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Nightmare Detective 2: Review

Tsukamoto's first Nightmare Detective film marked an important turn in his career. For the first time he made a film of his own (which excludes Hiroku) that had the potential of appealing to a broader audience, without actually forsaking his trademark style. And now, for the second time in his career, he created a sequel to one of his own film. The result is Nightmare Detective 2.

Tsukamoto is without a doubt one of my all-time faves. Movies like Tetsuo are truly my kind of cinema, though I also love his more delicate side (as can be seen in Vital or Gemini). Like no other he combines raw energy with visual brilliance, setting a new standard in experimental film when he first burst onto the scene. His later work is a bit more subdued, but without ever losing eye for his defining elements. With Nightmare Detective he takes another step closer to mainstream cinema,
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