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There's much subtle beauty in the last movie completed by Merchant Ivory Productions before Merchant's untimely death.
The film is one of those interlocking dramas where all of the characters are involved in each other's lives, if only they knew it. We know, and one of our pleasures is waiting for the pennies to drop.
Perversely fascinating.
Heights breathes, is briefly and immediately present, and is over. In this summer of noisy steroid cinema, such small favors are welcome.
New York Daily News
Heights is stage-bound throughout, and the secrets it would like to keep are very predictable. But its heart is in the right place, and the performances are first-rate.
Director Chris Terrio confidently delivers a solid first feature, but sometimes doesn't always engage in the characters' inner demons, which could have made an even better film given the cast and material.
Chicago Tribune
These are not people me and you and everyone we know know--these are "short version" people, characters who comfort each other by quoting Shakespeare.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Lacks the energy and vibrancy of the best films to come out of the city in the past few years.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Heights manages to make the lives of all these beautiful people seem quite tedious. Despite their accomplishments, the only thing they seem suited for is hailing cabs.
New York Post
Working in Terribly Serious mode, rookie director Chris Terrio proves as pompous as filmmakers three times his age.

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