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Misunderstood and underrated.
johmoe16 September 2006
I just bought this on DVD, three years after it was first aired here in Norway. It's a pleasant surprise to see that - at least when viewed in the DVD format where you get to see each episode back-to-back - this show is actually quite funny and still fresh today. I think what happened back in 2003, was that some people actually thought that this show was for real! And so they thought it was vulgar and shallow and gave it some pretty scathing reviews. Or they knew it was a joke, but just didn't get the humor.

But you have to view this as "an alternative reality", in which Timothy Dahle, known as the manager for the mock boy band Boyzvoice ( with a social intelligence deficiency and lacking skills in the English language, has become the host of his own talk show. This is important because all the guests on this mock show are parodies of Norwegian celebrities. *However* - they decided not to use these celebrities' own names, but instead create fictional characters that are 99% the same as their real life counterparts. This was a technique that enabled them to make harsh jokes about these "fictional characters" without having to be afraid of lawsuits etc. On the other hand, I also think it had the negative effect that many people just didn't get it.

I think that if this show had been released today, it would have been more successful, because the characters here are more known today, and the type of humor is more cemented.

I'm Norwegian, but am writing this review in English because I know there are several non-Norwegians who like the movie "Get ready to be Boyzvoiced". In this series (Tonight with Timothy Dahle), a lot of the characters from that movie make a "comeback", like Timothy himself, Ove (the fan), Waldemar Hoff (the chain smoking piano player) and a few more. So I'm having a good time viewing this again, and am glad I bought it. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles for this DVD, so it won't really have much worth to those of you non-Norwegians who liked 'Get ready to be Boyzvoiced'. Then again, you wouldn't get the references that much of the humor builds on anyway. Just wanted to say that Espen Eckbo and Co. are again showing their comedic talent in this show, although the movie 'Get ready to be Boyzvoiced' is admittedly a couple of notches better.
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not so good this time
Mirmax24 October 2003
This was not what I have expected. Even Espen Eckbo's jokes are bad. Eckbo is the man who gave us "Get ready to be Boyzevoised", and "Nissene på låven", and also the man that made most of the funny repotages in "Mandagsklubben" and "I kveld med Thommas Giertsen". The main problem is that both Elvestad and Eckbo are too vulgar without being funny. It becomes stupid instead of funny and that's not a good thing. Eckbo have made far better stuff than this.
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