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interesting early episode

Author: krbartels from United States
21 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This program (now known as "A Haunting") became a series after a few early episodes, like this one in Georgia, and another in Connecticut.

What is interesting is, early on, they used the actual people (victims?) in the re-enactment. When "A Haunting" became a regular series a few years later, the production became good at casting actors that were reminiscent of the actual people. It is not common to see the people in the story doing the acting.

This is a very good episode, which takes place over a period of many years. The young girl around whom the story is centered actually grows up over the course of the story, and is seen commenting on her experiences.

Fascinating stuff. Love the paranormal.

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I greatly admire the strength of this family

Author: tbaby0818 from mississippi
13 November 2006

I was very intrigued by this documentary. I have tried to watch it every time that it is shown. There is something about the Mr. Gordy character that has just stuck with me.The dark figure gave me true chills. I understand there point of staying there. They believed that the specters might follow them. But can you imagine having to live with these specters and more coming at you around every corner you turn. I imagine they are living in there own nightmare. But this was a very well filmed documentary. The family was right to turn to the help of the lord. If this is true as they say then they are greatly serving the lord by trying to help the lost souls to finally rest in peace as they should. The children have had to grow up and learn courage in ways most of us may never know. But I greatly respect these people for conquering these trials as a family like the lord asks us to do. That is so nice to see a family stay close through trials like this. I commend these people and the one's that brought this story to the public.

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Very good program!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
27 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Minor spoilers

This program was on the other night on 07/25/04 on the Discovery channel. Its about a true haunting that happened to the Wyrick family in a suburban home outside of Atlanta. This program is about two hours long. Its really good. The narration is good, you get to see the actual people that it happened to. It shows the ghosts that haunted the place. The family has parapsychologists attempt to find out what exactly is going on as the strange times progress in the home Wyricks live in. The ghosts was an elder man the young daughter talked to all the time as a playmate, a man with a bloody shirt, a little girl, a dark figure, and possibly others. The parapsychologists was a woman and a man. The man is older and is very intelligent but I do not recall his name but in My opinion he spoke similar like actor Jonathan Pryce. The woman's name was Amy Allen (no she is not Aayla Secura in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones) which she wore nothing but black and in My opinion she really resembled Wyona Ryder in Beetlejuice. A cool but dark looking gal. This program is very interesting and if you love ghost, spirits, and unexplained phenomena then watch A Haunting in Georgia!

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Bad re-enactment

Author: Anyanwu from Los Angeles, CA
1 October 2014

This is a bad film. We know we have re-enactments and the real people who experience this as talking heads. But, what the film does is repeat scenes to extend the length of the film so to get sold or something. They just show the scenes over to take the place of actual filming. The film follows reality shows like Ghost Adventures to show actual paranormal phenomena. The filmmakers use re-enactments to show the audience what happened to the family at that time. By using what seems to be the actual people the story comes off as weak. The cut aways to lightning and clouds moving fast just emphasizes the cheapness that this movie was made. It seems to have been made in the '80s but finally edited and put together and sold/released in 2002. Someone must have forgotten about this film, remembered it then put it together. This is a cheat. Don't watch it unless it's free.

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Heidi seeks to find out who she keeps seeing around her.

Author: tyler-and-jack from Edinburgh.
28 January 2012

A TV movie that never steps outside the boundaries of the medium (there are even recaps every 10-12 minutes so you can spot where the ad breaks where), A Haunting In Georgia is still reasonably effective in places because it's a pretty standard, spooky tale.

The title says it all. A family move into a new home and gradually start to experience paranormal incidents. The daughter, a young girl names Heidi, keeps seeing people that nobody else can and she feels the strangeness around them more than any of the other family members. Ghosts? The imagination of a child? Too many positive ions in the air? The family seeks answers.

Anthony Call narrates the proceedings and everything is re-enacted as it's being explained, which detracts somewhat from the building atmosphere of spookiness. Director Jeffrey Fine and writer Michael Ray Brown make sure that everything stays TV-friendly and only ever hint at even darker moments. The cast on screen do okay but this isn't about the quality of the acting throughout. Indeed, a number of people appear as themselves in both talking head moments and re-enactments of events so this is just about hearing the tale from those affected by it.

Those interested in the paranormal will find this reasonably entertaining but it's far from the best of its kind.

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The house of disturbance

Author: IrockGswift ( from east orange, new jersey
27 December 2004

This movie is very interesting and intriguing. I'm a sucker for a program that explains the supernatural and strange occurrences. What I don't understand is why this family continue to live at a house that had great potential of endangering them. After the little girl showed her parents the strange marks on her face why didn't they decide to leave for good? As the program continued it seem that each night the family stayed there it got worse. This movie kind of remind me of a modern day Poltergeist or Amityville. But this time the spirits are terrorizing the whole family. I don't care what anybody say nobody couldn't pay me enough money to stay there. The program was excellent but on a personal level if it was me and after I witness those strange marks on my face or body,I'm leaving no question.

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pales in comparison to (the 2002 documentary) A Haunting in Connecticut

Author: disdressed12 from Canada
6 January 2010

this feature length documentary on an alleged real life haunting has it eerie moments to be sure,but the whole thing just doesn't quite add up for me.there are some positive things about it though.the music,for's suitable eerie,to say the least.and once again,the narration of Tony Call(The F.B.I. Files)is is a perfect fit for this type of documentary.a few things bothered me though.for instance,when the family members were being interviewed about the events,they didn't come across to me as being completely sincere or genuine.and as another reviewer commented,why would the family stay in the house after all they had been through?apparently they are still living there and still experiencing me,that doesn't make sense.which is why is i use the word alleged.for a much better documentary dealing with a real life horror,i would recommend A Haunting In Connecticut,which is much more believable and terrifying.A Haunting in Georgia has its moments,just not that many,and there are too many inconsistencies. 6/10

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Author: tonymarshall-133-599604 ( from United States
14 August 2011

You cannot move away from a spirit. If it is strong enough it will follow you.I have had a lot of experiences since childhood with the paranormal.For the last few years I have been finding small beads light yellow in color in my bed and I have yet to figure out from where they come from.I have started saving them from now on.Everyone has the ability to do things paranormal all that needs to happen is to practice. I would like to talk to those people in Georgia. If they still live there I may be able to help them. I have been doing this part time for a few years.My first paranormal experience was seeing a little boy and I have wondered why a innocent child would not be able to cross over.

Just my 2 cents (:

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