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829 out of 1130 people found the following review useful:

Best Game Movie Adaptation Yet!

Author: SadisticCaberet from United States
20 April 2006

I'm not sure what the original comment leaver saw last night, but it certainly wasn't Silent Hill.

I saw a critic screening last night, and must say I was highly impressed. As a fan of the games, and anything related to them, my faith has been firmly established in Gans and Avery, and I can only wish for sequels.

The atmosphere was perfect, the acting was on point, the creatures were amazing, well, everything was amazing.

The town itself looks just like the town we love, and it's almost like coming home again. You'll see what I mean when you finally get to see the film.

Just be prepared for a disturbing, bloody (oh man, the blood), and genuinely creepy ride.

I'd say more, but giving spoilers would be like slapping you in the face.

Go see it!

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679 out of 901 people found the following review useful:

Finally, a good, accurate game/film crossover.

Author: phayke from United States
20 April 2006

First off, the downsides: Some parts of the movie seemed a little drawn out, the film was two hours, and at certain times, you could feel that. It's far-fetched, and I can imagine some people rolling their eyes at the storyline, and there WILL be some people walking out saying "that was a stupid movie". (As many people responded to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.) Of course, some of them will be saying that in response to the sheer amount of gore and violence, which brings me into the 'upsides': This movie certainly had it's 'wow' moments with shock, anticipation, and gore, especially near the climax. Scenes and even alleyways and monsters from the games were almost identical. If you've played the games you will get a lot of deja vu. (For example, the camera goes crooked at exactly the same time and place it does in one of the scenes in the game.) Also, a lot of the sounds and music tracks from the games are used, and so are the monsters. The entire feel of the games is preserved in the film, and you will have trouble keeping your feet on the floor the entire movie. The creepy presentation works, and if you haven't played any of the games, this movie will scare you in new ways.

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761 out of 1115 people found the following review useful:

Silent hill isn't a horror movie its a nightmare drama

Author: fox_hound1980 from United States
20 April 2006

For everyone who has seen or is going to see or is thinking of seeing silent hill, do not go into it thinking ohhh its going to be a scary movie,,, because its not suppose to be. Its for intelligent drama based crowds who like good visuals, story line, acting, and mystery. This isn't doom and this isn't resident evil, this is a well written drama/mystery that happens to be very disturbing in its visual and story. People who have not played the game go see it with an open mind and not look at it as a video game movie because even without the game it could stand on its own as a great movie. So that said, if your looking for pop crap gore then don't see silent hill, if your looking for a memorable movie you well think about for years to come then do see silent hill. WELCOME TO SILENT HILL....

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629 out of 938 people found the following review useful:

Excellent Video Game/Movie crossover

Author: LupinsGal2004 from USA
20 April 2006

Someone said worst movie ever- dude- ever see UltraViolet or Scary movie? Please easily those are the worst movies that should NEVER have been made.

However. this movie was excellent. I have a feeling the person who gave this movie one star was someone who did not play the video game, maybe even did not realize it was based on a video game. I can see how this movie could present a problem to those who are non-gamers. However Most of my friends never played the game either, and they still enjoyed the movie very much.

I wasn't as disturbed by the changing of the characters as I thought I'd be. (Harry Mason to Rose for Example.) I totally understand how Harry wouldn't cross over well. while he was a cool character (From a girl perspective) he was kind of a wuss. lol.

the actors they picked to portray the characters were superb. they did a very good job portraying the intensity, the scary and sometimes disturbing nature of the movie.

I saw a sneak peek where most of the movie goers did a lot of gasping and clutching of their friends or dates, covering of eyes... it was a pretty creepy film, and the only horror movie that actually got my pulse to race. Normally I hate horror movies because they're more ridiculous than scary.

but this movie was scary, well acting, well written, and I loved the monsters. It was much more realistic to use people rather than complete CGI characters. it made it more creepy. I liked that touch. Definitely proves that old school can be more scary than technology. Although they don't completely ignore the modern day novelties. Its a perfect combination of both.

