Tony Hawk's Underground (Video Game 2003) Poster

(2003 Video Game)


[Bam Margera is standing on a quarterpipe set, watching Russian tanks drive by, transfixed. Tony Hawk, the Skater and Tony are standing behind him]

Bam Margera: Mmmm, tanks... aw tank-look at these tanks... *Damn*, look at these tanks...

Tony Hawk: What's up? Aren't you stoked by getting Best New Pro?

The Skater: Well... it's not a done deal yet. It's pretty close between me and Eric.

[Eric Sparrow skates up onto the set to join the others]

Eric Sparrow: Sup, guys?

[pregnant pause]

Eric Sparrow: Listen, I've been thinkin', we can't keep this up. Remember how I used to torch action figures with ya? I - I acted like a dork, I'm sorry, I got carried away.

[Eric extends his hand for a handshake. After much hesitation, the Skater returns the gesture]

Todd the Manager: [in a mocking tone] Aww, I'm touched, really! Hehe, haaa...


Todd the Manager: Now get out there in front of those cameras and earn your keep!

Bam Margera: It's so good, we can't go skating right now, look at these *tanks*! Damn!...

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[the Skater walks up to a tank. Eric Sparrow and a Russian guard are sitting against it. The guard is passed out; Eric is noticeably drunk and holding a vodka bottle]

Eric Sparrow: Wassuuuuup?


Eric Sparrow: Me and Vladimir here are feeling *good* tonight!


Eric Sparrow: Heh-he-he-he-hey... your license good in Moscow?

[he stumbles]

Eric Sparrow: Ol' Vlad told me it was ok if we take a test spin...

[Eric takes the keys to the tank from the guard and starts climbing up to the entrance to the tank]

The Skater: ...you can't be serious.

[the Skater climbs into the tank, as Eric sits in the driver's seat]

Eric Sparrow: Oh man, Bam's gonna be so *jealous* when he finds out about this!

The Skater: Dude, stop it!

[Eric starts up the tank, and the two fall back with a jerk. As the Skater tries to stop the tank, Eric climbs back out and stands on the top of the tank]

Eric Sparrow: *Whooooooooooooo!* Yeah, c'mon! On to the bridge!

[He sings a charge theme]

Eric Sparrow: Do a Smith grind, man, *whoo!*

[Eric looks forward, and sees the museum directly ahead. He blanches, drops his vodka bottle, and jumps off, leaving the Skater behind]

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