's admirable, that he tried to change something in the Police story formula, the experiment went wrong. The bad guy on display here, has a bad "arc", too. His development, is just ... not believable (or should I say laughable)!

A shame especially when you watch the action scenes. They're top notch, as you would expect them to be in a JC movie. If that's enough for you, than you might enjoy it more than I did ...
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Against all Jackie usually stands for
Mike Eder21 March 2007
I have a few good things. It is nicely filmed and the side kick got in a few funny lines. The rest of it, the swearing, the bloodshed, the cgi graphics. All of this is against what he always stood for. If this was the only Jackie Chan movie I had seen I would never watch another. I have seen almost all of his films, where are the morals here? Where are the life lessons. This movie left Me in a dark mood. Crime Story shows that Jackie can play a straight role, but why make a Chinese version of a Steven Segal movie. Hope he never tries this type of thing again. This has nothing to do with the other Police Stories, and should not be marketed this way. Every one of the Police Stories were progressively worse but the first three still hold up, and the initial one is near perfect. Yet even the clichéd feel good number four that perhaps went too far in the other direction of being too cuddly has so much more to offer. Jackie can do more roles suited for his age, tired of him using his once forbidden special effects to be who he was 20 years ago.
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Big Disappointment.
athena244 September 2006
After so much good review and the relatively high critics on this movie, I really thought it is going to be something like the first or the second in the Police Story Series, but unfortunately this is not so. The plot and character of Jackie's movies rarely were criterion for judging them. Most of his movies are funny. Some of them were serious action movies. The director of 'New Police Story' hasn't decided which side to take, and has mixed both humor and tragic to it.

The movie starts tragically, with Jackie Chan as a Chief Police Officer loosing his team. This tragic atmosphere supposedly bears throughout the movie abundant with idiotic jokes not fitting this atmosphere. Sometimes it's like laughing at the funeral.

Although the stunts are great as always, and Jacky delivers some good moments, they are blended with exaggerated, unnecessary visual effects. The fight choreography is typical and doesn't catch the eye more than usual.

The movie being over two hours long exhibit with a little of fight scenes, and stunt scenes saturated with nonsense talk that clearly spoils the movie.
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Jesus H. Christ, man!! Too far out!
sarastro713 January 2005
With New Police Story, Jackie Chan is obviously trying to change his image. From being known as a comedy actor, he nows jumps in the opposite direction, to star in an outrageously serious and violent action movie. A movie so intense, in fact, that it's hard to take seriously.

I question the wisdom of this career move for Chan. Sure, he's got more acting range than most people probably assume, and sometimes he wants to show off those skills. That's fine, but I think this comes as a too sudden change. A lot of his fans will go into this movie expecting the same old Jackie Chan they know from a myriad action comedies, incl. the other Police Story movies. A lot of those people are in for a nasty surprise. Here we have sadistic cop killers who utterly ruin his life, make him a drunkard and later nearly kill his girlfriend. The anguish and darkness here is palpable to the extreme!

The movie doesn't have a lot of plot holes, though, as some are claiming. We do eventually get the explanations for the bad guys' motivations, and the mysterious PC 1667 is also explained at the end. But there isn't much depth to any of the characters, except Chan's, a little bit. It's an action thrill ride with lots of wild stunts, some less necessary than others (the entire bus thing was enormously contrived; why did the crook shoot at it in the first place? That scene, despite being probably the most memorable action scene in the movie, felt like it belonged in a completely different movie), and the production values are good. The last part of the movie has some fun moments, which is good.

But it's all too wild, too shocking, too far out, and it ends up just not being very enjoyable (too intense! Too anguished!), to say nothing of believable. So while it's certainly a spectacular departure from Chan's time-honored comedy style, I can't go so far as to call it an unmitigated success, much less a classic.

