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Tkbn381221 January 2018
I hadn't watched any Bond movies other than the most recent Spectre, and I decided to go back to Daniel Craig's first outing as Bond back in 2006. Quite honestly, I enjoyed the movie, just not enough.

Casino Royale sees James Bond get his 007 status before going on a sinister mission to take down a man running a ''high-stakes poker game'' that has been betting against big world corporations.

Honestly, I enjoyed a large part of the film. The first half of the film is enjoyable, quality, smart action that breezes by you spectacularly. I highly praise both the chase in Uganda and especially the airport scene. Daniel Craig plays Bond as a matter-of-fact, smug agent for this half of the movie (and, actually, the entire movie really).

It's just the second half of the film that really gets too drawn out and confusing for me. James Bond goes to Montenegro with Vesper Lynd, going to participate in the poker game with Le Chiffre. Everything after this becomes slow and drawn out. Honestly, I would be fine with this slow pacing, except the whole plot felt a bit confusing for me. Maybe I'm just dumb, because this movie got universal acclaim, but it just felt like too much at times for me.

That's not to mention that this movie is 2 hours 20 minutes, and for the entire last half hour I was just waiting for the movie to end. The best of the action is over by about the one hour mark in my opinion, and the entire remainder of the movie just feels boring. The little action that is left is, albeit, good, just not enough.

Okay, so this movie doesn't need to just be non-stop action; that would be unreasonable. But the casino scene is just boring for me, which was a shame since it takes up a large part of the second half of the movie.

Still, I digress; Casino Royale is a good movie. I enjoyed every bit of it, even if not the second half as much as the first half. Daniel Craig shines as James Bond, and the film is visually stunning. I have high hopes for the entire franchise going into the future. Maybe this film didn't wow me as much as it did others, but I still thought it was a good, enjoyable movie.
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Stop Touching Your Ear
cinemajesty30 December 2017
Movie Review: "007: Casino Royale"

Bond movie number twenty-one is quality motion picture entertainment of the highest order. Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson rearrange themselves to present Daniel Craig as the sixth actor, who takes on the legendary character of 007 aka James Bond. The leading man finds his proper signature of contemporary fitness and ruthless focus in this adaptation of Ian Fleming's very first 007 novel "Casino Royale" from 1953.

Director Martin Campbell revisits the Bond universe after the already accomplished "GoldenEye" from 1995 starring Pierce Brosnan as 007. Together with his longtime collaborator cinematographer Phil Méheux, they visualize this action-thriller, which binds the audience from the first minute in a classic 35mm black & white shot pre-title sequence, where James Bond needs to prove himself with two assassinations in order to get granted for 00-status.

The picture is cast in elegant fashion with international actor Mads Mikkelsen as Bond nemesis Le Chiffre, who fights with 007 in a major-suspense-sharing party of Texas Holdem at a five-star hotel location in beautiful Montenegro despite giving in to action-standards as also presented fist or gun conflicts. Nevertheless the best part of "Casino Royale" will be already an approximately 10-minute free running sequence chereographed by Sébastien Foucan in which the feeling of handmade live-action stunts becomes evident recovering from the digitally overloaded "Die Another Day" (2002).

The supporting cast as actress Eva Green, performing the character of Vesper Lynd with James Bond-encountering convinctions and Dame Judi Dench reprising the character of 007-superior "M" for the fifth time building a balanced chemistry with actor Daniel Craig for future installments to come.

© 2017 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)
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The best Bond i have ever seen, Daniel Craig's first best Bond 007 my third favorite
ivo-cobra825 November 2017
Casino Royale (2006) is without doubt one of the best Ian Fleming's James Bond. This is the real film, the real Bond film unlike lackluster sh**y Die Another Day stupid movie! I have enjoyed this film so damn much! I love this film to death, from action sequence to actors and the plot story I love it. The film is very realistic serious well portrayed it has no jokes. It is my favorite because it is action, action, action and even more action. Casino Royale (2006) is the twenty-first spy film in the Eon Productions James Bond film series, and is the third screen adaptation of Ian Fleming's 1953 novel of the same name.

I make no apologies for believing that Daniel Craig really did become the closest thing we've seen to IAN FLEMING's James Bond. I'm a hard-core James Bond fan I love a lot of the films that over 50 years were made. Casino Royale is simply my third favorite James Bond film it is in my top 10 favorite James Bond films. This movie is interesting totally mind-blowing. It is highly entertaining, espionage with a lot of action sequence. Not boring or lame but believable well acted.

After lackluster fiasco and disaster Die Another Day (2002) producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli fired actor Pierce Brosnan because he wanted too much money to shoot a fifth Bond movie, and producers had already decided to reboot the long-running spy saga with a grittier approach. Daniel Craig ultimately took over the role for 2006's Casino Royale and has gone on to achieve success as arguably the most popular 007 since the days of Sean Connery.

