3:10 to Yuma (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

rancher outlaw
train gang
stagecoach reward
trial robbery
blood killer
stagecoach robbery starvation
killing an animal gang leader
australian actor playing american character. veteranarian turned doctor
war wagon veterinarian
kicked in stomach cattle stampede
fall to death cattle pen
prothesis death of brother
trampled by cattle bridal suite
limp biblical quote
sketch artist barmaid
mortgage drought
marshal travois
female nudity villain played by lead actor
small western town female bartender
villain arrested apache
cowboys and outlaws dual wield
opening action scene mexican standoff
street shootout shootout at a train station
showdown gun battle
fistfight gun fu
chase kissing while having sex
19th century colon in title
homoeroticism corrupting influence of capitalism
railway ticketmaster shot in cold blood
laying down one's firearms saddle
shared bed payroll
pocket watch dodge city kansas
unconsciousness knocked unconscious
tunnel cave in
prostitute rain
reference to god murderer
hit with a rifle massacre
cough syrup coughing
eating food
song singing
singer bullet
drinking drink
whiskey burning barn
burning building hawk
sketching artist
wagon accident overturned wagon
shotgun drawing
strongbox dead body
tent railway
explosion railroad construction
shovel stabbed with a fork
theft thief
fight money
fire saloon
rooftop crucifix
cross leg injury
horse and wagon horse riding
hotel teenage boy
boy cemetery
graveyard southern pacific railroad
handcuffs arrest
capture horse doctor
yuma arizona stampede
beating bible
violence death
murder husband wife relationship
mother son relationship class conflict
humiliation electric shock
hit with a shovel christian subtext
nude drawing partial female nudity
implied nudity double barreled shotgun
armored wagon shot multiple times
shot repeatedly shot point blank
winchester rifle racist remark
burned alive gunfight
fast draw campfire
ruse posse
frontier ranch
gunslinger cattle
hold up arson
sniper bisbee arizona
british actor playing american character cowboy
main character dies evil man
blood splatter digit in title
punctuation in title outlaw gang
gatling gun cattle rancher
poor family pinkertons
one legged man moral transformation
mining camp gore
chinese american ambush
piano rifle
revolver pistol
horse gun
trampled by horses torture
stabbed in the throat shot to death
shot in the stomach shot in the back
shot in the arm fork
thrown from a cliff exploding body
electrocution dynamite
child uses a gun remake
arizona 1880s
u.s. marshal time in title
shot in the head shot in the chest
shootout sharpshooter
prisoner father son relationship
debt civil war veteran
bounty hunter bank robber
apache tribe title spoken by character
number in title surprise ending

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