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Caroline Kimberly Scott, who plays one of the nuns in the beginning of the movie, is the great grand-daughter of Moe Howard.
In the film, Moe is in charge of the seed money. In reality Moe Howard would keep track of all of the Stooges' finances, making sure they didn't waste it all away.
The orphanage is shown to be founded in 1934, the same year The Three Stooges began their series of shorts for Columbia Pictures, which continued until 1958.
The movie uses the same special sound effects that was used in the Columbia Three Stooges.
Voice actor Billy West (who based the voice of Stimpy from The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991) on Larry Fine) worked on-set as a dialect coach for Sean Hayes, who was playing Larry.
In the 1970s, Mel Brooks sought to write and direct a Three Stooges movie starring himself, Marty Feldman and Dom DeLuise as Moe, Larry and Curly. The trio eventually made Silent Movie (1976) instead.
Jim Carrey was originally cast as Curly, but didn't want to wear a fat suit, and decided he was too old to gain the necessary weight without risking his health.
When Curly says the line "Why doesn't Larry go?" his voice sounds a bit off. This is because Will Sasso became hoarse from doing the Curly voice take after take.
Justin Timberlake auditioned to play Larry.
Larry David, who plays Sister Mary-Mengele, played "Larry" in several Three Stooges take-offs on his former live comedy sketch show Fridays (1980) on ABC.
Jeff Daniels, James Marsden, Woody Harrelson and Matt Besser were considered for the role of Larry.
The directors--or, rather, two actors playing the directors--reveal at the end of the film how the physical comedy was done. Similarly, in real life The Three Stooges went on television several times, after incidents of children hurting each other while imitating the Stooges' eye-poke, head slaps, etc., to reveal how to eye-poke without hurting anyone.
Many of the scenes shown in the trailers are different takes not used in the actual film.
Chris Diamantopoulos who plays Moe was born five days after the real Moe Howard died.
Johnny Knoxville and Andy Samberg were also attached to the film.
Hank Azaria, Johnny Depp and Mel Gibson were considered for the role of Moe.
Bobby Moynihan auditioned for the role of Curly.
The movie is split into 3 episodes, which have an introduction much like the Columbia Three Stooges: a picture of each stooge along with the name of the episode and with the same opening theme song.
During the 'dentist' scene early in the movie, the three boys claim to be 'dabbling in the arts' when Mother Superior comes into the room to summon them to lunch. Two of the three are doing things that mirror interests in their lives. Moe is reading something (according to his brother Jack) he loved to do. Larry is playing the violin which he was been quite proficient on (initially the violin training was in response to a childhood accident), indeed good enough his parents seriously considered sending Larry to Europe to study at a music conservatory.
Shane Jacobson was considered for the role of Curly.
Russell Crowe turned down the role of Moe.
Benicio Del Toro was originally cast as Moe.
Cher was considered for the role of Mother Superior.
Paul Giamatti was rumored to play Larry Fine.
The Three Stooges trying to save their old orphanage is a plot taken directly from the old Three Stooges computer game.
Sean Penn was cast as Larry Fine but dropped out to spend time with his family.
In this film, Craig Bierko has a large mustache and works with a woman named Lydia. This is a direct reference to Groucho Marx of The Marx Brothers, a comedy trio that made films around the same time as the real three stooges. Marx wore a greasepaint mustache in most of his films and performed the song "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" in the film At the Circus (1939).
Jerod Mayo and Troy Brown of the New England Patriots play the two "gang bangers" whose pants are falling down. The Farrelly Brothers often include New England sports stars in their movies.
The script at one point contained a cameo role for Seth MacFarlane as himself.
An earlier draft of the script had Moe appearing on Queer Eye (2003) though this was eventually changed and updated to be Jersey Shore (2009) instead.
The song playing when the infant Stooges are dropped at the orphanage is "Road Runner" by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Richman is one of the street guitarists in There's Something About Mary (1998), also directed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly.
Johnny Depp was rumored for a role.
Bill Chott was in consideration to play Curly.
Richard Jenkins was rumored for a role.
David Samson, president of the Miami Marlins, can be seen throughout the Anniversary Party scene sporting his 2003 World Series ring.
The pool scene at the end of the movie was filmed at the Huntcliff Pool and Stables.

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