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For lovers of the stupid American comedy
stormhawk201812 July 2017
To see this comedy - an unintentional remake of the 1959 movie "Some Like it Hot" - they must be willing to forgive the fact that no one distinguishes two blond hairs from two black disguises, as this is what seeks to exploit the film to get comical situations ... sometimes effective and other times dull: that And will depend on the taste of each.

You have to ask yourself another question: if you can not stand the typical American comedies that try to search the laughter with a succession of scenes (no matter how much connection they have), this is not your movie.

On the other hand, if you want to disconnect with a movie that does not require thinking and that simply entertains ... this can be a good option. It is not the best (personally I like the first "Scary Movie" of the Wayans Bros., for example), but there are others that are much worse ("Little Man", to put another example of the same creators).
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Helena Aleksic2 July 2017
Such a bad rating. 5.5 only? I give it a 10 because it made my laugh so much. It is really great and funny, good for relaxing. I recommend it to everyone who likes comedy movies. These brothers are amazing. I've watched it so many times and it never gets boring! And I've learned so many lines by heart. Enjoy the movie!
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How do I begin the describe this film?
EBJ25 June 2017
'WHITE CHICKS' was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, and stars Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Terry Crews. ​After they get dragged into 'babysitting duty', two FBI agents(Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans) disguise themselves as white girls and try to foil a kidnapping before it happens.

White Chicks is the type of film you throw on at a party, while on the verge of passing out, and just leave it on in the background. Not that that is a knock against the film, however. It's a very enjoyable movie that will get some laughs when your sober but will be much better when you're off your head. It's funny but it SHOULDN'T be. It SHOULDN'T work but it kinda does. That is the best way to describe this film.

The story is stupid and really poorly written. It was merely a thin thread to link together a series of stupid events. The ending was overly happy and the last shot of this movie before the credits will haunt you for the remainder of your lives.

Marlon and Shawn Wayans did good jobs as Marcus and Kevin but shone as the two sisters, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson. When they become the sisters is definitely were the film picks up and is where both actors could do their best. Terry Crews was my favourite part of the movie and played his part excruciatingly well. He WAS Latrell and that is kinda worrying considering the character.

No one gives one about how this movie is shot and edited but if you're in the 1% that do, it's not well done. It's messily shot and edited together and just looks odd. It doesn't feel fluid and is just plain messy.

On all accounts, this movie should not be funny. It shouldn't. But the committed cast and peculiar director make it work to a certain degree. I do recommend you watch this while intoxicated because you'll probably enjoy it a lot more but you can watch it sober(like I did) and get some entertainment out of it. I'll rate this movie 6 'Chocolate Men' out of 10.
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It's beauty is in it's simplicity
AlexanderJ33713 May 2017
The acting is alright, the story-line is a bit out there, the sets are unimpressive and the costumes are okay at best. And the wonderful thing is, you don't care about any of that. This is not a hard- hitting drama, it's not a revolutionary piece of artistic expression... Except, maybe it is. So many movies go out of their way to have big, amazing sets with costumes that transport you to another world. They include big movie stars with years of acting expertise. They have millions to spend on witty writing and believable plots. And yet somehow, most movies fail to achieve what White Chicks has done with so little. The movie is, in two words, rewatchably hysterical. I have watched this more times than I can remember, and each time it causes me to laugh out loud. It has a kind of enticing silliness that I almost never like in movies. I am a champion of fresh and deep movies that really break the mould and make you think about the more serious things in life, but for some reason, White Chicks is the exception to that rule. I wish I could say what it is that makes this movie so good, but for the life of me, I do not know. All I know is that if you watch this without prejudice and so long as you have a sense of humour, then you will enjoy this movie. It is a piece of simple beauty, a light-hearted film to lift your spirits and widen your smile. Because, like life, it's just about enjoying yourself.
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The worst comedy of the century till Sandler brought out Jack and Jill in 2011.
TonyMontana969 May 2017
(Originally seen many years ago) I have hated this film for a long time, and I still do, it think's it's funny, but for people with comedic taste, it's 90 minutes of torture. The Wayans who also made the dreadful Little man from 2006, have no shame, they throw out these alleged comedies every few years, and it's putting me off the entire genre. White Chicks is a film for imbeciles, it's complete and utter garbage and the worst comedy of the pre 2010 era.
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White Chicks: Movie Review
vwashington-302961 May 2017
White Chicks

