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It's a promising show and should be given a shot in the NBC schedule.
norman-4828 June 2004
This show is a breath of fresh air. It's not perfect, but after four episodes, neither was "Cheers", "Seinfeld" or even "Friends". It's apparent NBC isn't given this production a chance; there were few trailers or promotions before it's first appearance early this month. To be canceled after only a few shots would be incredibly short-sighted.

Given a chance, this show can develop. The actors are good, writers and production people outstanding and it's certainly a wonderful thing to see after being bombarded with all the "apprentice-last comic-survivor-gross us out with bikini-clad babes" junk we've been subjected to the past year.

Most people I've spoken with about the show (men/women 22-40) love it or see it as having a promising future. NBC -- please give it a chance!

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Different but good! Funny but also makes you think...
nikos dimitrakas29 June 2004
The first four episodes were quite entertaining, and it feels sad to read all the negative critics about this show that in my opinion has great potential. Tom Papa has a unique sense of humor, which may be what scares the critics into talking down the show. I sure hope that NBC does not give up on the show and gives it a real chance with a full season.

Sometimes the show feels like it is changing styles in the different parts of a single episode. Tom Papa's monologue-like parts are funny in their own way by expressing things that you may have thought of but would never dare say. The dialog's with the mailman and Tom's boss tend to be exaggerated, which reminds of certain characters from Seinfeld or Everybody loves Raymond. But knowing that it is an obvious exaggeration makes these jokes OK. Tom and Karen have interesting and often very funny dialogs. Jennifer Aspen is probably the best part of the show, especially together with Tom Papa.
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