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Season 1

23 Jan. 2003
Pilot 1: Jet-Assisted Chevy/Pop Rocks and Soda
1967 Chevy Impala with a jet assisted take off. Eating Pop Rocks with cola can cause death.
23 Jan. 2003
Pilot 2: Vacuum Toilet/Biscuit Bazooka/Leaping Lawyer
A tin of biscuit dough explodes and hits a woman. A woman is stuck on an airplane toilet. A lawyer crashes through a high rise window.
7 Mar. 2003
Pilot 3: Larry's Lawn-Chair Balloon/Goldfinger/Poppy-Seed Drug Test
Acending in a lawn chair with weather balloons. Poppy seeds cause you to fail a drug test. Being covered in gold paint can kill you.
23 Sep. 2003
Ice Bullet/Exploding Toilet/Who Gets Wetter?
Tested myths include magic ice bullets, thought to kill without a clue and is it worth running in the rain, where Adam and Jamie see which gets you drier, running or walking in the rain. To test if you can explode a toilet, the Mythbusters get a crash-test dummy that they name Buster.
3 Oct. 2003
Cell Phone Destruction/Silicone Breasts/CD-ROM Shattering
Cell phones are tested to see if they can destroy a gas station. Then, breast implants are tested to see if high altitudes will make them explode. Finally, CD's are tested to see if computer drives can make them break.
10 Oct. 2003
Barrel of Bricks/Pissing on the Third Rail/Eel Skin Wallet
The story of the unlucky construction worker and the barrel of 500 lb. of bricks is tested. Also, you'll see if peeing on the third rail can kill you, along with credit cards not working due to an eel skin wallet.
17 Oct. 2003
Penny Drop/Deadly Microwaves/Radio Tooth Fillings
Jamie and Adam test whether a penny dropped from a skyscraper will embed in concrete and whether it is possible to pick up radio signals through tooth fillings. They also examine several myths surrounding microwave ovens.
24 Oct. 2003
Hammer Bridge Drop/Buried Alive/Cola
Buster tries to survive a drop into a body of water with a hammer, and Jamie's getting buried alive! Also, you'd be surprised by how many cola-related myths are perfect for the Mythbusters.
11 Nov. 2003
Lightning Strikes Tongue Piercing/Tree Cannon/Beat the Breath Test
Jamie and Adam want to see if tongue piercing attract lightning, if they can make a cannon out of a tree, and if drunk people can fool the police.
5 Dec. 2003
Stinky Car/Raccoon Rocket
The Mythbusters see if a car can get so stinky that no one will buy it. Waiting for 2 months for 2 dead pigs to decompose in a car, the want to test raccoon rocket, where a person lighting gasoline in a sewer pipe to eliminate a raccoon but shoots himself out but lives. Looks like a job for Buster!
12 Dec. 2003
Escape from Alcatraz/Duck Quack/Stud Finder
Jamie and Adam try to escape from Alcatraz using a raft made from raincoats. In between, they test to see if duck quacks can echo and if Red Cross has mind control chips for their patients.
11 Jan. 2004
Explosive Decompression/Frog Giggin'/Rear Axle
In this episode of MythBusters, Jamie and Adam pull out the artillery when they shoot a bullet hole into the shell of an aircraft and find out if that single shot will cause explosive decompression -- and destruction of the aircraft. They'll find out if two hunters could use a loaded .22 gun cartridge as a replacement fuse in a car's ignition or if it will backfire in all the wrong places. And they take a myth from the movies when they see if it's possible to rip a car off it's rear axle... just wait and see. They don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test.
18 Jan. 2004
Chicken Gun/Octopus Pregnancy/Killer Washing Machine
The guys test the effects of chickens, frozen and thawed, against a windshield. They also test to see if a human can give birth to an octopus and if 50 lbs. of laundry, along with baking soda w/dog pee, can cause an explosion that could kill a guy.
25 Jan. 2004
Break Step Bridge/Toothbrush Surprise/Rowing Water Skier
In this episode of MythBusters, Jamie and Adam will take a stroll across a bridge to see if the rhythm of soldiers marching together will cause a bridge to collapse. Will the athletes of Stanford University's varsity rowing team be strong enough to pull Jamie up on water skiis behind a fragile rowing eight? Watch where you put your toothbrush, Jamie and Adam will find out if the bacteria from their toilet settles in their toothbrushes. The MythBusters don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test.
22 Feb. 2004
Sinking Titanic/Goldfish Memory/Trombone Explosion
In this episode of MythBusters, Jamie and Adam explore a titanic sized legend. Will a sinking ship suck you down as it goes under? Bored goldfish or just plain stupid? We'll find out if goldfish can remember anything for longer than 3 seconds. A musical myth with highly explosive results, will putting a lit firecracker down the neck of trombone make your music any sweeter? The MythBusters don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test.
25 Feb. 2004
Buried in Concrete/Daddy Longlegs/Jet Taxi
In this episode of MythBusters, Jamie and Adam make a brave attempt to solve a legendary mafia mystery by searching for the decomposed body of Jimmy Hoffa allegedly buried in the concrete under Giants Stadium. The MythBusters will then fire up a jet engine and find out if the power and force of a 737 could launch a taxicab backward 75 feet, and finally -- will Adam's arachnophobia prevent him from finding out if the Daddy Longlegs is the most venomous spider? The MythBusters don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test.
8 Jun. 2004
Best Animal Myths
A recap of myths involving animals. A frozen chicken can penetrate a airline window better than a thawed chicken. A goldfish's memory lasts only three seconds. A duck's quack does not echo.
6 May 2004
Best Electric Myths
A recap of three myths involving electricity. Peeing on the third rail will cause you to be electrocuted. Tongue piercings attract lightning. Microwave myths.

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