If you want to howl with laughter, you should watch White Chicks. White Chicks is a comedy that was released on June 23, 2004 in the United States. The stars in this movie are Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans,Terry Crews, Faune Chambers, Jaime King, Brittany Daniel, Maitland Ward, Anne Dudek, Busy Philipps,Jessica Cauffiel,Jennifer Carpenter, Rochelle Aytes,John Heard, Lochlyn Munro,Eddie Velez and Frankie R. Faison. The director of the movie is Keenan Wayans.

Two FBI agent brothers, Marcus (Marlon Wayans) and Kevin Copeland (Shawn Wayans) agreed to escort and protect two twin hotel heiresses Brittany and Tiffany Wilson to the Hamptons from a kidnapping plot and go undercover. When they soon realized that they are used as bait for a kidnapper, the brothers have no choice but to pose as the sisters to bust the kidnapper. In the beginning, The brothers are disguised as two Mexican-Americans who owned supposedly an ice cream shop to bust some drug dealers. Three men walked into the shop to give them some ice cream they ordered. The brothers think they are the culprits and arrested them. It turns out they caught the wrong men and the real drug dealers shows up and got away which leads their boss forcing them to escort the sisters. In the next scene, Marcus and Kevin are waiting for the sisters to show up so they can escort them. While driving them to the destination, an accident occurred leaving one of the girls with a scratch on her face and the other with a busted lip. The girls complain about their marred faces and how they cannot come with their faces disfigured. Kevin tells them to just cover the scratches with makeup. Marcus worries and Kevin comes up with an idea to dress up like them for their protection so he calls some makeup artists to transform them into White women. Later the brothers who are posing as the sisters arrived at the Hamptons and are approached by the friends of the twins Karen, Lisa and Tori. They discuss about what have happened while they were gone. While chatting and gossiping like girls always do, two girls named Heather and Megan Vandergeld shows up and ends up with them in a yo mamma joke battle. Heather and Megan are enemies of Brittany and Tiffany and they are very rich. Later in the movie they meet again at a nightclub for a dance-off and Brittany (Kevin) and Tiffany (Marcus) won.

One aspect of filmmaking I like is the acting. I like how the actors stay in character and how funny they are. For an example, when one of the brothers who are posing as one of the sisters were trying on clothes with the sisters friends tried to make the clothes fit and the clothes ripped I laughed so hard. Also acting is very interesting and fun. However, I find acting very tedious. Acting takes a lot of practice and you have to work hard if you want to debut in a movie. Also I wonder how many people who auditioned for this movie.

Another aspect of filmmaking is the setting. The setting is cool and beautiful. I like how they change scenes and how the background is detailed. I've seen tons of movies with unique set designs. All of them are interesting too. In this particular movie, I see where the scenes are filmed in different places like the mall and the Hamptons. The scenery is awesome and beautiful. The director chose a great place to film this movie.

My opinion about this movie is that it is hilarious. The actors did wonderful and the plot is excellent. I watched this movie several times and it's still funny. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a laugh. The Wayans brothers and the casting crew did a good job. Some people found this comedy racist and unfunny however, I think the movie wasn't racist at all, people just don't understand humor when they see it.
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This is racist
orolin-1673324 October 2016
If this movie was changed to "Black Chicks" and had a white cast pretending to be black, this would have been THROWN OUT OF THEATERS!!! There would have been demands for apology and CNN would be covering the aftermath... But since it is black folks in white face, totally acceptable.

I don't care how funny anybody thinks this movie is, it is the perfect example of racism that isn't seen as racism because it is black folks doing it to white folks.

The makers of this movie should be made to apologize and it should be removed from any store shelves.

If you found this movie funny and cannot see how racist it is, well then you are the problem.
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The two shades of white!
Reno Rangan24 September 2016
I've heard this film a long ago, but I never interested to watch it. We can't avoid them, because when we look for a particular type of film for the occasion, they will pop-up and that is how I watched this now. I know it is a silly comedy, because in a real world this thing never happen. So knowing this is only for cinema, I prepared to enjoy whatever it offers. But I must say, even though my rating is not big, I kind of enjoyed it.

