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Awesome Saw-Themed Escape Experience To Open In Las Vegas

Despite being a lifelong lover of the horror genre, I have to admit that I’ve never cared for the whole haunted house attraction concept. Call me crazy, but I never understood why I should lay down my money so that people in costumes can jump out from around corners at me. It’s thrilling to some, yes, but I find it to be comparable to dry toast and would rather watch paint dry.

Still, there are exceptions to the rule, as I envy those who were able to experience any attractions tied to the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises (yes, they did exist). Similarly, an attraction officially spun from the Saw line of films has caught my attention as well.

Set to open on January 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, “‘The Official Saw Escape Experience’ will feature numerous themed rooms where guests will go toe-to-toe with the notorious Jigsaw.
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Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Audrey Cummings talks ‘Darken’

Darken is new Sci-Fi thriller from director Audrey Cummings, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Friday 19th January. I got chance to ask Audrey a few questions about what we can expect from Darken, expanding on the universe and the inspirations for the look and style of the film.

What can we expect from the film?

An action packed sci-fi thriller full of twists and turns with strong female characters that kick ass. This film is also a part of a bigger project. We are releasing Darken the digital series this winter, which is the prologue to the feature and reveals more about this world and how it came to be. That will be followed by a Vr experience where you can step inside the world of Darken and experience it for yourself.

Why did you choose Darken as your second feature film?

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Jonathan’s Favorites of 2017

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For many, last year was filled with ups and downs, but one definite highlight was the varied and impressive output of genre entertainment. We’re in a golden age of horror in which we’re seeing incredible works of art in multiple mediums, and there’s so much out there to be thankful for.

For those that are new to Daily Dead, we handle our year-end lists differently here. Rather than just covering films, our lists can extend to TV, games, collectibles, events, and anything else genre-related. In short, we’re sharing with you a list of our favorite horror experiences from 2017.

Check back every day this week to find out what made the cut for the rest of the Daily Dead team.

The Shape of Water: I love Guillermo del Toro’s Spanish language films, but always felt that his English language output wasn’t as strong. I
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In Defense Of: “Silent Hill” (2006)

Whether you’re an avid cinephile or a hardcore gamer, it’s safe to say that the adaptation of video games to movies has been a somewhat tumultuous affair (that’s probably putting it lightly). Though modern game narratives have seen a huge uptick in both quality and quantity, translating the interactive medium to the big screen has been upsettingly more miss, than hit.

Still, there have been a few attempts that have bravely run the gauntlet and grossed respectable box office earnings, without invoking the wrath of the diehard fanbase the source material is based upon. Christophe GansSilent Hill is one such movie. And you know what? It’s actually one of the best, and one of the most accurate, video game to movie adaptations yet.

Granted, those may not be the highest bars out there — for the time being, anyway — but nevertheless, there’s a surprising amount
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The Impact Of Indie Games In The Industry

The independent video game industry has grown massively over the years. In the past, only a handful of indie games were available in the market. Now, there are tons of them out there that they even rival releases from major gaming publishers. It is true that the video game market has changed dramatically as small developers are no longer restricted with high barriers to entry, thanks to the advent of the digital age that made distribution and self-publishing easier and more affordable than ever. This revolution changed the video game market and challenged the oligopoly of the Aaa publishers. Even the hardware manufacturers are supporting indie-games with their digital stores such as Steam for the PC, Sony's PlayStation Store, Microsoft's Xbox Store, and Nintendo's Eshop.

So how did the independent video game industry affected the market overall? On the bright side of things, indie titles revitalized the
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Retro Review: Fear Effect (2000)

If you haven’t heard the news about Fear Effect: Reinvented or Sedna, I urge you to go and complete the original game right now, I can wait, go on, it’s not long. Done? Good. Now you can finally feel the same chills as the rest of us when that haunting, taunting little tune plays.

With Fear Effect finally getting it’s turn on the HD-Remake bandwagon there’s never been a better time to re-familiarize or introduce someone to one of the most underrated Playstation 1 games ever made.

Fear Effect had the shortest, strangest legacy of the PS1-era Survival Horrors. Unlike it’s more successful cousins Resident Evil and Silent Hill it came out only a matter of months before the PlayStation 2 release and you could even be fooled into thinking it’s not a Survival Horror at all for the first stretch of the game, until
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‘#WarGames’ Trailer: 1980s Nuclear War Thriller is Reborn As An Interactive Television Series

‘#WarGames’ Trailer: 1980s Nuclear War Thriller is Reborn As An Interactive Television Series
John Badham’s 1983 thriller film “WarGames” is getting a 21st century reboot courtesy of MGM and entertainment company Eko. The film has been reimagined as an interactive television series, similar to what Steven Soderbergh and HBO have done with “Mosaic,” in which viewers are able to shape the story by choosing which direction the narrative takes.

