Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
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Reviews & Ratings for
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (VG) More at IMDbPro »

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23 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

Jordan Mechner and Ubisoft have truly created a classic.

Author: Ramses_Emerson from United States
13 September 2005

Review: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Why? Let me tell you why.

Story: This game has one of the best stories in any game (ever). It was written by the Creator of the original Prince of Persia game (made back in 1989) Jordan Mechner, who also wrote what may be the best adventure game ever made The Last Express (1997). Jordan weaves the complicated narrative into a story that is exciting, romantic, and actually intriguing and involving. The characters are interesting and complex and the hero is far more interesting then most video game heroes (not you're typical one-liner spewing space marine).

Sound: The sound design in this game is excellent. The voice acting is very good for the most part. But, what makes the sound design really remarkable is the excellent soundtrack by Stuart Chatwood. He skillfully mixes traditional Middle Eastern music with electric guitar and drums and some excellent vocals. The music reminded me of the wonderful score for Gladiator (2000).

Graphics and Animation: The graphics in Sands of Time are breathtaking! The environments and characters are amazingly detailed and rendered. So much attention to detail on every character and area. And best of all the videos in the game are absolutely stunning, at first glance you will think you are watching a live-action Hollywood movie. The Prince is animated very well and the game manages to make all of his very acrobatic moves look real. They developers also gave him and the other characters very realistic facial animations.

Game play: And most importantly of all the game play, all those other attributes don't really matter if the game isn't fun, and this game is most definitely fun! Most of the game play consists of getting from one place to another in the giant palace that the entire game takes place in. The fun part is how you get there. The prince is some what of a Middle Eastern ninja in the way that he can run along and up walls. The game isn't to big on traditional puzzles, in Sands of Time the environments are the puzzles. The most flawed part of the game is easily the combat, it starts out great, with you being able to pull of all sorts of moves like jumping over an enemies head and slashing them in the back, however as the game progresses the enemies begin to be able to block all the interesting attacks and thus you are forced to use only a few different moves. This is a minor complaint considering how good the rest of the game is.

NOTE ABOUT DIFFERENT VERSIONS: The Xbox version of the game is the best all things considered. If you have any of the three consoles (PS2, Xbox or Gamecube) I recommend that you buy it for one them. However, if you only have a PC don't deny yourself this fantastic game.

Overall: The game is an excellent, well written, amazing looking, involving and entertaining experience. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who enjoys games. 5 out of 5.

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14 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Wow- a revolution

Author: Decktoplasm from United Kingdom
28 December 2005

If I made one bad choice in my life it's that I didn't buy this game sooner. Indeed, in the end I didn't buy it at all, instead I just borrowed it off my sis about a year ago. She never got it back.

The game is absolutely flawless in it's design. The story follows the Prince of err... you know, who has invaded the grand palace of his rival in search of the ultimate treasure: the Dagger of Time, locked away inside the treasure vault of the city. The Prince retrieves it for his father, and the story leads on from there.

This opening scene serves as the 'turorial' level, and teaches you all the basics you'll need to advance. And it also succeeds in drawing you completely into the Prince's tale. Controlling him as he dangles from precarious ledges manoeuvring his way around the massive architecture is a sight in itself away from the amazing graphics. HDR lighting is used to great effect, shining through the windows of dusty corridors or illuminating the sky in a burning sunrise. Animation is amazing throughout, the Prince diving off ledges and running along walls with grace.

Yes, I said running along walls. While the idea of using the environment to your advantage has been around for a while, POP does it completely differently. The game is split into two different gameplay elements, as the areas you face become more like logic puzzles as you try to figure out'How would I reach that distant ledge?' or 'How do I get to that switch while avoiding the traps?' Seeing your plan fall into action is immensely satisfying. And an early mishap by the Prince sees the Maharajah's defence system come alive, adding a new twist to puzzles.

Combat is the other main gameplay element, and while it can be quite repetitive, it is just as acrobatic as the environment puzzles. Fights in this aren't just a case of tearing your way through enemy after enemy. Battles also have to have some thought put into them, as some enemies use different weapons and can move faster, and can block different attacks and that. The dagger can be used in fights to give you the advantage, like freezing the enemy to the spot or to slow time down giving aiding you to see oncoming attacks. You can also reverse time, so if you suffered an incapacitating attack or fell into the pit of spikes accidentally you can simply reverse time and try again. It is a fantastic gameplay mechanic as it cannot be used that often so you'll find yourself conserving your Sand Tanks for tougher puzzles. This game really does play like a breath of fresh air.

Overall it suffers in the same area that so many games fall down upon today, and that is that it just doesn't last long enough, although that is acceptable considering the emotional depth of the story, and that fights can be quite irritating when you are ganged up upon by several enemies. There's also not much potential for replay value, apart from to live the experience over again. But the main thing is that this still stands today as an amazing experience against it's two sequels. And you can have forgotten everything about it when you go to play it again(and trust me, you will). Overall this game should be played by everyone, no matter whether they play games or not.