Nobody watches this without knowing its synopsis. So you will already know the fifty per cent of the story when you do. The rest is how it is developed; including how good the jokes are that comes with our watch. So much cliché, but entertaining with some good scenes and lines. The actors were excellent. The make-ups were not flawless, but worked okay, especially for a comedy. Because if there is an error, it will going to appeals from the comedic side.

So the overall film was better than what I presumed all these years. Glad I saw it, it's nothing like those silly comedies I've seen. I've seen many imposter themes, but this is refreshing. All the above, this is a one off film, that's the best thing about it. You know, sequels are what degrades the original film in most of the scenarios. Thanks for that, there's no follow-up for this with a B movie cast and crew. This is a very much watchable film, not comedy riot, but fairly does its job.

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Not as funny
Floated221 August 2016
White Chicks seemingly a comedy film released in 2004 which had several strings of success. The plot for the film is routine, taking several different elements from your basic bumbling buddy cop plot. The real life brother are forced to don the guise of wealthy socialites after they bungle a routine babysitting gig. White chicks has seemed to have hit a pop culture status where the film has grown over the years since it's release. Although the film been heavily panned by most critics and released lackluster reviews. The film is not has bad as many reviews claim, though it depends on the comedy one enjoys. It is not great neither and not as funny as its fans claim. The film is quite odd and predictable and over the top, but given the plot it is what one would expect.
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Sometimes Fun.
Robert J. Maxwell23 June 2016
I didn't find it hilarious, but it does have its occasional moments.

The business of he-men being stuck in a position in which they must pose as girls is amusing in itself, though not at all fresh. In fact -- let me think. I'm trying to think of undeniably masculine men who have worn dresses in movies, mostly for laughs. Without thinking too earnestly or too long, I get Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Burt Lancaster, Arnold Scwarzenegger, Jeff Bridges, Dustin Hoffman, Cary Grant, and Rod Steiger. This example is a little different because the Wayans brothers, FBI men, are not only made up as girls but as white girls. Make up has done an admirable job too.

That's as it may be. The problem is that the humor inherent in the situation is drained of energy because it's overdone. The thunderous sound of a man suffering from diarrhea isn't as funny as a discrete squeal. Instead of a nudge with an elbow, you get a kick in the balls. It's gaudy, fast, loud.

But, man, the writers have gotten rich white chicks down pat. Something to do with a gathering of the tony people in the Hamptons. The Wayans are assigned as escorts to two of the most outrageously spoiled and narcissistic young blonds imaginable. Now THAT's hilarious because it's pointed satire and it knows its realistic limits.

As a whole, the movie is a judgment call. I didn't laugh, but then I'm suffering from a severe case of restless legs syndrome and I have this terrific hangnail on my pinky. Look.
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Bad Boys meets Miss Congeniality with a handful of Mrs. Doubtfire.
This got many more eyebrow raises than laughs from me because of some of the style of comedy. It's all very ridiculous, which isn't uncommon to comedies. Pretty much the entire movie is a series of extended situational comedy, all pertaining to the irony of black cops posing as white models. It wasn't the most plausible plot basis; in real life, the guys would never have even gotten into the hotel without being discovered. But in some ways, the plot basis makes it a kind of universal comedy. It can make white jokes and black jokes, and can be sort of a chick flick that appeals both genders. It probably leans more toward a male audience than female, but I think it's sort of intended for both. There's a light theme about how little men really understand women, and vice versa.

There is barely even an attempt at a story, but I don't think this will bother most people. Honestly, keeping the plot vague was probably the best thing to do because nobody who enjoyed the sort of comedy featured was probably looking for a story to being with. If somebody had this idea maybe three years later, it would have turned into a series of YouTube videos instead of a movie, because it's just a bunch of comedic scenes strung loosely together. Now, most of the time, movies are intended to tell stories, but in the case of comedies where their purpose is just to entertain, less story can be more. Billy Madison would have been better if they didn't add in plot devices to keep it moving. It didn't need it. And as pathetic as the story for White Chicks is, it would have been worse if it were cohesive.

