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Good dialogue and some fresh roles for familiar faces.

Author: JamieF
9 April 2004

It took a while to get used to Chris Noth as an undercover cop (and Robert Patrick as a thug!) but once I got over that it was a lot of fun. The characters weren't entirely believable but their quirks served the plot and dialogue well. There were quite a few quotable one and two line bits in this movie that made me laugh out loud. I had pretty low expectations for a TNT movie and this really exceeded them - there were a lot of well-directed moments of great comic timing and meaningful glances that made me chuckle.

I'm very surprised to see the low ratings that this movie got - I'm not sure what people had issues with. (I prefer to comment before reading other people's comments, to avoid tainting my own impressions with other's criticisms.) All of the lead actors turned in excellent performances, the writing was good, the wardrobe for the criminal characters was funny all by itself, and in general I thought this was well done. It's no classic but it was entertaining and I didn't say "oh no it's just more Hollywood crap" once.

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a well done film

Author: Bordick_fan
8 December 2004

This movie was awesome. The cast was well selected and they performed beautifully. The film had a nice blend of humor, action and drama that made the experience well worth it. I thought Robert Patrick and Chris Noth were very convincing in their respected lead roles. Colm Meaney and Mercedes Ruehl playing the married couple caught in a very stressful yet funny situation complimented the main plot very well. Elliott Gould can play a kingpin like second nature and the addition of Jim Gaffigan as the annoying tech-man was icing on the cake. The soundtrack, story line and the overall performance of the cast made the movie enjoyable to watch. Cudos to TNT and all who worked on it. Give this one the emmy nod. I'll be sure to buy it ASAP!

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What a Crap!

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15 October 2005

I have just wasted my Saturday night watching this crap! I saw the names of Chris Noth (Mr. Big, from "Sex & the City"), Robert Patrick (from "X-Files"), the decadent Elliot Gould, Colm Meaney and Mercedes Ruehl on the credit; a very reasonable IMDb Rating (5,6); and many good reviews in IMDb. For my total surprise, the film is horrible: the characters are badly constructed; the story tries to be funny, but it is totally silly; the character of Mercedes Ruehl is amazingly stupid for a professor of Princeton. So, I decided to investigate the credibility of the good reviews, and I found that most of them are made by IMDb Users with only review, therefore relatives or friends of the cast and crew, or people hired to promote this garbage. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Sem Retorno" ("Without Return")

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Very underrated, a whole ton of fun

Author: NateWatchesCoolMovies from Canada
11 January 2016

Bad Apple is a very hard to find, MTV produced crime comedy that doesn't look like much upon first glance, but contains some absolutely hysterical situational comedy, and just enough of its own quirky flavor to make it memorable. It stars a mopey Chris Noth as Tozzi, a slick undercover FBI agent who is trying to infiltrate a gang of New York mobsters while also falling in love with the sister (Dagmara Dominczyk) of his informer. He finds himself involved with two unsavory hoodlums: sour tempered Buddha Stanzione (Eliott Gould) and rampaging lunatic Tommy 'Bells' Bellavita (Robert Patrick). This is one of Patrick's shining hours and it's a shame no one has seen this because he truly subverts his strong and silent stereotype with a performance straight out of a loony toons movie. His Tommy sports the most terrifying blonde dye job I've ever seen, adding to his gleefully menacing aura, and whether he's happily intimidating everything that moves, or treating people by dual wielding chainsaws, he's an absolute treasure. There's supporting work from Mercedes Ruehl, Colm Meaney and Jim Gaffigan as well. It all floats by in a nicely entertaining package of hardboiled crime that accented wonderfully by its harebrained sense of absurd comedy. My kind of combination.

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It's a keeper. Chris Noth, Colm Meaney, Elliott Gould and Dagmara Dominczyk. Enough said.

Author: pikagnome from United States
19 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Quite different for a Noth flick, but I actually liked it. Saw it at Wal-Mart tonight and thought, what the heck? Why not get it? It's Noth, and it's got Colm Meaney, Elliott Gould and Dagmara Dominczyk (from The Count of Monte Cristo and Third Watch) in it. Looked more like a made-for-TV-piece though than the motion picture its opening credits claimed it to be, but it was funky and fun.

I wouldn't say it was suspenseful or a thriller in the pure sense of the word like the DVD jacket claimed, but rather a quirky comedy with some inane situations involving Elmore Leonard-like characters: Mercedes Ruehl as a Princeton professor of medieval history who teaches a stripper some philosophy in a strip joint after having been "kidnapped" by mobsters along with her FBI agent husband (shades of Jamie Lee Curtis and Schwarzenegger from True Lies but not nearly as good), and Elliott Gould's character. Gould played a mobster named "Buddha," which was satirically sacrilegious to both organized crime and Buddhism, which seemed to be the movie's main theme (whether intended or not): suffering is caused by desire and the way to end that suffering is through an enlightenment, of which several characters in the movie got -- enlightened, so to speak. Anyways, it's a keeper in my DVD library.

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OK Movie

Author: animosityview5000 ( from New York
17 February 2004

Seeing advertisements for Bad Apple got curious about movie because for one, I like Chris Noth's work on Law and Order and and believed that movie will be good. The Movie is somewhat quirky in its own way because the music,characters and plot are unusual. Noth who plays a FBI agent trying to bring down the mob by undercover is really nothing special but has its moments.

Overall the movie has it moments but falls short 7/10

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A good, funny, and unconventional movie

Author: gleetroy from United States
27 February 2004

I thought this was a terrific movie! It was very different from the standard Feds vs. Mobsters type movie. Chris Noth is terrific as a Fed who seems to lead with his heart and not his head, which isn't a good idea when you're undercover. The rest of the cast is equally excellent. Colm Meaney plays his exasperated, cranky partner, who has a dysfunctional(but still sort of loving) relationship with his spouse, the always great Mercedes Ruehl. Dagmara Domincnk (I think I spelled that wrong)plays the tough Jersey Girl love interest, and she's hysterical. I loved Robert Patrick as Tommy Bells, the psychotic mobster who chops people up for fun. He succeeds in not only being scary but also very funny. The kind of guy when you don't know if he's going to sit in a chair or bash it over somebody's head. Elliot Gould is hysterical as the bad tempered "Godfather" who wants to get to his condo in Florida more. I think what I liked so much about this movie was that no one really acts like you would expect them to. I think this movie was a funny, suspenseful treat.

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Please explain to me.....

Author: NHNeil from United States
23 February 2004

Could someone please explain to me the reason for making this movie? Sad is about all I can say; this movie took absolutely no direction and wound up with me shaking my head. What an awful waste of two hours. Noth should be ashamed of himself for taking money for this piece of garbage.

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I loved this show....

Author: Clydene (clydenenee) from San Diego
22 February 2004

Chris Noth was good, but Robert Patrick was fantastic as the psycho, Bell. He was so believable, I loved how they did his hair and his costume. As this was a made for TV movie, I think that they did an excellent job on the cinematography, and I found the story line very entertaining.

I can hardly wait for this to come out on DVD.

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Excellent, for a TV movie.

Author: cableaddict from United States
15 February 2004

This is a very well made, well scripted, well directed movie.

One has to rate it, however, based on the fact that it's a "Made for TNN" production. As such, it somehow feels like a TV show, not a major motion picture. It's an odd thing, because I can't quite place why this is. Maybe it's the lighting, or the quality of the film stock, or.. ????

The director has previously done some of the "Law and Order" episodes, and that's basically what this film looks like.

Still, it's totally engaging. A great mix of action and intelligent humor. No typical cliches, and the cast is absolutely perfect.

Highly recommended.

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