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Enter Ivonna's Dungeon...
basket_cas2 October 2005
"Macabre Theatre" is a low- budget TV show that plays old horror films. It is hosted by Ivonna Cadaver, who owes her entire career to Elvira and before that,Vampira.Most of the films they play are rather underrated horror films made by directors before they went on to better things (i.e. Aaron Spellings' "Satan's School For Girls").On the other hand, others are rather good such as the VIncent Price classic,"House On Haunted Hill" or Dario Argento's "Tenebre".

They are some skits in between movies, such as Goth Trivia or her music pick of the week and they are lots of jokes (all of which in end reference Ivonna Cdaver's breasts).I saw it on KHIZ.It's not the best late-night horror show, but it will do.
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An Unfortunately Obscure Comic Horror Film Showcase
FloatingOpera727 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Macabre Theater (2002-2004): Starring Butch Patrick, Natalie Popovich "Ivona Cadaver". Directed By Johny Atkinson, Brian Bishop. Writers Joel Eisenberg, Alan Fattarini.

In 2002, the TV show "Macabre Theater" premiered exclusively on California TV, namely Southern California/Hollywood/Los Angeles, on channel 56 known as KDOC-TV. It is nothing new since it is merely following in the footsteps of such late night horror film showcases as the classic "Vampira" show from the 1950's and most notably "Elvira" from the 1980's. Butch Patrick, the child actor who portrayed werewolf kid Eddie Munster from the 1960's "The Munsters" show, is all grown up and in fact past the age of 50. He hosts the show along with the much younger and voluptuous Natalie Popovich known as "Ivonna Cadaver"- an Elvira clone with a Gothic and youthful makeover for today's youth. While Butch and Ivonna exchange witty comments as well providing the viewer with a "haunted Hollywood" tour they present various old horror films from the 50's, 60's and 70's. The show did not prove very successful and it appears that as of 2005, they have not aired any new shows. Because it is a very little-known show, it has not picked up a huge cult following and not many know of Macabre Theater. It is now on cable TV (KHIZ channel). It is really a good show, well-written, campy, hilarious and just plain fun. Among the films they've featured include some terrific titles like Romero's "Night of the Living Dead", "Carnival of Souls", Roger Corman's "Little Shop of Horror" and "The Terror" as well as "Lisa and The Devil" and other films. But mostly they feature films of the B movie horror genre. This is perfect for funny, sarcastic comments from the hosts. If you like similar shows like "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or for that matter "Tales From The Cript" you are sure to enjoy Macabre Theater. It's a feel-good horror film showcase and appeals to a young audience. The films are never excessively violent and so can be enjoyed by younger viewers. Even with this having been said, it is possibly more adult-oriented, especially in sexual innuendo between Ivonna and Butch or its more adult style comedy. "Macabre Theater" will air a new Halloween Special on Halloween Night, Tuesday October 31st at 11pm on KDOCTV channel 56. Let's hope this show stays on the air for a long time. I love it to death!!
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Macabre Theatre, Ivonna Cadaver
kf25us3 February 2006
Well first off, Ivonna does NOT owe her entire career to Elvira, Elvira never had a career as a TV personality, she was a dancer and did "other movies", she was a figure on a TV screen, now in Her 60's is no longer anything like Ivonna.

Ivonna is a writer, actress, producer and has put together an entire team to produce the results that air NATION wide.

She is at personal appearances at least 2 times a week, runs her own fan club.

Talent does not take a back seat, and Ivonna is in your face every week with humor, wit, looks and brains!!

Check it out sometime, but only if you are open minded!!
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Ivonna Cadaver Basks in The Horror Host Spotlight
Entertainment-News22 January 2012
Wow, just when we thought this genre was over, Ivonna Cadaver is signed for a 5th year on her nationally syndicated show: Macabre Theatre (

This year she is spotlighting indie horror which is a break from the traditional Roger Corman flicks. It's anyone's game now. The show is in High Definition too, which is even more fun to watch.

The ghoulishly produced new films include such blood-worthy titles as "The Creepy Doll," produced by P.J. Woodside and Steve Hudgins of Big Biting Pig Productions and other indie flicks from around the globe. And fans of Ivonna will feel no pain, only desire, when they see Ivonna host segments and talk horror-mania in her trademark fishnets and plunging neckline outfits.

Ivonna Cadaver is well known on the local Los Angeles scene. She starred in Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt for two years, participated in K-Earth Radio Halloween "spooktaculars," and filmed a Macabre Theatre Special outside Grauman's Chinese Theater where her guests included, among others, Nathan Fillion, now the star of ABC-TV's "Castle."

The show is directed by Sandra Mohr.
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Ivonna is hot
Eldi KillMusick (eldi-2)18 September 2004
nothing else to say, the movies they show are always choice, too. I've caught up with some old classic horror flicks and as a fan of the grim, violent and macabre, I am never left with disappointment. Ivonna and butch are hilarious together, the local landmarks are always places I plan to visit as soon as I can get the monetary backings.

Ivonna is one of the hottest goth girls on public access TV. God I love living in the LA area. If i ever flea, I will miss Macabre Theatre.

I look forward to watching this show every week. Only thing I hate is the music suggestions ivonna gives. Usually mainstream, generic rubbish. Id like to see them discuss some legitimate underground music.
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