As it was, I wasn't a huge fan of the comedy. This is for me what I think Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite are for most people. The only scene I really enjoyed was Latrell singing A Thousand Miles. Everything else just evoked a bunch of eyebrow raises. However, if you are okay with LCD comedy that doesn't mind being over the top, this is worth trying. As you can probably infer from the title, there are a decent amount of sexual and slightly racist jokes. Fortunately, I don't think any of them will offend anyone too much. I read another review that said it was discriminatory in the ditsy portrayal of white women. This is someone valid, but it's worth noting that the white women characters are all models and are paid to be ditsy and frivolous to an extent. It's not saying that all white women are like that, but it's understandable that the audience might react that way.

If you do decide to watch it, don't expect most of the movie to make sense, because that will lessen your enjoyment of it. I definitely recommend watching it with other people. I would never have wanted to finish it on my own, but my brother and sister both really enjoy it, and that made it more fun to watch. If you just want to give it a try, watch the first 20 to 25 minutes before you decide whether to see the rest. Overall Rating: 6.3/10
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Really people? This IS NOT THAT FUNNY
Simply-Red15 June 2016
I am beginning to question IMDb's ratings anymore with the way this movie is rated. I just cant fathom how anyone thinks this movie is hilarious or that the makeup makes the characters "convincing". Seriously, the up-front first page review here on IMDb as the featured review is more funny than this movie as I read how great the review said the movie is. That is truly laughable.

I unfortunately chose to believe these positive reviews here and wasted my time watching this flick as a result. I suggest you don't make the same mistake.

I like the Wayan's family comedy work usually, but this movie is terrible.

Not because it is racist...people need to get over themselves on the race hangups and have fun with our differences; comedians have done this for a long time...for me going back to Flip Wilson, and it can be really funny no matter what color you are, if you actually have a sense of humor, which is harder to find in today's PC paranoid younger generations.

HOWEVER...this movie is just a terribly produced and acted movie. I love these kinds of simple minded flicks and I may have laughed out loud once watching this. It's like they tried to capitalize on the success of the Tyler Perry series of movies and failed miserably. Not that Tyler Perry's movies are much better than this one.

This was a total waste of my time and I watch some stupid stuff and usually like it.
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Pure Racism
Robbin van der Putten21 February 2016
This movie is pure racism nothing funny on it being a white guy. If white people make there faces back they call them racist and its forbidden but the other way around you all say it's alright???.... this is pure racism nothing funny on it at all the biggest racists in the world are not white but black hate to say it but i'm right and you all are some stupid people who think that you hate black people for making this movie banana heads monkeys you are Oprah Obama you all are piece of banana heads Kanya is a retard and his wife with his awful fat ass what a joke and that foggy father sick in his head he needs to be killed and all those other son of a bitches drop dead
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An intellectually and thematically vapid film, unfortunately
Steve Pulaski11 November 2015
I find it difficult to try and align the plot and slapstick humor of Keenen Ivory Wayans' film White Chicks with Laura Mulvey's ideas about gender and the role of women in film largely because I think any social commentary found in this particular film wasn't on the forefront of the minds who made this film. This is a film that is meant to do one thing, and like most Wayans' productions, that is to retaliate against conventions and stereotypes by using said conventions and stereotypes. The Wayans work to make films that exploit the wide-variety of clichés used in modern film, yet their films – such as this, Dance Flick, and the two Haunted House films – all abide by the common tropes of the films they're parodying, so their films feel less like acts of rebellion but more like surrender to filmmaking principles.

The film is a brutally unpleasant slog through the ins and outs of buddy-cop clichés and tired racial and sex humor that relies on the idea that African-American males are well-endowed and all white females are privileged and simply stumbled their way into wealth. The film revolves around Kevin and Marcus Copeland (Shawn and Marlon Wayans), two disgraced FBI agents who have just flubbed another serious drug bust. Their deputy (Frankie Faison) gives them one last chance at redeeming themselves by making them protect two young, ditsy billionaires named Brittany and Tiffany Wilson (Maitland Ward and Anne Dudek) from a rumored kidnapping plot.

