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The strength of Leigh's film is that it is not a message picture, but a deep and true portrait of these lives.
Entertainment Weekly
Stunning and compassionate period drama.
This is the kind of people-driven story that the movies used to give us - before special effects took over.
New York Daily News
A marvel of character-driven drama that no serious filmgoer should miss.
Chicago Tribune
Among its many excellences, Vera Drake functions superbly as a pure thriller; the last half is reminiscent in structure and detail of Hitchcock's "The Wrong Man."
The acting is brilliant and Leigh's screenplay - developed through his usual process of improvisation and rehearsal - is very long on compassion, very short on preaching and politics.
Wall Street Journal
As an evocation of English working-class life half a century ago, it feels utterly authentic, and is ennobled -- not too strong a word, I think -- by Imelda Staunton's performance in the title role.
Using Staunton's face as his canvas, Leigh crafts a powerfully moving film that is unmissable and unforgettable.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It does a masterful job of capturing a specific time and place while reminding us how timeless the abortion dialogue is.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's difficult to think of another recent film so seamlessly rendered or that envelops an audience so completely in its period authenticity.
Expansive, but succinct. Leigh tells a small story and doesn't try to make something huge of it.

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