Pretty much- I miss Harry- I can understand why they did away with him (I'm glad it wasn't for a stupid reason like them wanting a tough cigar smoking buff man chick thinking that's "P.C.") but the character changes work, the actors in their parts work, the script works, its creepy, its scary, its a great movie. Some who have not played or haven't heard of the Silent hill games may not get it... but for the most part, I think most should enjoy this movie, gamers and non-gamers alike. This has to be one of my favorite movies this year.

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461 out of 672 people found the following review useful:

WOW, I mean W O W!!!

Author: craig-252 from England
22 April 2006

Agree 100% with agentmatheus: This is, hands down, the best VG adaption bar none! Seriously, it truly is like you are living the game. Granted, several characters have been changed, but that's to be expected. (Having a woman as the main protagonist, ensure's the main character is more vulnerable, than if it were a man). The set-pieces with the creatures are even more disturbing than their VG counterparts - I kid you not! The production design is truly superb and you get the feeling that Silent Hill really does exist.

If I had to nitpick, it would be that they didn't include any puzzle elements in the film, as per the game; it could have been cool to have Rose solving some mad brainteaser, but you can fully understand that they didn't include this sort of thing (well, apart from her memorizing the hospital floor-layout), otherwise it could have slowed down the whole pace of the film.

I was so skeptical about this movie, as traditionally, Game-To-Movie adaptations are, let's face it, crap! - But they have completely pulled it off, and I await a second installment with heavily baited breath.

Again, it really is the best horror movie in years! HIGHLY recommended.

Check this film out as soon as you can.


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528 out of 825 people found the following review useful:

Amazingly Emotional

Author: Lindsay ( from West Babylon, NY, USA
22 April 2006

This movie was amazing. Beginning to end it had me drawn in. This movie breaks the rules and thinks outside the box...and gets away with it. Maybe not a blockbuster, but definitely a cult classic :D To other reviewers: Please, do a little research before you cut the movie off at the knees. 1st off they're not Christian fanatics, they're another cult. Secondly, not everything is movies are based on real things. Certain things can be completely fictional. The movie was made to have that dream/nightmare feel. It was an amazing movie if you actually paid attention to it, and I'm sorry if your feeble mind cannot comprehend what is going on. As for the part where they tell you the back-story, it had nothing to do with anyone not knowing what was going on. Konami as well as Sony loved it so much they didn't cut anything. That is why the movie is so long. Not to mention this is a European FILM!!!! Japanese horror, European writers and actors with few Americans (yeah some of the actors were but they don't write the film). The movie is supposed to make you sit back and go "what the ****??" when things randomly happen...that's what Silent Hill is all about. This isn't your run-of-the-mill horror "horny teen" slasher film (which unfortunately is what's most popular in America). If you can, go to a matine where you can watch it without all of the people who think they're in MST3k and all of the people who feel the need to talk to the screen. The story is deep, really deep. The ending is tragic. And if you still don't get it, it doesn't mean the movie just means you don't get it.

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328 out of 449 people found the following review useful:

A very surprising, dark and gruesome movie!

Author: recrimination from United Kingdom
21 April 2006

You have to approach any movie adaptation of a video game with extreme trepidation. Think of the other corkers we've all caught on TV in the past: Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil. Stinkers, one and all. Doom was vapid, but at least got close to the source material.

So what about Silent Hill? The movie opens with music lifted straight from the game itself - in fact, the entire movie contains original tracks from the game as well as some remixed score. Just as it was a fantastic and brooding background when playing the game, it works very effectively on screen.

As for the film itself, the story is a composite of story elements from the first and second games, but the final act is a monstrous and highly original thirty minutes that kept me guessing (as well as being completely grossed out). Indeed, the violence is pretty gruesome.. clever mixtures of CGI and fully made-up monsters which really add to the foreboding atmosphere.

