The Golden Compass (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

friend children
girl college
magisterium soul
lord bear
animal rescue
dust compass
orphan parallel universe
escape experiment
battle quest
epic arctic
lifting person in air immolation
street life spy fly
fly the insect caught under glass
stealing a child child thief
clock scheme
mechanical carriage snow carriage
bow and arrow frozen north
fate of the universe ice bear
photogram fictional war
mother son reunion mother son relationship
shooting fire
explosion surgical operation
laboratory surgery
missing child hourglass
skull letter
wolf egyptian
caught in a net brushing hair
closet environment
flying witch flying
wine transformation
neck breaking long eared rabbit
mouse horse
running talking bear
sled intrigue
zeppelin hot air balloon
falling down a mountain mountain
boat sight
violence bridge
overheard conversation hawk
falcon search
talking cat ice
iceberg glacier
north pole heresy
courage drunkenness
fjord drink
drinking ship
subtitled scene gold bug
prophecy mother daughter relationship
father daughter relationship friendship
boy curse
pursuit chase
storytelling global warming
alternate reality female protagonist
child protagonist color in title
voice over narration surrealism
controversy shape shifter
mission metamorphosis
kidnapping child's point of view
adventurer villainess played by lead actress
first part box office flop
voyage sea
sea voyage cult film
no opening credits fantasy world
blockbuster strangulation
ice axe sword
praying mantis ceiling painting
barrel whiskey
watchtower throne
tattoo spear
snake shoulder bag
shot with an arrow ring
rifle reinforcement fighter
raptor pistol
paddlewheel boat owl
necklace map
magnifying glass knife
king hiding under a table
goblet gate
full moon forest
fireplace dog
dog sled disobedience
desk demon
crossbow collapsing bridge
climbing through a window chain mail
candle cage
bird binoculars
animal skull alarm
uncle niece relationship steamship
rooftop robot
rabbit poison
monkey london england
leopard ice bridge
hiding in a closet freethought
fight to the death falling over a cliff
eavesdropping chosen one
child in peril chasm
cabin aviator
armor archery
airship abduction
snow leopard talking animal
cat witch
spirit animal polar bear
oxford university based on novel

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