The Amityville Horror (2005) Poster

Plot Keywords

murder nightmare
priest ghost
haunted house girl killed
bloody body of child child knocked unconscious
child shot in the head child killed
child shot child murder
killing an animal village name in title
place name in title panties
horror movie remake urination
underwater slow motion scene
restaurant paranoia
kitchen family relationships
chase bathtub
dead children dog
monster in mirror wood chopping
teenage girl teenage boy
stepfather stepson relationship stepfather stepdaughter relationship
covered in blood rooftop
newspaper headline moving in
motor boat mother son relationship
mother daughter relationship meat hook
locked in a closet little girl
little boy lakeside
inverted crucifix insect attack
hole in the wall head wound
family dinner dead dog
child in peril boathouse
basement backwards
archive footage alarm clock
abusive stepfather able to see the dead
1970s possession
occult family in danger
scream suicide attempt
catholic priest murder of family
hanged child murder of a child
bloody body of a child death of a pet
torture tortured to death
torture chamber teddy bear
rifle realtor
real estate agent pot
marijuana husband wife relationship
ghost story dead girl
burial ground bullet wound
based on supposedly true story babysitter
ancient burial ground vomit
throat slitting suicide
shotgun shot in the head
shot in the forehead shot in the back
sex pot smoking
insanity holy water
falling from height death
bong blood
blood splatter axe murder
attempted murder remake
gun demonic possession
axe based on novel

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