Daniel Craig is fantastic as new James Bond tough I love Pierce Brosnan this is the real deal. Actress Samantha Bond also left James Bond saga after 4 movies since Brosnan was fired and this movie did not used Miss Moneypenny.

Eva Green as the new Bond's girl Vesper Lynd did an excellent performance and a fine job playing James Bond's first true love. Green and Craig have electric chemistry on screen together. Vesper's character seems ambiguous, impudent and complicated. One night-slumped in the shower fully clothed, radiating inner beauty-her quiet look is capable to melt Bond's cold heart and free his doubtful mind. In another, she disconcerts him with her pretty 'Algerian love knot.

Judi Dench as M is always awesome and she did a fantastic well done job. In GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and this movie she did a well done excellent job. I love the actress and I had a blast watching her on screen.

Mads Mikkelsen is the villain banker Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) who tries to get rich in supplying funds for terrorists. The actor did incredible job as the main villain and I really absolutely loved his performance.

Jeffrey Wright plays the new undercover CIA agent Felix Leiter 'bleeding chips at the poker tournament:' and Giancarlo Giannini plays the 'contact' Mathis.

The Italian actress Caterina Murino plays Solange who reveals her sexy side as the frustrated woman so upset in her marriage.

Armed with a license to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as 007, and must defeat a private banker to terrorists in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, Montenegro, but things are not what they seem.

Bond (Daniel Craig) is chasing a terrorist bomber Mollaka (Sebastien Foucan) who was contracted by terrorist organization to make and sell a bomb. While Bond chases him he has to jump on a several sky cranes and on a building to continue the chase. Real stunt performance from stunt man and actor Daniel Craig. He chases Mollaka to embassy in Madagascar and shots him and shoots a nearby gas tank makes a huge explosion and flees with Mollaka's bag, he finds his cell phone with text message the word "ELLIPSIS."

A trail leads Bond to Nassau, Bahamas to Alex Dmitrios (Simon Abkarian) in which Bond seduces his wife Solange and find's out he goes to Miami USA. Bond pursues Dmitrios to Miami airport kills Dmitrios with a knife in self defense tracks down another bomber.

Bond stops the terrorist and takes the bomb away from the airplane. Saves all the passengers and the plane. Great tanker truck chase on the airport. Great action sequence Bond saves over 200 lives in this movie that is why I love it so much. Bond stops the tanker before hitting the plane with all the gas and the bomb attached to it and he attaches bomb on a terrorist. Excellent action sequence!

Bond has to fight Le Chiffre in high poker game with Felix Leiter. Bond kill's two black men in which Le Chiffre lost their money and single handle with fists kill's them. Bond is such a bad-ass in this movie. Le Chiffre and his blond girl Valenka (Ivana Milicevic) poison Bond's martini with digitalis, causing Bond to suffer severe tachycardia. Bond runs to his car for defibrillator but passes out. Vesper Lynd comes and save's his life. Bond comes back in to Casino finishes the game and beats Le Chiffre at the game. Bond drives Aston Martin DBS great action sequence.

10/10 This movie is directed by Martin Campbell who directed GoldenEye my all time favorite Pierce Brosnan 007 film. Casino Royale (2006) is my third favorite film in the Bond 007 saga and I love this movie to death! I love it so damn much!
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Caught this after 20+ views!
bekat_yk15 October 2017
I noticed just this morning, that Le Chiffre's left eye is bleeding toward the nose(in the scene where Bond orders a drink). Afterwards, his same left eye is bleeding on the same left eye but, on the outer(ear half) side of his face. No real issue. Just happy he got what he got!
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A reboot if ever there was one
studioAT5 August 2017
After things started to get a bit silly towards the end of Pierce Brosnan's time as 007 (the invisible car anyone?) this reboot/prequel tries to address the balance, and bring Bond into the 21st century with Daniel Craig putting on the famous tuxedo.

I thought this film was gritty, and darker than past films, but Craig undoubtedly is good in the role, and Eva Green is a suitably beautiful Bond girl.

It's not my favourite Bond film but it certainly is a game changing film in the series.
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This Is My Favourite Bond Film!
John William H.8 May 2017
Casino Royale is a truly fantastic take on the classic British super-spy; and it's THE elixir James needed after the previous mistake that was Die Another Day (2002). And the FABULOUS twist to the whole 'Bond-gun-barrel-opening' sequence is important to the film's actual introduction. We see Bond shoot a guy in a bathroom as the opening credits play before us. And then the kickass song 'You Know My Name' by Chris Cornell plays to motifs heard later throughout the film. And THAT song is probably the most underrated of all the modern Bond songs. And it reflects and honors Bond's return to the big screen in 2006 perfectly. This film is visceral and believable. It's the antithesis of the Roger Moore films and the Pierce Brosnan ones. Daniel Craig is the Bond for the post-9/11 generation!
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Best Bond in years; Would Recommend.
EBJ14 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
​Plot Overview: After foiling the plot of a bomber, MI6 discovers it was the word of Le Chifre(Mads Mikkelsen), a notorious banker for criminals, who set it up. They send newly appointed 00 agent, Jame Bond(Daniel Craig) to beat Le Chifre in a game of poker at Casino Royale.