At first, I felt nervous watching this.. not because of the visuals (which are absolutely SPOT ON.. I've never seen ANY movie adaptation that is this close to the source material.. all the comic book movies from the past few years still stray furiously).. but because of the weak opening. After I'd resigned myself to the fact that the movie was going to be disappointing, I was pleasantly surprised as soon as the main character Rose gets to Silent Hill itself. If you're a fan of the game, you won't be disappointed. If you're a horror hound, you'll love the creatures and the visuals. If you're expecting a deep movie about the relationship between estranged mother and daughter.. you're in the wrong theatre.

Highly recommended. Best horror movie I've seen in a long time.

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339 out of 520 people found the following review useful:

Breathtaking. Simply Breathtaking.

Author: I_is_smart18 from United States
20 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was simply incredible. To all Silent Hill fans, I say, yes, PH was nothing more than a fanboy favorite and they changed the storyline a little from the first game, but I have never actually felt dread like I did in this movie when I heard the air-raid siren indicating that "the darkness is coming". I actually remember feeling the same dread while playing the game. The ending, while a bit of a letdown due to a lack of definite closure, was definitely very Silent-Hillesque in that it had a certain meaning that IS possible to find if you look closely enough into the clues.

Phenomenal movie, I suggest you see it ASAP.

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207 out of 299 people found the following review useful:

Fans of the game will enjoy this film!

Author: E from Washington, US
21 April 2006

Fans of the game will enjoy this film. Critics should be impressed with the set design, effects and cinematography; but I'm afraid most of them will miss the boat entirely. As far as a game to film translation, this is one of the best ever made.

There are scenes in the film that are direct recreations from the game. Sounds, music, colors and even meticulous set design that pays homage to the game series. In as far as a horror film, there were scenes in this movie that are incomparable. Really disturbing, solid moments of horror.

Pyramid Head is this decade's Pinhead. A new cultural icon to be feared, and loved.

Good movie. Keep an open mind, and enjoy. This is one of those films that actually deserves its R rating. Don't take the kids, unless you're into the whole "terrible parent" thing.

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251 out of 399 people found the following review useful:

A great horror epic!

Author: l_biu from London, England
20 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, I have just returned from seeing silent hill. Did I like it? Yes! Did I love it? HELL YES!

The movie pretty much has a solid pace. The cinematography is beautiful and the special effects are great. So what about the story? It does get a bit convoluted, especially when we have scenes solely there to explain WTF is going on.....Sean Bean is a terrible actor, he was bad in LOTR, he was bad in that crappy ITV show he was on and he is pretty crappy in this.....I wish they had cut him from the film entirely..his scenes added nothing, except some explanation on silent hill and to remind us that Rose is in another reality to them...also I was a bit annoyed that PH was really only in two scenes...HOPEFULLY he will get used more in later instalments. The ending was a bit upsetting, I get why it happened...I just got a little chocked up (yes I am a wimp, so sue me). The score is wonderful, I really could listen to it all day....I don't know the names of the songs but I would definitely buy the soundtrack. Rhada is a amazing actress, she has a face which can tell a billion tales with just a slight twitch and she is very believable as a mother looking for her child. Cybil actually was my favourite character, in the beginning she is pretty much a tough ass bitch, but she does become more human towards the end.....what happens to her is pretty graphic,which leads me to another point.....this movie actually is pretty gruesome in parts, a little to gruesome for a silent hill movie. The tension in the film is nail bite ting, the nurse scene actually made most of the audience jump and someone screamed LOL! Thats what is so amazing about this film, you get the same feeling you got when you were playing the game by yourself, complete stillness and fear.

Overall this was a great movie, the visual and grand scale of the movie is so astonishing to watch. It really has some striking visuals...i.e grey children first attack, the first change to alternate silent hill and the final battle which holds much of the gore.

A almost perfect horror movie.

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