Looks: 9 Sounds: 9 Plays: 10 Lasts:8 Overall 10/10

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

An excellent original video game that brings us action and a storyline !

Author: Kreepshow from United States
29 October 2006

In this game you play as the Prince.... The Prince Of Persia ( his name is never revealed ) an athletic fighter new to the battlefield and must undo a mistake that would cost everyone their lives. He accidentally let the sands of time out of a giant mysterious hourglass after being tricked by the evil Viser to do so. Now he only has the help from a mystical dagger called the dagger of time and one of his palaces captured servants , Farah . He must learn to work together with her and use the dagger to his advantage but can he trust Farah who's home land was sacked by his only a few days earlier.....this game brings action/adventure/puzzle solving to a new level , not to mention a fantastic storyline , this game wasn't game of the year for nothing !

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:


Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
6 April 2009

This accomplishes two things: It reinvigorates the excitement of the best of these, after the less-than-stellar "3D". And it succeeds in doing what that one intended to: bringing them into the third dimension, maintaining the fun and smarts, and even updating it some. Don't get me wrong... they had the right intentions. They may have lacked the tools and technology, and there was an important lesson that this one proves well: You don't need to make the follow-up a carbon-copy(to the extent you can, anyway) to not stray too far, the key is to stay true to the feel. At its core, this is an upgraded Prince of Persia, by which I'm referring to the original that started the franchise. This is faster and more dynamic than the previous ones. It is also, in ways, bigger. They fit in quite a bit, without this being overly long(it took me around 12 hours). The amount of enemies that you fight through all the first three are reached and surpassed not very far into this. The majority of the battles are multi-combat. That's one of the numerous places where this shines: The fighting system. It's amazing, speedy and efficient, and available right at your fingertips. That goes for the acrobatics, as well. While you can move like lightning, and the functions respond the same as that, the swordplay(this guy is kick-ass, he has exceptional skills, and he's got defending himself *down*) and tasks are still the combination of thrilling and demanding that they should be in this series. Let me tell you right now: If you do not have patience that is almost unlimited, finger coordination and reflexes like a cat(this takes longer strides of the latter two, on a regular basis, and split-second timing en masse), this is probably too much. It can be mighty frustrating. This Prince can run across and up walls(I don't believe this is the first game to utilize those two from The Matrix, but it's one of the ones that did it with the most luck), but he's still the same where it counts(...and he continues to go unnamed). The puzzles are intuitive and cool brain-teasers. There aren't too many of them, the large part of this is navigating, the fencing second. It all evens out well, I was never tired of any of it. The plot is magnificent and interesting, and goes somewhere new(thank goodness... how often do you need to have someone else cast you out, typically straight into a dungeon, attempting to marry your princess, before trying something else out?)... just for the record, I don't see much relation between this and the earlier entries, as far as this goes. The concept is rather well-thought out, and also helps supply you with a couple of powers at your disposal. The idea of time is explored. The camera is fantastic, and in addition to the regular one that you can turn and zoom somewhat, you have a first-person one that you can use provided you're standing still, and the panoramic angle which can aid, as well as put in perspective where you currently are. These are all great, and the only negative to this is the fortunately relatively rare occasions where the... let's call it "course correcting", happens. You do need to work with the way the directions change when the view does, which is something you won't always see coming. This only takes you through one overall location, basically, the plenty of areas of that, and all the enemies, whilst all done well and using sufficiently different attacks to be entertaining to face, are essentially variations on the same type. That isn't necessarily bad, it depends on what one wants from this. I would say it all comes together well and the choice can be argued as the right one. The difficulty is fairly high, and there are no settings for it, save for perhaps making the Tutorials(letting you know how to do the things that Mr. P. is capable of, as they come up) be active or not. It does start out soft. The graphics are astonishing. A few cut-scenes are CGI, and simply gorgeous, however, all others are in-engine, and this doesn't hurt them at all. This allows for remarkably articulated and smooth facial and body animation, and there's not a thing in this that doesn't look excellent. The lighting is beyond reproach. The realistic water and dust effects are impeccably well-done. This has next to no bugs or glitches. Saving takes place at checkpoints, with a number of "main" ones, where you choose to, and can return to that spot, and some "auto" ones, where you lose the progress if you quit. The AI is nice, programmed well. Replayability is based on personal preference, there is no High Score table, I don't know of anything that you get by going back to this, other than the experience. Storytelling is nice, you get "flashes" and some narration(that makes the whole thing come together well). The voice acting is spot-on. Sound in general is another strength of this. The music goes towards rock, without forgetting the beautiful Persian-style score. The characters are well-written, if arguably not the deepest ever seen. The dialog tends to be clever and well-delivered, and certainly all goes for being both. The level design is unbelievably well-done. This does have little in the way of Bosses to defeat, but they are awesome. As far as censor-worthy material goes... this can be enjoyed by any teen, and there's not exactly a ton keeping it from being OK from even younger audiences. There's barely any blood, no gore(compare this to the '89 version, and The Shadow and the Flame, for example). The nudity, however, well, there's technically none, but they sure go as close as humanly possible. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a challenge, in the form of an intense(note: Not as a result of violence), thoroughly well-done and through and through expertly put together adventure action title. 10/10

