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3 Sep. 2003
Pie Filling
Piggley, Ferny, Dannan and Molly just can't resist eating one of Mrs. Winks's fresh-baked pies...even though she told them it was off limits. The friends decide to pool their creativity to bake a new pie before Mrs. Winks finds out. After much hard work - and a run-in with a feisty goat who refuses to share the apples in his orchard - the kids realize that a simple apology might have been easier and wiser in the long-run.
14 Sep. 2003
The Salmon of Knowledge
Piggley has a big test coming up in school and hates the thought of giving up an entire weekend to study. He decides instead to catch the legendary 'Salmon of Knowledge,' an all-knowing fish that can help him ace the exam. While Piggley puts his faith in a questionably magical fish, Ferny and Dannan study. Ferny and Dannan are the ones who ace the test - and Piggley learns an important lesson.
27 Sep. 2003
Ferny Is a Bug
Piggley's father tells him an old Irish tale about fairies disguising themselves as bugs and playing tricks on anyone who harms them. Soon Piggley and Dannan are convinced that fairies have turned Ferny into a flying beetle after he inadvertently smacks a bug on his arm. While Piggley investigates and experiments with ways to keep Ferny safe, Dannan hits the books to try and find a cure - and Ferny learns how much his friends care about him.
28 Sep. 2003
The Case of Big Sty
Piggley's favourite radio program, 'Piggley Trotter, Private Eye,' inspires Piggley, Ferny and Dannan to spend many imaginative and adventurous afternoons playing detective. One particular afternoon, they work together to solve an unusual mystery - the case of 'what a teacher does on his day off.'
5 Oct. 2003
All Night Long
Mr. Winks is going fishing and Piggley and his friends really want to go along. Dad doesn't think they're ready for the trip, so the three friends set out to prove that they're not only ready, they're also willing and able! They work hard to earn the privilege by doing chores around the farm, then they pull out all the stops and use their imagination to show Dad what excellent fishermen they will be. At last, off they all go for some early-morning fishing.
12 Oct. 2003
Picture Perfect
Piggley accidentally embarrasses his good friend Ferny by taking a photo of him with his pants ripped and his undies showing! After promising not to show it to anyone, the photo gets away from Piggley and is seen by everyone at school. He tries to apologize but finds that, for the first time, his best friend Ferny isn't willing to accept his apology. Piggley must use his ingenuity and creativity to regain Ferny's trust and friendship - and Ferny must find a way to forgive.
19 Oct. 2003
Teacher Creature
Young Piggley's insecurity rises when he discovers that his teacher, Mr. Hornsby, is coming to his house for supper. Piggley is certain he's going to 'grade' the Winks family and that they'll come up woefully inadequate! So Piggley and pals hatch a plan to make sure the Winks family gets passing marks. Much to Piggley's surprise, he discovers that Mr. Hornsby is just a regular person - and not so intimidating after all.
26 Oct. 2003
Molly's Dolly
A series of odd circumstances convinces Piggley that Molly's new doll is actually a real leprechaun in disguise! Piggley and his friends set out to prove his theory and try to catch the leprechaun at his own game. They soon learn, however, that it's a good idea to get ALL the facts before jumping to conclusions.
13 Nov. 2003
Song of the Banshee
When Piggley, Ferny and Dannan hear strange noises in the barn, Piggley decides it's the 'song of the banshee'-which frightens Dannan more than she wants to admit! When she finally confesses her fear to her friends, they search for the source of the noise...and discover it's only Wiley the sheep trying to lead his uncooperative flock in song.
1 Aug. 2004
Our Dragon's Egg
Piggley, Ferny and Dannan rescue an errant egg - which they decide must be a dragon's egg. They hatch all kinds of plans to keep the egg safe, but when the creature inside emerges, it turns out to be a not-so-sweet wild swan chick. That's when the real work begins.
8 Aug. 2004
The Cat Came Back... and Back
Sweet Shop owner Miss Nanny offers a reward for the return of her lost cat and Piggley and friends leap at the opportunity. Of course, catching a cat with a mind of her own is not such an easy task, but seeing Miss Nanny's happy face is a great reward.
15 Aug. 2004
Good Neighbors
Piggley and his friends (inspired by a spooky radio program) are convinced that the young boy whose family just moved into the small house up the lane from the Winks' farm is actually a mad scientist! But through open-minded, adventurous thought and action, they are finally able to put aside their fears and risk making friends with the young boy.
22 Aug. 2004
Rock Around the Cluck
Young Piggley discovers the joy of the new sounds of rock 'n roll, and finds that he is suddenly eager to go to school-on Saturdays!-for his guitar lessons. When Piggley falters during his first public performance, Ferny and Dannan offer loving support and shared enthusiasm to help him regain his confidence.
29 Aug. 2004
Donkeys Into Racehorses
When Mr. Hornsby asks the class to think about the meaning of the old expression 'you can't make a racehorse out of a donkey', Piggley takes it as a challenge! He sets out to change his donkey Finnegan into a racehorse. In the end, he learns that all living creatures have their own special talents - even donkeys.
5 Sep. 2004
Fir Not
Piggley and his pals try to track down and trap a Fir Darrig, a particularly mischievous leprechaun. In the process, the kids accidentally break a window and decide to blame it on the Fir Darrig. Soon it begins to appear that the Fir Darrig is taking his revenge on them for giving him the blame - or is it just their guilty consciences?

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