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Tasteless... but that's why I love it!
rowsdower4530 October 2003
Sex Education at St. Tit-arse... uh, Titus's academy, as presented by Pythons Jones, Palin, and Cleese. Absolutely hilarious, but not for children under 15!

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They've still got it
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews26 February 2008
Utterly devoid of taste, this sketch of a mere six minutes is so rich in material, both as far as amount, and as how solid it is, go. The jokes are based around sex education, corporate "ethics", and the Python zaniness that we know and love. Unless you completely disagree with the viewpoint openly and continually expressed by the second source of gags mentioned, and/or are offended by sexual comedy, or, I guess if you aren't a fan of the Monty Python crew and their brand of humor, you are highly likely to love and thoroughly enjoy this, as I most certainly did. The pacing is spot-on, there is some repetition, but not too much. Three of the Pythons join forces and bring us this all-new sketch, including Cleese. It's well-edited and nicely, if simply(but it doesn't require complexity in how it's put together, the strength lies in the verbal work, the delivery), done. This was released on the second disc of the (surprise surprise) 2-Disc release of The Meaning of Life, in 2003. I would definitely say to give it a watch, if you're a fan of the Pythons and you have the DVD(if you don't, consider getting it, it's well worth it for, yes, again, fans). I recommend this to any fan of Monty Python. 8/10
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