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Indiana Jones goes to Arabia!

Author: kermitthefrog594 from Australia
6 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Every few years, there comes a truly brilliant game. There was the original Prince of Persia. Then Tomb Raider. Then Halo. Then there was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. With its lead romancing a princess, battling a Vizeer, and racing through a giant - and proportionally stunning - palace, it's like Indiana Jones goes to Arabia.

The Sands of Time have accidentally been unleashed, and have transformed EVERYBODY INTO SAND CREATURES, except for Farah, the Vizeer, and the Prince, who have been carrying special items (Farah wears a medallion, the Prince has the Dagger of Time, and the Vizeer has his staff). It becomes a race to make it to the top of the palace's tower and suck the sands back into the Hourglass, before they take over the world.

Fantastic graphics and a brilliant story. And - once you finish the game - you can unlock the original Prince of Persia and play that!

Story 10/10 Sound 8/10 Graphics 9/10 Overall 10/10

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10 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Zelda meets Soulreaver.

Author: Armin K. (daChiLLy)
24 December 2003

"Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" is a pleasant gaming-experience with a unique atmosphere and truly stunning visuals (see the animations for yourself, and you'll know what I'm talkin about!).

To be honest: PoP - Sands of Time lacks innovation, as most elements of gameplay have already been seen before. Many camera-techniques, most riddles and a fair share of the controls have obviously been inspired by "The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina of Time", some visuals (especially the outdoor locations) resemble "Ico", and if you ever played "Soul Reaver 2", you won't lose the feeling that you somehow know what's gonna happen next.

Nevertheless, PoP was one of the most capturing and entertaining pieces of software to hit my system in a "long" time, because all the (wisely chosen) elements were put together so artfully, that the final product is at least as "fresh" as most of its mental predecessors were at their time. One thing that impressed me was the nearly endless repertoire of moves the Prince can perform and combine without ever leaving the player's control. You never really *notice* the engine enabling you to perform the moves at ´the specified spots... everything just WORKS, and it works well. The Prince is without a doubt one of the most agile heroes ever to appear in a game: He runs up or along walls, climbs most any surface, walljumps like mario and does somersaults, cartwheels, backflips and helldoIknowwhatelse when and wherever you want him to. As for the fighting system, PoP has taken a great leap forward in comparison to everything available up to now, as it combines the arcade-like fighting with a blocking-system quick as lightning and some matrix-moves that are marvelously cool to look at. The graphics are well done (best hair animation ever!), although some people might not like the blurry filter that lies on the entire scenery, but in my opinion it just helps creating a wonderful "Arabian tales" atmosphere. Music's alright when it's playing (mostly in fight scenes... silence is your friendly companion for the largest part of the journey). Just imagine oriental tunes with a slight touch of industrial. If you like atmospheric adventures with a lot of artistic jumping, climbing and swordfighting, this one's for you.


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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Greatest Pc Game Trilogy Ever

Author: icet2004 from Estonia
11 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Prince Of Persia Trilogy is stunning,strange and very interesting. Prince Of Persia is classical game simply stunning and definitely one of the greatest PC games of all time.i remember these,when i was in first class and i almost everyday talked about Prince Of Persia 1 and teacher didn't liked my story's about Prince Of Persia i was huge fan and i remember the first when my dad got Prince Of Persia 1 what a good game.Prince of Persia II was definitely good too third too.Sands Of time too.very good game.good memory. Prince Of Persia deserve title to the greatest game of all time. i recommend it still all prince serials to all no matter how old you are.

