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New York Daily News
If August has turned the children in your life into Bored Girl and Fidget Boy, you could find worse ways to keep them entertained.
Pure Saturday matinee kiddie fodder and this close to going straight to DVD.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A family-friendly adventure.
Zoom is a movie that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud. Put together with parts from so many other movies, the thing positively clanks.
This tepid comic-bookish comedy should zip through its theatrical run faster than a speeding bullet. It likely won't perform much more superheroically in ancillary venues.
L.A. Weekly
Tim Allen gamely brings some humanity to the role of the retired, powerless hero Captain Zoom, but is thwarted at every turn by bad special effects, slapdash editing, interminable pop-song montages, and a goofy performance by Courteney Cox.
Bleeds boredom from every frame.
One of the most dismal excuses for family entertainment ever perpetrated by a major studio, this crude, lazy variation on Disney's "Sky High" (2005) revolves around the education of four "special" youngsters at the hands of a washed-up superhero.
Zoom is a C-list production in every possible way, from the actors and the special effects to the music and the script. Even the product placement is completely third rate.
New York Post
A kid comedy that's been zapped by extraterrestrial suckiness rays.

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