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30 May 2006
Although they are still mourning the death of their son, Tommy and Janet are moving forward with their separation. Tommy is also still trying to maintain his sobriety while now bogged down with new responsibilities, which include caring for his father. Sean Garrity has struck up a secret relationship with Tommy's sister Maggie, and unfortunately for him, he's really starting to fall for her. Sheila finds condoms in her son Damian's room, and asks Tommy to have a conversation with him about it. In confronting Damian, Tommy learns that the teenager is carrying on an ...
6 Jun. 2006
In an effort to revive Tommy's love life (and morale), the crew plans a night out to the hot-spot Lotus. At the club, Franco gets hit on by an older woman named Alicia. While he's put-off by their difference in age, he's intrigued by her confidence. Financial problems are affecting a few guys in the house. Lou is trying to keeps his financial problems under wraps, but with the Chief asking him to borrow money, its growing increasing difficult for Lou to hide the fact that he was schemed out of thousands of dollars by a Hooker. The Chief is trying to cover the costs on...
13 Jun. 2006
The entire firehouse seems to be on edge. Lou continues to fall in a downward spiral as he avoids his home life and becomes more and more irritable, turning to alcohol to solve his problems. The Chief is still struggling to pay for his wife's nursing home, and tensions are high between Tommy and Sean who continues to try and hide his relationship with Tommy's sister. Franco has been sleeping with Alicia and realizes he is sitting on a gold mine when she spoils him and his daughter with generous gifts. "The Probie" seriously considers applying for a transfer, and fills...
20 Jun. 2006
After tending to an overturned bus and saving the lives of multiple children, the Reverend Al Sharpton publicly denounces the FDNY for ignoring the needs of the black community by choosing to rescue the bus on the way to help a black man with chest pains. The station, and the entire community are responding in interesting ways. Sean confronts Tommy about his relationship with Maggie and Tommy warns him that his sister is trouble. Franco continues his relationship with Alicia, and Tommy and Sheila's relationship takes an interesting turn, especially when Tommy informs ...
7 Jul. 2006
Tommy and Janet's divorce begins to seem real as the guys help clear the apartment of Janet's things and Tommy has to face Janet's new relationship face-to-face. On the other hand, Johnny's ex-wife reappears and makes an interesting deal with Tommy that will prove to shake things up among the Gavin family. While babysitting Franco's daughter, Alicia reveals something shocking about her past and knowing the truth about Kayla drives her to take drastic measures, infuriating Franco beyond reason. Sean finally confronts Maggie about her relationship status and Maggie ...
11 Jul. 2006
During an interdepartmental street hockey game, Tommy starts to becomes suspicious that another company might be looking to poach "The Probie" from Ladder62. The potential issue weighs on Tommy because he realizes that while "The Probie" takes tons of abuse, he is still part of their family. Johnny's intense effort to go above and beyond for Janet and the girls leaves Janet ill at ease. Perhaps its because Tommy never took the same amount of time to dote on her, or maybe because she's not completely over him. The situation is complicated when Janet decides to pay a ...
18 Jul. 2006
Tommy and Franco learn about Jerry's side job and decide to give him a hard time. Tommy and Angie go to great lengths to make Janet and Johnny jealous. Sean discovers an unusual way to keep Maggie interested in him.
25 Jul. 2006
Lou uses some new-age techniques in an effort to turn over a new leaf, while Sean and Maggie make a surprising decision. Tommy and Angie decide to continue seeing each other, leading to an embarrassing confrontation with Janet.
1 Aug. 2006
The crew encounters a little more than smoke when rescuing a man from his burning apartment. Sean (Steve Pasquale) runs into problems while asking Maggie's Dad (Charles Durning) for her hand in marriage. Tommy (Denis Leary) starts to realize that his crews future together may be in jeopardy. Johnny (Dean Winters) finally confronts Tommy face to face, and makes a difficult announcement.
8 Aug. 2006
Tommy pays Janet a visit to discuss her pregnancy, which leads to an emotional confrontation with Johnny. Teddy finds his conjugal visits disappointing, while Franco tries to befriend his new girlfriend's mentally challenged brother. Tommy keeps vigil at the bedside of a severely injured firefighter.
15 Aug. 2006
After a bitter argument with Tommy over their living situation, Tommy's dad goes missing. Tommy is disgusted by Lou's latest love interest, while Sean and Maggie's disastrous meeting with the local priest threatens their future marriage. The new woman in Jerry's life puts him in danger.
22 Aug. 2006
Tommy and Janet are brought together by a sudden tragedy in the Gavin family. Meanwhile, the crew becomes concerned when Jerry fails to show up for work. Mike looks for advice about his sexuality, while Maggie surprises Sean with a spontaneous decision about their wedding.
29 Aug. 2006
Tommy promises to help Janet with the baby she's expecting, but hides the fact that he's preparing to start a new life with Sheila. Franco pays his daughter Keela a visit, and gets a picture of how Alicia's raising her. Several crew members are going forward with their plans to say goodbye to the firehouse.

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