When the Wilson sisters refuse to leave their hotel room after getting minor cuts on their face, both Kevin and Marcus impersonate the two sisters in whiteface, and are plunged into a beauty pageant alongside acquaintances of the sisters. Both Kevin and Marcus can't reveal their true identities to Brittany and Tiffany's competitors, nor can Marcus tell his wife (Faune A. Chambers) exactly what he is doing, so the two lumber around in drag as they try to navigate the ins and outs of this business while trying to save their jobs.

White Chicks would be infuriatingly racist, sexist, and stereotypical if it wasn't such a narrow-minded and stupid film, so hellbent on pinpointing every charmless and laughless racial and sexual stereotype out rather than attempting to do anything with it. Where's the commentary on the hyper-sexualization of women in American film? Where do we exactly identify and take note of how, whilst in drag, Kevin and Marcus gawk at other women, but hate being gawked at as women by other men? Where's the commentary on the perception of race, or at least the satirical side of this screenplay? It's like a potential-ridden screenplay was gutted and left for dead because too many uptight suits got their hands on it and robbed it of all creativity, but perhaps that's the creative process of Shawn and Marlon Wayans. How else do you explain how it took six people to write a film predicated off of jokes about stereotypes and bathroom activity?

Doing my best to connect White Chicks with Mulvey's ideas of phallocentrism, Mulvey's argument is the idea that women couldn't truly enjoy or connect with Hollywood filmmaking because of the camera lens being (a) objectively male and (b) part of a patriarchal structure. Mulvey views Hollywood films as films that further male ideology and principles by giving males the power in their films (to which Mulvey states the power of the male comes from the penis and the male's possession of a penis).

One idea of Mulvey's White Chicks carries throughout its plot is the idea that women exist in films for visual pleasure (what Mulvey calls to-be-looked-at-ness). With that, women are viewed in a scopophiliac sense, which resorts to viewing women as objects rather than individual characters with individualized ideas. Almost every white female character in White Chicks is an object representative of fetishized beauty, with characters lacking any discernible ounce of authenticity. So much of the film occurs in a beauty pageant, or involves women trying to achieve unrealistic states of beauty by way of tight outfits, breast implants, and materialistic possessions, that the objectification of women in the film runs rampant because there is no way to view these female characters other than by way of their measurements and their love for material things.

Finally, returning to the idea I alluded to earlier about male gaze – where the camera lens assumes a de facto masculine perspective – White Chicks does abide by that idea as well. Even though most of the characters we meet in the film are females, the two lead characters are males disguised as females, which leads to the idea that even if you can paint the focus in a different light, you cannot escape the idea of male gaze because it's a default in the world of cinema. White Chicks is essentially the male gaze playing dressup, much like its male characters in the film.

White Chicks is an unforgivably awful film; the kind where one wouldn't be so stupid as to take a few days off from comedy upon seeing it and witnessing joke-after-joke fall prey to conventionality and trainwreck delivery. The film is as obnoxious as it is unfunny, with characters and stereotypes - particularly the seriously ridiculous and one-note Terry Crews character - mistaken for any kind of significance in narrative or thematic urgency. I guess having Shawn, Marlon, and director/co-writer/co-producer Keenen Ivory Wayans giving some kind of worth to this material would've been too much to ask. We could've seen how racial and sexual prejudice and tendencies are communicated in many varying shades of gray, in a film called "White Chicks" nonetheless.
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Ridiculously Hilarious!
nurazeem6 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Laughs - in fact, loud guffaws - are guaranteed for anyone who watches this comedy. A good number of comedies are not funny at all; I would barely even smile. But this one really made me laugh. The whole premise is already quite silly, and you wonder why the "white chicks" could ever be mistaken for the women they're masquerading. (That's the whole joke.)

The Wayan brothers were certainly hamming it up in this one. Also, some of the situations actually mirror real life, but this being a comedy, things get exaggerated. Like how the thin lady became a psycho in the dressing room and how one of the "white chicks" was made to squeeze into clothes that were too small.

