Stealth (2005) Poster


Plot Keywords

pilot artificial intelligence
navy fighter jet
military aircraft carrier
box office flop facial cut
mid air collision mil mi 8 hip helicopter
animal attack demilitarized zone
mortar flare
flying under radar newscast
airport hanger jeep
shot in the shoulder syringe
crash landing mountain range
airplane shot down dogfight
sukhoi su 37 flanker f parachuting into trees
equation behind enemy lines
burning parachute hit by debris
pilot ejects derigible
slow motion flying nap of the earth
collateral damage malfunction
stinger missile fuel air bomb
reconnaissance satellite nuclear warhead
castle ethical debate
open air market floating market
bare chested male woman in a bikini
smoking a cigar playing scrabble
electronic brain airplane stuck by lightning
building collapse dive bombing
facial recognition terrorist
drafting mach 4
speech synthesis vertical takeoff
aerial drone spinning a ball on a finger
pulse detonation engine aircraft carrier landing
f 18 hornet cvn 72 uss abraham lincoln
night club reference to hyman george rickover
upside down camera shot cave
anti aircraft gun air to surface missile
surface to air missile exploding truck
nuclear threat one word title
military funeral funeral
scene after end credits science runs amok
plane crash high tech
exploding helicopter machine gun
us navy explosion
missile drone
crush showdown
exploding plane reference to the three musketeers
gatling gun sole black character dies cliche
stealth air raid
aerial combat machismo
human versus computer hedonism
compassionate conservative casual sex
talking computer radiation
airplane crash parachute
obscene finger gesture korean demilitarised zone
insubordination fighter pilot
female pilot ejection seat
computer genius bikini
waterfall washington d.c.
treason thunderstorm
thailand terrorism
television news tajikistan
suicide sniper
shootout self sacrifice
seattle washington search and rescue
russia rangoon
profanity nuclear weapon
north pacific north korea
nightclub naval officer
myanmar medical examination
man versus machine illegal downloading
hypodermic needle helicopter
hangar funeral at sea
forest forbidden love
flirting flight ejection
eavesdropping demolition
computer engineer cafe
betrayal aviation
arrest american
alaska airplane accident
aerial refueling scrabble
surprise after end credits studio logo segues into film
lightning death of friend
title spoken by character

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