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This film has moments of uncommon observation and touching insight.
Chicago Tribune
In The Weather Man, Nicolas Cage, a great oddball movie star who sometimes takes enormous risks, has a good, risky part again.
It works as an intriguingly offbeat character study while offering Nicolas Cage a chance to show why he used to be considered one of the top actors of his generation.
Miami Herald
This is the sort of small, intimate movie that, if it had been made on a low budget by independent actors, would be celebrated to the skies.
This is one glum outing, with occasional pings of wry wit and hearty chuckles.
The Hollywood Reporter
In The Weather Man, Nicolas Cage doesn't so much play a protagonist, warts and all, as he plays a protagonist who is all warts.
Entertainment Weekly
The Weather Man is what indie misery looks like when re-created by one of Hollywood's big studios.
Cage works hard to find traces of humanity in a man that God forgot, as do screenwriter Steven Conrad and director Gore Verbinski. But in the face of a character no one cares about, can audiences be faulted for asking: Why should we?
Philadelphia Inquirer
The Weather Man belongs to a school of earnest, artsy Hollywood flicks that includes the Michael Douglas-goes-bonkers "Falling Down," and a lineage that goes back to revered 1970s pics like "Five Easy Pieces."
New York Daily News
Nicolas Cage does such a persuasive job of portraying Chicago TV weatherman Dave Spritz as a train wreck of a guy that you wonder whether this might actually be a training film for a psychoanalytic convention on hopeless cases.
Wall Street Journal
A guaranteed downer that's devoid of any upside, and free of dangerously entertaining side effects.

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