I would recommend anyone to show this movie to people they know who are dead-serious; would they, at least, chuckle? I imagine anyone in a bad mood would have their spirits lifted after watching this rib-tickling gem.
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Silly,Obvious And Unfunny
Desertman8414 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Wayans brothers - Keenen Ivory Wayans (director,co-screenwriter) together with Shawn and Marlon Wayans (lead stars,co-screenwriter) - work together in a buddy cop comedy that one can only describe as obvious,unfunny and silly.

It tells a story of brothers and fellow FBI agents Marcus and Kevin Copeland who disguised themselves as Caucasian female who agree to escort socialite sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilton from the airport at JFK Airport to their hotel room in the Hamptons as both are being targeted by a serial kidnapper.They did this to renew the confidence of the higher ups after a drug bust they messed up as regular guys.

One can only see that it provides nothing else except unfunny jokes,raunchy humor that could be classified as bathroom jokes and a brainless social commentary.It only does nothing except insult the viewer's intelligence and nothing more.
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Even White Chicks Will Hate It.
Python Hyena13 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
White Chicks (2004): Dir: Keenan Ivory Wayans / Cast: Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Jaime King, John Heard, Terry Crews: The first problem with this film is that neither Shawn nor Marlon Wayans look convincing as white females. They are black cops undercover out to protect two really dumb blondes from becoming the victims of a kidnapping so they undertake a massive makeup job to resemble the two girls. Sounds funny, but it isn't convincing here. It suggests attitude and race in dealing with women and placing males in their shoes. Some Like It Hot and Tootsie handled this theme much more convincingly. The concept isn't new and its structure is one lewd sexual joke after another that grows thin quickly. Directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans who made the equally lewd yet funnier Scary Movie but here he transcends none of that talent. Part of the problem is that it seems as if he found the concept of Shawn and Marlon in white drag to be funny on its own. Shawn and Marlon frail when under the makeup. Horrible supporting performances by Jaime King and John Heard. Terry Crews has the embarrassing opportunity to stalk Marlon Wayans for a little touchy feely action. The film is tailored as the umpteenth male in drag comedy that has been done to death, and this rates as about the worst it can get. The two blondes should have been kidnapped off the set. Score: 1 / 10
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This movie thinks you're stupid
brandoncarlk20 May 2015
I don't understand why there is such support for this movie. I think it's because Shawn and Marlon Wayans have an unrequited loyal fan-base who support two actors that only want to create lazy, cheap comedies.

There's hardly any real jokes in this movie. Instead, you get clichéd gender-swap gags that have been done better in older movies. For example, a man-in- drag gets mad and sounds masculine; everyone looks at him confused; man- in-drag then talks in silly feminine voice then the once-confused people laugh it off as just a rare quirk (this happens too many times in this movie and you'll see every one of them coming). There are no likable characters. Instead, everyone seems incompetent, stupid, obnoxious with the only tolerable being those who don't have a lot of lines or screen-time.

The only other kind of jokes are overly contrived and unrealistic sequences forcing the Wayans brothers to feel uncomfortable, and worry that their cover will be blown. Who cares if they lose their job at the FBI? They never demonstrate why they deserve it in the first place. None of the gags work because they're poorly written, with no comedic timing, and they happen to characters we don't care about.

I'm not asking for this movie to make some powerful statement on the human condition. I don't expect some high-brow, masterpiece of cinema that reaches into my core. The least I expect are likable/relatable/endearing characters, funny situations that happen to said characters, believable situations, interesting developments in a story and I don't want to be annoyed. This movie has none of those things and almost derides you for expecting them (Many of this movie's fans sure deride you for that.) Instead of this, watch a comedy that has respect for you, doesn't insult your intelligence and actually has some effort put into it.
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"I'm sexy and I know it."
morrison-dylan-fan19 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With a poll coming up on IMDbs Classic Film board for the best movies of 2004,I started to take a close look at a pile of DVDs on the shelf,and spotted a Comedy,which despite getting a real kicking in printed reviews,looked like a really fun title,which led to me getting ready to meet 2 very…"unique" chicks.

The plot:

Failing to arrest a Russian gangster,police officers Kevin and Marcus Copeland are given their last chance to prove that they can complete a case,by being given the role of body guards for socialites the Wilson sisters,who are in town for a major fashion show,who unknown to the Copeland's and the Wilson's,have been threatened with getting kidnapped.Driving them to a hotel,the Copelands end up in a car crash,which leads to the Wilson's being covered in bruises.

