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MPAA Rated R for disturbing images, language and some nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A dead woman is seen being pulled out of the back of a truck. She is nude from the waist up, and her breasts are clearly visible for a few seconds. A bit later in the film, she is seen again floating in a river. She is still nude from the waist up and there are several brief shots where her breasts are visible.
  • A woman tells her husband that he makes love like a robot, using brief strong language.
  • It is stated that a woman may have been raped, then suggested that she may have been "up for it."
  • A man sits on the bed, where his wife is lying. It's implied that he touches her sensually - the scene cuts, but it is referenced later by the wife ("How could you have touched me like that?")

Violence & Gore

  • A man drives up behind a woman aggressively, pulls his truck over, runs over to her car, and bangs on her window menacingly. The scene ends, and later we see him pulling her dead body out of the back of his truck. She is bruised and there is some dried blood on various parts of her body.
  • We see a dead girl floating in the river with bruises and dried blood on her body, which has barely begun the decaying process. Several men tie a rope from her ankle to a tree to keep her from floating away, and we later see a close-up shot where the rope has dug into her skin and rubbed it raw.
  • Several shots of the dead woman lying on a table in the morgue, including another shot of her mangled ankle.
  • A dead guinea pig is briefly seen (it looks like it is sleeping), and it is presumed that two young children fed it pills (offscreen). A girl is seen briefly holding a dead bird. Several dead animals are briefly seen hanging from a tree (we do not see them closely enough to know what kind of animals they are).
  • A man is punched in the nose, and blood pours from the wound. We later see him holding a bloody tissue on his face. A man resets his broken nose. We hear a cracking sound followed by his scream.
  • A man grabs his wife by the wrists, throws her down on the couch, and holds her there for a minute while she struggles and yells for him to stop.
  • We see a woman vomit from a distance in two different scenes.
  • A man throws dirt on another man, slaps him in the arm, and spits on the ground in front of him.
  • A young boy and girl bring a knife to school for unclear purposes.
  • It is briefly suggested that a dead woman may have been raped before she was murdered, when a woman says "there was some bruising."


  • 20 to 25 uses of the F-word. It is used several times as a sexual reference. A moderate amount of milder profanities (mostly "shit," "piss off," and "hell"). Several religious exclamations ("Jesus Christ!," "Oh my God!")

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two young children bring pills to school and feed them to a guinea pig (offscreen). Several scenes of adults socially drinking (wine and beer). A woman tells her husband that she hates the way he guzzles his beer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman is chased by a man in a truck while driving. He pulls in front of her, making her stop her car. He then runs up to her, bangs on her car window, and glares menacingly.
  • A man is seen pulling a dead body out of a truck. Numerous other scenes show the body.
  • A dead guinea pig is briefly seen in one scene, a dead bird in another. Dead animals are briefly seen hanging from a tree.
  • A woman leaves her son on the banks of a lake to go for a quick swim out to the middle of the lake. While she is swimming, a man (whom we know to be a murderer) approaches her child. She sees the man and becomes frightened for her child and struggles to swim to the bank as quickly as she can. The man walks off, and nothing more happens.
  • A young boy and girl go to a lake. The girl swims out into the water and pretends to be drowning. The young boy goes in after her, but cannot swim well and struggles to stay afloat, nearly drowning. The girl swims back to the shallower water and helps the boy get to shore.
  • A woman is chased by a man in a truck while she is driving. She pulls her car over and he pulls up beside her. She rolls down her window and stares at the man and he stares back menacingly. He drives up the road a ways, stops his truck again for a few seconds, then drives off.
  • A man and a woman have a heated argument that includes yelling and swearing. Then the man grabs the woman and throws her on the couch, yelling at her, and holds her there for a minute while she struggles and cries, "stop it!" His mother walks into the room and yells for them to stop. He grabs her and yells and curses in her face and then walks off.
  • A group of people throw a rock through the window into a family's home which wakes and startles a man and woman.
  • A young girl has a very eerie demeanor after losing her mother and makes references to death frequently.
  • Very strong emotional tension throughout the film, including other heated arguments between characters, references to a woman's extreme post-partum depression, some talk about "the spirits of the dead," several scenes of vandalism, and references about dead people lurking at the bottom of a lake.
  • A large percentage of the film has a very eerie feel to it, enhanced by a haunting soundtrack.

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