Directed by Martin Campbell

Starring Daniel Craig, Mads Mikkelssen and Eva Green


Overall: This movie is arguable the best Bond movie in years and stands on a pedestal of one of the best ever. It's a fun action movie, it a great thriller, the stakes feel real, it's a brilliant take on the famous character. Three things are needed for a good bond movie: Good Bond girl, good Bond car and good Bond villain. This movie smashes each of these out of the park and makes an inventive, unique and most importantly entertaining re imagining of the world's most famous spy, and introduces him back into the modern world.

The type of people who will like this movie will probably be long time fans of the franchise, people who wanted something new in the franchise and fans of great, kind of grounded action accompanied by an intriguing narrative.

Would Recommend.


Daniel Craig was amazing as James Bond and gave a new and refreshing take on the character which was needed. He kept the best qualities of Bond while also adding his unique spin on the character to make his version go down with the greats. Mads Mikkelsen was extraordinary as the cunning and intriguing Le Chiffre, and made the character one of my favourite Bond villains. Eva Green was good as Vesper Lynd and provided a great Bond girl who had an actual role in the full plot. Judi Dench was phenomenal as 'M'. Giancarlo Gianni was good as Mathis.

The story was surprisingly interesting and had enough substance to make it more than just a thread designed to keep a string of set pieces together. I think that the third act was pretty lazy and it could have been shortened down.

The cinematography was fine for the most part but the opening sequence in black and white was gorgeous and delivered arguably the most inventive spin on the 'Bond shoots camera' trope to date.

This movie provided a fresh and inventive take on such a beloved character, leaving just enough for fans to enjoy and changing just enough to gather new fans. The action scenes were excellent and the set pieces were just as good with the opening parkour sequence being up there with my favourite openings in the franchise. Provided a great Bond girl, car and villain. Three pieces that make the entire puzzle come together in one neat Bondifed package.

Craig's take on the Martini line may be my favourite thing in this movie just because it shows they are changing the franchise and also leaves enough nostalgia for fans to cling to. Well that and it is absolutely hilarious. The opening credits were amazing as well as the opening 'Bond shoots audience' trope. This movie definitely has one of the least interesting Bond songs just because it isn't memorable in any way. It's very dull and I guarantee that, without searching for it, you can't name the song and hum any part of it; it's that dull.

Personally, I adore this movie and it stands as one of my all time favourite Bond movies, and one of my favourite action movies of the 2000s.

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The Beginning Of Bond
zkonedog10 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The James Bond franchise has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Though I've seen them all and enjoyed most of them, I'm always amazed that the formulaic elements that comprised EVERY SINGLE Bond film (theme, girl, gadgets, suit, quips, etc.) never seem to get old. Studios could keep pumping them out for decades and still have a core audience. With "Casino Royale", however, that formula is turned on its head a bit in telling an "early Bond" story chronologically before all the others. This new convention, and the subtleties (instead of over-the-top antics) seem to completely refresh the series and make this installment my personal favorite.

For a basic plot summary, "Casino Royale" sees a newly-minted 007 (Daniel Craig) on his first assignment from M (Judi Dench). In trying to expose terrorist banker Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), Bond meets up with Felix (Jeffrey Wright) and falls for the beautiful Vesper Lynd (Eva Green).

What makes "Casino Royale" ultimately so successful is that it actually DOES contain most of the usual "Bond cannon" material that we are all so used to seeing. Instead of being overt and flaunting such material, like the last few Brosnan flicks, this one takes a much more subtle tone. For example, Craig's Bond is (at first) taken aback by his new "fitted dinner jacket", doesn't quite know how he wants his martini, and actually falls for a woman for her overall personality and not...well, you know. Seeing this "beginning of Bond" after so many "throw it in your face films" was refreshing.

About the only thing missing from "Casino Royale" was Q and his many nifty gadgets. Other than that, the action lives up to the Bond name and this one even has a semi-intriguing plot with a few twists (yay!).

Basically, although I would have probably gone on seeing Bond movies forever, the franchise had gotten a bit stale towards the end of Brosnan's run (e.g. Die Another Day). Thus, going back in time (with a new Bond actor) to tell a different type of story (more grit than flash) was a welcome diversion that put the "juice" back into my Bond fan-ship once again.

