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Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)
Clips from the first movie forms some of the flashbacks

Spun-off from 

Silent Hill (1999) (Video Game)
It's a movie adaptation based on the series


Village of the Damned (1960)
Midwich School, references the village of Midwich in Village of the Damned.
The Last Man on Earth (1964)
The theater in Silent Hill is playing a double feature of the Vincent Price vehicle, "The Last Man on Earth" and its remake "The Omega Man", starring Charlton Heston.
The Omega Man (1971)
you can see a movie theater among the broken buildings in Silent Hill. On the billboard of the theater there is the title "The Omega man"
Don't Look Now (1973)
Recurring motif of parent chasing the ghost of a child.
Schindler's List (1993)
"Snowfall" turns out to be a rain of ash.
Silent Hill (1999) (Video Game)
The scene in which Rose follows her "Daughter" down the alley, and the ensuing chaos, is almost an exactly faithful remake of the original video-game, in which Harry Mason chases his daughter through the streets, and passes out in the Alley, too. Besides this, there are many other references, including the police officer Cybill, and the opening credits also play a little of the first video-games opening theme music, too.
Silent Hill 2 (2001) (Video Game)
Pyramid Head, Patient Demons, Giant Roaches.

Referenced in 

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006)
It is mentioned in a newspaper article.
Path of Darkness: Making 'Silent Hill' (2006) (Video)
Movie referenced.
Silent hill: entre deux mondes (2009) (Video)
Feature-length making of documentary featured on the French 2009 Blu-ray edition
Viande d'origine française (2009) (TV Movie)
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time/Sex and the City 2/MacGruber (2010) (TV Episode)
A Current.com user says this is his favorite video game movie
The Spoony Experiment: Highlander: The Source Review (2010) (TV Episode)
"Pyramid Head?"
Nostalgia Critic: To Boldly Flee: Part VIII (2012) (TV Episode)
Dena: "The Silent Hill movie?"
Midnight Screenings: Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) (TV Episode)
mentioned in comparison with the sequel
Brows Held High: Beauty and the Beast: Part 3 (2014) (TV Episode)
Ven mentions this film.
DVD-R Hell: Tequila and Bonetti: Teach Your Children (2015) (TV Episode)
"Or her daughter could be telling her not to go to Silent Hill."

Featured in 

Path of Darkness: Making 'Silent Hill' (2006) (Video)
lots of clips from the movie are shown
Phelous & the Movies: Silent Phelous (2009) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed
Hollywood's Top Ten: Game On! (2010) (TV Episode)
Atop the Fourth Wall: Silent Hill: The Grinning Man (2011) (TV Episode)
compares the comic to the movie
Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies (2012) (TV Movie)
uses clips and visits the town of Centralia that some claim the movie is based on
The Best Ever!: The Best Ever! Video Game Movie (2016) (TV Episode)
Chad's pick.
Horror House (Parody) (2017) (Short)
Clips shown

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