6 out of 10.
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Horrible movie
vwou7 February 2006
Story is very badly written and unrealistic. Why would Jackie lead a small group of what looks like regular cops, armed with little handguns into a warehouse knowing that the suspects are armed with machine guns? Isn't is standard procedure with police forces around the world to call in the SWAT team in this kind of situations? This is what, 2005? Doesn't the Hong Kong police have the technology and resources to get a layout of the warehouse and brief the team before entering the warehouse where they act like untrained school children getting shot down one by one? Nicolas Tse, a regular dude impersonating a cop, gets to walk in and out of a police headquarters? even my office building has more security then that! Jackie cannot act, period. Don't get me wrong, he can fight and do great stunts but stick with what you are good at Jackie. He spends an hour of the movie trying force tears out of his eyes. Sure there are some good fight scenes but that's yesterday...Unless you have never seen any kung fu movie in your life. And where did they dig out Charlie Yung? she spoke what, 2 lines during the whole movie? Oh one more looks like they used the same set for the police headquarters as in Infernal Affairs. and the music sounds like they are trying so hard to copy Infernal affair's success. get a life Jackie or go retire.
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Jackie should be fighting, not trying to act in ridiculous films
siderite2 September 2008
Let's face it, the movie is just bad. Jackie Chan is too old to be doing heavy duty fighting so he is trying his super powers at acting in something more that just bad heavy muscled Europeans trying to kill him and his girlfriend. And he fails miserably. It's not that he actually played very bad, but the script was hideous. There was no comedy, the ideas in it were completely unbelievable and even the fighting kind of sucked.

You want to make a great Jackie Chan movie there are three ways to do it: great comedy, great fighting, or something really innovative, like playing a hard cold assassin that uses the Chan style to kill his victims and escape capture. Kind of like an evil Bourne :)

Anyway, my daylight dreaming aside, this movie is a waste of time.
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Jackie Chan Fan's lament
y_u_g_023 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am a film critic that dislikes writing bad reviews. But i feel especially dishonored in writing this review, as it stars my favorite actor - Jackie Chan. Don't get this wrong, I'm not just disappointed in seeing my man Jackie in a bad movie(The Medallion and The Tuxedo weren't impressive) this is a critical and honest review. The film tries to be dramatic, without having any idea what message it's trying to convey, it's slow paced and the action scenes were filmed half-heartedly. The movie seems to portray Police officers as either cowardice, bullying, incompetent, corrupt and - or - moving targets. The villains are a group of rich, bored, thrill-seeking youths who commit high-stakes robberies and shoot cops as part of a game. The more cops the 'players' shoot, the more points they earn at the end. Sophisticated entertainment? Not only are their actions glorified (at least to some extent), attempts are made towards the end to draw sympathy to these sociopaths, on the grounds that their parents misunderstood them. This is an offense to the HKPD, surely? The director has no understanding of the audience, nor the slightest clue of how to film action scenes. It was once fun to watch Jackie ride on top of a bus as it drives out of control through the streets, or him tear through a shopping centre, but it came off bland. The authenticity of the death-defying stunts seen in other HK flicks, (Who Am I? being a noble example) was just not there. The majority of the movie captures him weeping over the death of his teammates, with one terrible instance where he falls on his knees in true melodramatic-opera style, in the middle of a fight scene. This is not the hero his fans have, for so long, been devoted to. In fact I objected to the very casting of Jackie Chan for I would have otherwise not bothered seeing it. The fights mostly involved guns, and the single bout that was worth any merit could have easily been executed by any dozen of cinema's rising martial-art stars. Having said this much, I should mention that this movie is part of an old franchise, as the 'new' bit in the title suggests. Yet whilst I enjoyed Rocky 6 and Die Hard 4.0 this series-reboot fails. Firstly, the Jcakie character in the earlier Police Storys' was a loose cannon and short-tempered, your old fashioned "it's not over 'til it's over" guy. Where the hell was he? I was first convinced the English-speaking distributors simply borrowed the title so that it would be familiar to the West, but I checked it out - it was actually intended as a Police Story sequel. What a waste. It seems they gave the production to a director who knew nothing about Police Story or Jackie Chan, disliked cops, and gave him a low budget. The film is ridiculously slow-paced for a police/action film, it milks dramatic scenes until it loses all impact, there is an absence humor, charm, and the exciting fight Jackie Chan is famed for. I really shouldn't judge Benny Chan, for this is the only film of his I've seen, but I can't help thinking it was all his fault. The heroes are dis-amiable and he seems to barrack for the bad guys the whole way through. The gang-leader continues to win up until the very end, he murders for sport, kills his lover instead of taking her to a hospital and shoots his friend in front of his parents. OK, I might as well give away the ending - the bad guy dies in a Police-Assisted Suicide, in slow-motion, as tears runs from his eyes (the same guy that laughed while he executed innocent people). After all this, the satisfaction of a good revenge-ending is robbed from us, as if Benny Chan expects the slightest show of sympathy to this mass-murderer. Before panning the film further, there is one thing I need to say. The pain Jackie displays (mentioned above) is genuine. But as he weeps on his knees in front of the camera, his fans understand - or at least I understood - that his character's failure to save his friends, is allegorical of the real Jackie's inability to live up to his glory days. Truly sad viewing, of a super-star's fading shine. PS don't watch this.
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A can of Kick-ASS!
brandon_lee42025 May 2010
Having only watched only one film of his "...Police story" film, I randomly decided to rent out an action film. After a lot of searching around my eyes were stuck to New Police Story because it got a reasonable score on IMDb: number one site to search up films! The films blurb was interesting enough to make me rent this film our and after finishing this, I am glad and happy for the price I paid for this film. First thing you need to know is that this film is no Ong Bak or The Protector but it is different in it's ow way. The story is far more interesting than Ong Bak's and the action isn't one o one style all the time because there will be moments in the film where guns, traps, and even bombs are used to make the film a lot more fun and way more unbelievable. Apart from all the fighting stuff, there are a lot of stunts used in this film, like the part where Jackie Chan makes an entrance into a rampaging bus. Or maybe the part where he is dangling from the burning rope. Even the stunts were unbelievable at times. Jackie Chan is fantastic as ever in this film and this time his police story is far more interesting and funner to watch. I like the way that he is seen with such heroism but quickly descends down and tries to make a scene again and maybe regain his reputation with his fellow police officers. The heist scenes are cool to watch and with all the crazy monkeys leaping around the place, it is hard not to treasure scenes like those. The movie would have had ten stars if it wasn't for the length that was used for this particular film. Isn't an action film supposed to be fun, short, and nonsense. This film definitely has fun, a little bit of nonsense, and definitely sucks in length. If they had made the movie a bit shorter, it would have been the perfect action film. The plot is more interesting than the whole action bits whole together because the story is more heavy and, surprisingly, quite good. Jackie Chan is truly the best I have seen in a long time to star in a film, his acting has rather improved a lot but his great acting comes with a price: he hardly is humorous in the film. That is good in a way since this film deals with situation that are meant to be taken seriously. Jackie Chan is awesome and continues to amaze us with this film. His role is an self-guilty police officer who witnesses the death of his entire team is emotional, making it his most emotional role in his life. I, especially, love his fighting style and his performance. Bravo! So if Jackie Chan has no humor in New Police Story then where do we get it from. Answer: Nicholas Tse. Nicholas Tse plays a huge and important part in the film because he is the one who urges Jackie Chan's character, Inspector Chan Kwok-Wing, to stop his drinking habit and to come back in order to capture the mysterious, intelligent gang led by Joe Kwan, Daniel Wu, which is the named The Gang of Five. Nicholas is the stand in comedian for Jackie Chan. He looked like he wanted to be a mini - Chan and he mostly succeeds. Daniel Wu plays an evil gang leader who hates cops and wants to cause havoc. His team is rich, young fellows who have nothing better to do thank kill cops and rob banks. In Joe Kwan's case it is a whole different case. He doesn't come from a wealthy family like his gangs and throughout his childhood, he was beaten by his dad and his anger for the cops started from then on. Daniel Wu has everything to be a villain but often he disappoints.