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One of my favorite platformers and visually stunning in all ways

Author: Luca Elliot Sanderson from Norway
2 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I tried Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the first time at a friends house for the PS2 back in 2010 or 2009, i was like 6 years old when i tried it, all the moves i knew when i played it for the first time was jump and sword combat, i didn't know anything but i loved the game anyway. Then 5 years later, i tried the game again for the PS2, it was amazing still, i came like 30% into the game. Then one day, i ordered the game from eBay, i got the game on a normal Tuesday and then i got happy and put the game straight into the Gamecube. When i booted the game up and played halfway through, i was surprised and after beating the game two days later, I still find this as a personal favorite, here's why:

The story follows a Prince With his father and a bunch of men to raid a Palace in India, when the Prince is on the raid, he finds the hidden Dagger of Time when he finds it, he can rewind time so he could Dodge a falling rock, the Dagger was kept by a person called Maharajah. Then when the Prince gives the dagger to his father, instead he is told by a evil sorcerer called Vizier to release the Sands of Time, which is inside a hourglass, then when the Prince does so, he turns almost everyone into sand monsters, then Vizier tells Prince to give the dagger to Vizier, Prince leaves the Place until he stumbles across Farah, a Deadly princess and daughter of the Maharajah, she tells him to give the dagger to her, then the Prince says No!!! then they find Scarabs to kill the Prince, When Prince goes through his adventures through traps and danger, he finds the Hourglass of Time, Farah is told to break it, but then Vizier releases a Power that casts them away, then when the Prince finds Farah in a pool, Farah eventually steals the dagger and the next day the Prince Wakes up, he has no sword and no dagger, he finds the sword and searches for Farah who stole the dagger, then when he finds Farah she is getting killed by sand monsters, Prince tries to save her, but she falls to her Death and Prince gets pretty sad until Vizier comes and humiliates the Prince, the Prince then breaks the Hourglass and rewinds everything from the beginning of the game, then Prince goes to Farah and gives her the dagger and tells her the story of the Hourglass until the final showdown With Vizier starts, after he defeats Vizier, the Prince says farewell to Farah With giving her a kiss by rewinding time, he leaves and the game ends.

The gameplay is an action-adventure game With platforming, Puzzles and hack and slash combat elements. You Control the Prince who uses his acrobatic skills and agility to get through hazardous traps and kills sand monsters, in the game, the Prince must run along walls, swinging on bars, Balance on beams, swing on a rope, wall jump through walls and use his sword and dagger to defeat Sand monsters, if you do a mistake like dying, falling into a pit or getting hit by a saw that kills you, you have the Dagger of Time to rewind time so you can try again and figure out what to do, you'll start With 4 sand tanks, but as the game progresses you can get up to 10 sand tanks, Your Health is water and you can find Fountains in a Secret area to increase Your Health meter. In combat, you use Your acrobatic skills to jump over enemies and kill them, after you've killed an enemy, you'll need to collect Sand from the enemy, the enemies get harder to defeat as the game goes on. The game focuses more on Puzzles and platforming, like using a Box on a switch, light Puzzles and doing escort missions like pulling a lever then the other pull the other lever.

This game is outstanding and a masterpiece of it's own. The game's responsive Controls, platforming, Puzzles, Graphics, Level design, Music, game mechanics, time-Control, storyline and nearly every aspect about this game is what i'm giving high praise for, the only problems i have was a few audio problems in all Versions, the combat can gets frustrating and repetitive and the game's short length (6-hours or 10 hours).

Overall this game is a must-play, must own and a must-buy. All Versions especially the Gamecube and PS2 Versions are all Worth a try, but the Game Boy Advance Version was boring and less exciting then the console Versions, PC Version cost a lot of Money on Steam and Xbox Version suffers from less responsive Controls.


Perfect Controls, outstanding Visuals and design, Music that fits to the formula, amazing story, fun platforming, great enviormental Puzzles, great enemy AI, great characterization and memorable gameplay is what stands out as the best gameplay in a action-adventure game ever. Please note that the repetitive combat and audio issues can still be present in gameplay.

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Help anyone ???

Author: jason-burton25 from United Kingdom
7 September 2014

I think that this game is absolutely amazing and I use to play it as a child and I have just got the game again and I am playing it on my Xbox 360. I am 33% into the game on the level called 'The Baths' and I died and whenever I re spawn at the last save point, my health bar comes up and the bar that shows me how much sand I have left in my dagger comes up and then a couple of seconds after that, it will say game over for no apparent reason and I can't do anything about it and it is very frustrating as I am re spawning and then it just says game over and I cannot continue so I was wondering if someone had any ideas to help me...

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Great game

Author: Urza_Planeswalker
6 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked this game, it was better then the original Prince of Persia's (although they were good). There were very few things in this game that ruined it, the only one I can think of is using some abilities, *Possible Spoiler* (I guess) specifically, the Dagger of Time's Mega-Freeze. The graphics in this game were absolutely flawless, the sound fit well for the game in most situations, and though it may just be me, the fighting in the game may get repetative and old over time. Again, I am very meticulous in checking things over, some things that were in the PS2 and XBOX versions of the game were not included in the PC version. This greatly irritated me, although, did not discourage me from my overall opinion of the game. Well, I thank IMDB for letting me toss in my two cents, and I hope you like this game as much as I. --Urza Planeswalker

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