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Lawrence delves deep into the moral dilemma at the heart of Carver's deceptively simple tale. By deliberately making the young woman in the river aboriginal, the film also opens up yet another dimension in the reaction to the men's inaction: Would they have acted any differently had the murder victim been white?
The Hollywood Reporter
The same organic characterizations that marked Lawrence's acclaimed 2001 film "Lantana" will attract fans of strong adult drama.
Jindabyne -- named for the lakeside town in which the troubles spill -- can't contain all that the filmmakers want to throw in. Best to keep glued to the taut performance by Laura Linney.
Deliberately paced, with an eerie, country-ish score from the Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly, Jindabyne is definitely a mystery. But it's not about who killed the woman - audiences know that practically from the outset.
Dublin-born Byrne and native New Yorker Linney...are both exceptional at depicting characters about to burst from inner turmoil, and Linney, in particular, is heartbreaking.
Chicago Tribune
While not everything in Jindabyne works, especially in its final, redemptive third, the film and its faces stay with you.
Miami Herald
Above all, this story is about the peril that lurks under life's surfaces.
The result is a mature and challenging motion picture, and something that will stick with viewers after the screen has gone dark.
Jindabyne suffers from too many extraneous elements and from a story that doesn't land with enough force or purpose.
Has some strong acting. But largely because of its glacial pacing, the story ends up feeling too detached to move us as it should.
Jindabyne started with a bad idea and the finished film doesn't do well by it.

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