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No North American house built in the 1600s would have a basement, even less one as tall as shown in this film. It would more likely have a root cellar and not one that extended the full footprint of the house.
On the wall of Billy's bedroom, there is a Whitesnake poster. The band Whitesnake wasn't formed until 1978, 3 years after the film's setting.
The logo on the Alice Cooper poster in the boys bedroom was not used before 2000.


At one point the Lutzes are in the kitchen and the refrigerator magnets read "Home Sweet Home". In a rage George knocks the letters down. In the next shot, the letters spelling out "Home" are visible in their original position.
When George is making scrambled eggs, the skillet on the stove has egg dripping all over the sides of the pan but when he picks up the skillet it's totally clean.
When George is chopping logs and Billy has to hold them, Billy sets up a second log without bark around it. In the next shot when George splits it, it has bark around it.
When George is chopping wood and Billy is holding the second log, George swings the axe back, and when he's swinging the axe at the log, that Billy is holding, he doesn't have the axe on his hands. The axe reappears when he chops the log.
When Kathy sits down in the library to read Chronicle of a Zealot she flips through the pages and you can clearly see that the pages are completely empty and appears to be from some kind of notebook. She then finds what she's looking and starts to read, the camera cuts to another angle and suddenly the pages are filled with old fashioned printing.
While the realtor is showing the Lutzes one of the bedrooms, she looks back to see a shadow in the hallway. When she looks over she's in the living room, then when she turns back around she's back in the bedroom with the Lutzes.
When George falls from the house when he is chasing Kathy, he gets really dirty, then when them take him into the boat he is totally clean.
In the bedroom when we first see Jodie in the rocking chair, Chelsea places her index finger over her lips, indicating she is whispering to her new friend Jodie. In the next shot, she puts her finger back down to her lap, but then we see her finger back on her lips and places them down a second time.
When Kathy and the kids are getting down from the roof after being chased by George, we can see Billy, Chelsea and Kathy get to the stairs in that order, leaving only Michael still on the roof. In the next shot Kathy ask Chelsea to jump because she's on the roof again with Michael.
When George and Kathy are talking in the kitchen, there is a picture on the wall behind the refrigerator but in the next shot its gone.

Crew or equipment visible 

There is a shot of the whole house from the outside and you can see a camera on its track run the whole length of the house.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The actual address of the house when the Lutz family moved in was 112 Ocean Avenue. When George and Kathleen visit the house for the first time, the address is 412 Ocean Avenue. This is because not only is the movie not meant to be historically accurate in any way, but for legal reasons they were unable to use the house's original address. For the same reasons, the children's names have been changed from the original Lutz family names.
After George visits the doctor, he and his wife drive past a building with what looks like a Starbucks logo, but in fact is a hair studio sign with the studio's name on it.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When George first hears his dead dog barking, he mouths "Dammit Harry" before his voice is heard.


When the door in the basement opens, George appears with a pump action shotgun. He cocks the shotgun, loading the chamber with a live round. As he chases Kathy and the children through the house, he cocks the action again, which would eject the previously loaded shell, and no shell was ejected.


When George kills the dog he leaves the ax in the boathouse, however, when he is chasing Kathy and the children, the ax is back in the log, where he left it previously.

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