Read More:‘Mosaic’ First Trailer: Steven Soderbergh’s Murder Mystery is an Interactive App and an HBO Limited Series

The interactive television series is entitled “#WarGames”and is created by video game designer Sam Barlow, best known for his work on the “Silent Hill” franchise. The original “War Games” starred Matthew Broderick as a young hacker who gains access to a United States military supercomputer programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war.

“With ‘#WarGames,’ I was thrilled to take the questions raised by the original movie and ask them again in a world
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Outbreak: The New Nightmare leaves Early Access in January

Dead Drop Studios have announced that their co-op horror shooter Outbreak: The New Nightmare, the next chapter in the popular Outbreak series, will be leaving Early Access for a full release on Steam in January 2018. When the game is fully released the price will also go up but it is on sale until the 28th November with a fabulous 40% discount making it just £5.39/ $11.99. To celebrate this news Dead Drop Studios have revealed a Full Release trailer which can be viewed below…

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is a hardcore co-op survival horror shooter inspired by classic horror titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Set in the ruins of a destroyed city players will need to scavenge for weapons, ammunition and other supplies while surviving the horrors that an apocalypse brings.

Supporting up to 4 player online multiplayer co-op (as well as single player), Outbreak: The New Nightmare will see players
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Here Are 45 Awesome Mythology Creatures That Will Scare Your Pants Off!

I love mythology. I am absolutely crazy about them and learning about the mythology from around the world. One of the key themes of the creatures I used in my novel Silent Hill: Betrayal was mythology based on various civilizations from around the world.

Costume Craze have placed a Costume Craze poster of 45 mythological creatures that are both weird and scary. It was with great pleasure that I noted that two of these were featured in my novel. You may even see one or two from Skyrim.

Besides the Minotaur, did you recognise any from this list? Are there any other mythological creatures you would have added that freaks you out? Please let me know in the comments below.
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The Rampage Trailer Is a Bit More Serious Than I Was Expecting

Video game adaptations are no stranger to Hollywood. From movies like Super Mario Bros. to Street Fighter to the Resident Evil franchise, Hollywood has long had its eye on popular video game titles, seeing them as fodder for big screen adaptations. Some of these make total sense, like Silent Hill or Assassin’s Creed. Regardless of […]

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Cuphead Cosplays As Pyramid Head In This Awesome Animated Silent Hill Video

Calling all Silent Hill and Cuphead fans!!! Here's a great video we found where Cuphead runs around in the Silent Hill Resort from Silent Hill 3, with plenty of Heather and Robbie the Rabbit to feast your eyes on. Yes, yes, I know Pyramid Head did not actually feature in the game SH3, despite Silent Hill: Revelation movie's portrayal of Red Pyramid, but if you look past all the canon fodder, you may actually enjoy this fun bloody video. I know I did.

What did you think of it? Would you like to see some more Cuphead meets Silent Hill? Let us know in the comments.
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Slayaway Camp: The Butcher’s Cut (Video Game)

Developed by Blue Wizard Digital Available on PS4, Xbox One (PS4 reviewed) This is it. It’s finally here. The most gleefully violent game in history. Manhunt? Bah. Doom? Don’t make me laugh. Silent Hill? Pyramid Head is child’s play in… Continue Reading →

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The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in November 2017

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The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in November 2017
It’s a good thing that Netflix already has the “Gilmore Girls” for all of those sweet Thanksgiving vibes, because the streaming giant is coming down from that Halloween sugar high in a bad way and following last month’s blockbuster slate with a relatively unremarkable roster of new additions. Proving that there isn’t much rhyme or reason behind when they’re able to upload new movies (it’s hard to curate around contract rights), the platform’s latest batch of titles is heavy on horror movies and light on seasonal fare.

Still, it’s not all bad news for those of you who might be looking for something to stream while you’re home for the holidays. Comfort watches like “Casper” and “Field of Dreams” are perfect things to put on when you’re immobilized by a stomach full of turkey, and you can even go for an
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Check Out All The Movies and TV Shows Coming To Netflix in November

November is here and Netflix has released a list of all the films and TV shows coming out this month! There's a lot of great content to look forward to seeing this month. We'll even get a few new horror films even though Halloween has come to an end.

Some of the things that I'm looking forward to seeing this month include Silent Hill, Oculus, Chappie, Men in Black, Field of Dreams, The Punisher, Mudbound, Godless, and Casper!

You can check out the full list for yourself below and I even included a previously released promo spot highlighting what's to come. What are you most looking forward to watching this month?

