Return to Sleepaway Camp (Video 2008) Poster

Plot Keywords

murder summer camp
four word title african american
black american blood on camera lens
wrath water
tree tied up
tied to a tree tied to a chair
teenage prankster swimsuit
stake stabbed in the eye
skinned alive rope
room rage
psycho psychopath
psychopathic killer psycho killer
prankster practical joke
panties on head mistreatment
macabre kitchen
impalement impaled through the head
fishing wire fishing line
fat man falling into water
eaten alive eaten alive by rats
drug use desperation
crushed to death cruel joke
cousin cousin relationship burned to death
burned alive bunk bed
boiling oil angst
anger adolescent girl
adolescent boy 2000s
1980s violence
troubled teenage boy teenage girl
teenage boy suspicion
surprise after end credits slasher flick
scream screaming
screaming in fear scene after end credits
run running
redhead psychological torment
police police officer
police car penis ripped off
obese girl mysterious death
looking at the camera laughing
gore girl with glasses
forest fat boy
evil drug
drugs dark humor
crying castration
bullying brunette
boy with glasses blood splatter
blood blonde
beating woods
backstage animal cruelty
panty raid paintball
rat frog
softball dumpster
birdcage abuse
slasher mooning
knife jeep
electronic music score bully
barbed wire snacking
rusty nails cruelty
basketball net whining
teasing spotlight
marijuana lake
humiliation gasoline
deep fryer cockatoo
sequel to cult favorite death
sequel fifth part
surprise ending

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