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Hopefully, At An Art-House Cinema Near You.
lovejam11 January 2004
There's a line that Margaret (Morgan Brayton) says to her brother Ewin (Dmitry Chepovetsky) about coming out. "Life still sucks. It's just queer and it sucks". The mock-umentary part of the film is about documentary filmmaker Faith (Farrell Spence) who is interviewing Margaret with her ex-girlfriends, meanwhile the story behind it focuses on Margret's biological family. After her sister Christine (Colleen Wheeler) divorces and comes out of the closet, Margaret predicts that her other brother Emmett (Tyler Tone) will come out next, but an ironic twist pops out of nowhere. In all this, Margaret is still looking for her next girlfriend, dealing with the people in her life making it difficult for her to live the way she wants to, all while volley-balling the bouquet at a wedding. It's fresh, funny and enjoyable. It may have breezed through a film festival in your town, but if you find it playing at an art house cinema, catch it if you can.
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