Fearing that they are about to get the sack,Marcus and Kevin decide to put the Wilson's in a hotel room,and to go undercover in disguise as the Wilson's.Leaving behind their life on the beat,the Copeland's soon discover that surviving in the world of the socialites is tougher than any fight against a street thug.

View on the film:

Whilst the original target of the screenplay by co-writer/(along with..Shawn Wayans/Marlon Wayans/Andrew McElfresh/Michael Anthony Snowden & Xavier Cook) director Keenen Ivory Wayans (the Hilton family) has led to the title showing clear signs of age,the writers are impressively still able to deliver a scattering attack on socialite society,with everyone being shown to focus more on what the Wilsons are wearing,rather then what they say,or their sudden change of appearance.Along with the satirical bites,the writers also hit the film with a hilarious level of slap- stick,which goes from stunning dance offs to out cat-walking each other.

Looking like their disguises have been made by Dr.Frankenstein, Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans each give wonderful performances as the Copelands,thanks to them each bouncing off the others desperate attempts to remain undercover,as two chicks who show that these boots really are made for walking.
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deserves more credit
xsophietaylorx8 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
White Chicks does not at all get the credit it deserved this film is badly rated and it does not deserve it at all! I have watched White Chicks so many times and it has not ever failed to make me laugh. Marlon & Shawn Wayans do a brilliant job and it really is pure comedy. There is so many times in this film I have literally laughed out loud with tears in my eyes so many scenes that are just pure comedy beauty. The film really is harmless there is nothing to offensive or anything to sexual I think many ages could watch this film and laugh. It's so good the way they dress the agents up and make them look so funny there so weirdly almost believable it's fantastic. My two favourite scenes are definitely when the dog falls out the car and the changing room scene I screamed so funny!
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flarepunk4 September 2014
This garners no laughter for me whatsoever.

The only thing that keeps it above a one was the ending when the friends of the two 'white chicks' likes the parodies of the two girls better than the real girls, which made me see some heart - but still I wonder about purpose.

If it's meant for laughs, it didn't achieve it. The few moments when it could have been funny are either played up way too much or rely on the stereotypical nature of caricatures or some moment where it actually becomes offensive in its humor - and I love dark humor.

It actually reminds me, at moments, of Freddy Got Fingered which has been stated by some to be nearly an art film it has so little purpose.

If you want to watch a movie, watch ANYTHING else... anything. Even the Scary Movies are more entertaining than this, with some decent acting and jokes that at least mostly rely on surrealistic sex, not 'one you go black, you're in a wheelchair' ... *shudder*
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Funny movie with an impossible plot
hoxjennifer23 August 2014
This is one of those comedy movies that you have to give the benefit of the doubt. Two black FBI agents impersonate two white socialite women - they are obviously completely different from the originals and yet everyone believes them to be Brittany and Tiffany Wilson. The plot is impossible and ridiculous, but you know what? At the end of the day, White Chicks is hilarious. This is classic 2000's style humour, similar in style to Hot Chick (one of my all-time favourites).

If you're looking for a no-brainer movie for one of those days when you need a laugh - and you're not offended by black comedy - this is a must- see. I was meaning to see it earlier and am shocked that I haven't.
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A great comedy!
Yesh425 May 2014
One of my favourite comedies ever, it's one of those ones where you can return to when you're feeling a bit down and it will make you happy. It's just non-stop laughs from beginning to end, and if you're looking for a profound or intelligent movie then why would you watch a movie called "White Chicks"? I've seen many negative reviews on here branding it "racist" or "misogynistic" well, maybe it is but it's definitely not offensive because it's so over the top how could you possibly be offended by it? Personally, I don't see the film as "racist" or "misogynistic" I feel that it's making fun of rich, elitist girls who only care about money and their image i.e. people that deserve to be made fun of. The only bit that I didn't find funny was the toilet humour, but that only lasts a short time and some will find it funny. So if you are not too uptight and want non-stop laughs then get this on DVD.
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