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Buscemi does not act in Lonesome Jim, but his sly humor and keen eye for nuance resonate in every frame. I can't recall having a better time at a movie about depression.
With a cast of well-chosen actors, a good script, and an eye for making ordinary suburban scenes visually heartbreaking, director Steve Buscemi's small story of failure, depression-and ultimately, love-in one Indiana town rings painfully true-to-life.
Affleck is dead on as the hapless Jim but the film is nearly stolen from him by Mark Boone Jr. who plays Jim's drug induced Uncle Evil. Kevin Corrigan is also great as Jim's brother Tim.
Under Buscemi's overall smart direction, the acting is terrific.
There's a slightness to the mildly eccentric material here that leaves the whole enterprise in danger of fluttering away.
Mostly a snooze. Maybe if Buscemi himself had starred in it things would have turned out better.
Village Voice
Lonesome Jim has the import of a deliberately squelched sitcom, or a home movie that's poisoned by unhappiness but shown anyway for stray laughs.
The A.V. Club
It finds some fine comedic moments when it stops focusing on Affleck's never-ending angst and starts exploring small-town oddness.
Entertainment Weekly
Buscemi is stymied here by the inertia of his material.
Mr. Buscemi wrote and starred in the small gem of a movie ("Trees Lounge"), which had more psychological nuance than this emotionally cauterized slice of minimalist malaise.

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