(Minor Spoilers)Inspector Chan Kwok-Wing is China's most valuable cop who comes and saves the day...most of the time. He has confidence and a whole lot of fighting skills backing him up but this time his confidence will ruin his life. A gang of thieves suddenly appear out of nowhere and start shooting cops with machine guns to earn money. A whole lot of cops die on that night. Chan, along with his whole team and his brother-in-law, find the thieves hideout and are prepared to face them. What they didn't expect is a confusing puzzle where they are taken one by one. As his whole team dies, he finally confronts the evil and ruthless gang. They play a sadistic and torturous game where he challenged to a game of random things that will secure his men....or kill them. A year later, Chan has quit the force and now is a drunk roaming the streets of China with criminals on the loose. When he passes out on the Sidewalk, a stranger helps him regain consciousness. After a lot of persuading from the strange man who is soon going to be his partner, Chan rejoins the force. This time the criminals will have nowhere to run.....

The CGI is quite impressive and pretty strange. A Chinese Martial-art film only needs fighting to succeed but the case with this is different. The visual effects aren't crappy and fake but instead look pretty authentic. Thumbs up for that! The music and soundtrack in this film is epic and great to hear. During the opening credits and throughout the film, the music will appear a lot for the good reasons. One thing that really surprised me was that there was blood used in this film. Since when has blood ever been a film.....only breaking bones are mainly used. That was a little bit strange but it made the film a little bit more violent. Some of the games that the gang play are, literally, torturous and painful to watch.

"Over and Out." 25 March 2010.
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