Nov. 1




Charlotte’s Web

Field of Dreams

Men in Black

Michael Clayton


Scary Movie

Silent Hill

Stranger : Season 1

The Bittersweet

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Reader

The Whole Nine Yards

To Rome with Love

Where the Day Takes You

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‘Doki Doki Literature Club’ Game Review: “So Cute It’s Incredibly Frightening!”

The spirit of Halloween is alive this month in the video gaming industry. Not from a long-running franchise. Not from a gore-y, Silent Hill-esque nightmare. Rather, you can experience true horror from a Japanese dating simulator: Doki Doki Literary Club. Let me set this straight: This Is A Horror Game. Everybody except Kotaku has covered […]

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Amityville: The Awakening Debuts To Minuscule Box Office Numbers

For some horrors fans, the past few years have proven to be a long, strange journey – especially if you have a vested interest in a certain Long Island haunted house. Basically, Amityville: The Awakening was hit with delay after delay after delay, something we don’t see often outside of the video game medium. Believe it or not, it was originally supposed to be released in January of 2015, but was only recently made available for mass consumption.

Now, the simple numbers state that the latest entry in the enduring franchise opened with a paltry $742 – which is true – but you have to take into account that it was shown on only ten screens nationwide for one day. Not only that, but the film has already been available for free on Google Play since October 12, so that may have had something to do with it. Well, that and a complete lack of promotion.
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What’s Coming to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in November 2017

What’s Coming to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in November 2017
November may mean the end of Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that the creepy fun has to end as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon continue to add some freaky films to November’s list of streaming content.

Netflix will start the month off with films like “Oculus” and “Silent Hill” for fans of big scares and “Casper” and “Scary Movie” for those who looking for a milder way to keep the Halloween spirit alive, and will also add in “9” and “Piranha” later in the month. For those who would rather leave the October spookiness behind, science fiction comedies like “Chappie” and “Men in Black” or family-friendly films like “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Boss Baby” should make for fun movie nights.

Hulu will also keep the frights coming with offerings like “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and “Beowulf,” but will also get a headstart on the winter holiday season with “Christmas with the Cranks,” Happy Christmas,” and collection
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What’s Coming to Netflix in November 2017

What’s Coming to Netflix in November 2017
October may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the chills and thrills have to end as Netflix continues the autumn spooktacular with more creepy content.

Netflix will start the month off with films like “Oculus” and “Silent Hill” for fans of big scares and “Casper” and “Scary Movie” for those looking for a milder way to keep the Halloween spirit alive. It will also add in “9” and “Piranha” later in the month. For those who would rather leave the October spookiness behind, science-fiction comedies like “Chappie” and “Men in Black” or family-friendly films like “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Boss Baby” should make for fun movie nights.

Also hitting the streaming platform later in the month: Netflix’s latest Marvel series, “The Punisher,” starring Jon Bernthal.

See the full list of movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in November 2017 below.

Nov. 1




Charlotte’s Web

Field of Dreams

Men in Black

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Alan Wake: gaming's greatest Stephen King story

Matthew Byrd Dec 21, 2017

Remedy's macabre masterpiece videogame, Alan Wake, is frighteningly close to a true Stephen King tale.

Lots of spoilers for Alan Wake lie ahead.

2010’s Alan Wake opens with these lines: “Stephen King once wrote that nightmares exist outside of logic and there's little fun to be had in explanations. They're antithetical to the poetry of fear.”

It’s rare to find a piece of entertainment that so openly boasts about its influences. Yes, we as consumers recognise when a title has been influenced by another work, but for creators, there is a value - whether tangible or perceived - to originality. After all, there's always a worry that the work that you do will be considered a "rip off" of something else.

It’s not exactly bold to proclaim that Alan Wake is like a Stephen King book in game form, especially when Remedy Entertainment has been
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Editing files will get you banned in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Devs have never been happy with players tinkering with game files, especially those Mmo/Pvp-oriented games. The top honchos of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg) have that particular sentiment. In fact, they’re showing disapproval by blasting these tinkerers off the servers. Yes, you can now get banned for editing Pubg files.

Beyond Pubg Items: Fog of the Edit War

Although editing files of Mmo/Pvp-oriented games have been a punishable offense by default, it’s something Pubg devs didn’t implement upon the game’s release. In fact, this prohibition only came because of an update that, aside from adding new Pubg Items, added foggy weather to the game, giving the game a Silent Hill feel to it whenever it’s active.

It’s All Fogged Up

It’s also made a bit of a change in the metagame, as it forces players to rely on close-quarters combat instead of long-range sniping,
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