Unless you are a very nit-picky Bond fan or one that thoroughly enjoys the old conventions exactly as they were, "Casino Royale" will shoot straight to the top of your "Best Bond Film Ever" list.
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A Great Start for A New James Bond
Ahmed Okasha12 January 2017
I Probably have watched the best James Bond so far. had lust nailed it, of course with the help of Eva Green who was the perfect love for a perfect agent. We cannot forget about Mads Mikkelsen who always makes the best villein.

Martin Campbell have taken James Bond movies to a whole new level of drama and action. he found the best in Daniel Craig who is a modest actor in my opinion and took some amazing scenes specially that one under the water.

I found some problems with story in the first half of the movie which was a little boring for me and I got annoyed with the many villeins but the second part was very satisfying for me and I had a great time watching it.

MY rating is 8/10.
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Here It Is/Where It All Began
Hitchcoc8 January 2017
This Bond film is well written and exciting, It shows us the way that the 007 legend began. We find how Bond takes advantage of a situation to make himself the guy with the license to kill. He begins to battle wits with the villain, LeChifre, who is in the center of international finance. He is also a gambler who is managing to make one hundred percent on his investments, Bond has to use every manner of effort to confront the barriers placed before him, including winning at cards. I remember the asinine first Hollywood version of this book, which came in the wake of some of the best "serious" Bond films. It had comedians Peter Sellers and Woody Allen and more silliness than you could shake a stick at. One thing I noticed is that the card game played was poker. In the book and the original movie, he plays Baccarat. Of course, hardly any Americans understand this game. In the first film there is a dramatic moment when a card is turned over and Bond this day, I don't know why!
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This excellent reboot of the long running franchise owes more of a debt to Dalton's films then Brosnan's, Moore's or even Connerys.
Chris_Lacon7 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Taking inspiration from Christopher Nolan and "The Dark Knight" series, "Casino Royale", is a much needed reboot of the long running spy series. Like its spiritual predecessor, it strips away the bloated, elements from a series which eventually became a parodical, CGI addled shadow of its former self. Casino Royale is a darker, leaner movie, not only in comparison to Brosnan's poorly received swansong "Die Another Day" but also compared to the majority of the films in the series. Ironically, in addition to both Nolan's Batman reimagining and the "Jason Bourne" series, "Casino Royale" owes more a debt to Timothy Dalton's "The Living Daylights" then Roger Moore's "Live And Let Die" or even "Dr No": Connery's iconic debut and the first film in the series.

Similar to "GoldenEye", Bond is fighting, not just against international terrorists, but for both credibility in a changing geo-political world and audiences changing expectations. "GoldenEye" faced this problem, with various characters and critics questioning Bond's relevance following the Cold War and with changing social attitudes. "GoldenEye" however, was successful in subverting audience expectations and breathing fresh life into a stale franchise, due to poor writing and plots, Brosnan's subsequent Bond films were increasingly disappointing, culminating in "Die Another Day", released in 2002. The film and its reception had a sense of déjà vue for many critics, with many of them again questioning the series relevance in the post 9/11 world and also the character alongside more recent action hero's such as Matt Damon's Jason Bourne. Once again, it seemed, Bond had become obsolete, "A relic of the Cold War" as Dench's M put it.

"Casino Royale" manages, perhaps more successfully than "GoldenEye", to subvert audience expectations regarding the series by stripping back the majority of the tropes that people had both come to love and expect from the series, Casino Royale manages to successfully craft a Bond film that feels relevant to the post 9/11 world and proves that 007 can still hold his own, regardless of what audiences expect.

This success is due in no small part to Craig's performance as Bond. Instead of the almost superhuman spy we got in the previous movies, here, we get a more inexperienced, rawer 007, who whilst still being capable of shooting a man in cold blood or coldly dismissing the death of his lover with "The jobs done, the bitch is dead", also has a degree of vulnerability that we have not seen in a Bond film for a while. Craig's Bond is not invulnerable; he makes mistakes, is poisoned, beaten, and tortured. When compared to Brosnan spending four movies mowing down bad guys like Rambo without a scratch on him, it feels considerably more refreshing to see a Bond who bleeds. It also makes Craig's Bond feel more real and grounded: Take the scene following the fight in the stairway, Bond doesn't adjust his tie and make a glib remark or pithy comeback, he goes back to his room, pours himself a glass of scotch and washes away the blood from his bruised and battered body, at times even wincing in pain. This is a Bond that owes more of a debt to Dalton's burnt out killer, then Moore's suave playboy.

In terms of the supporting cast, Eva Green as the enigmatic Vesper Lynd, gives a stylish, yet understated performance. Like Craig, she gives a more nuanced performance as Lynd: her portrayal of Bond's love interest is more complex, subtle and tragic then the stereotype's and gimmicks that came before her. Green's Vesper is unlikely to crush a man between her legs, or be a martial arts expert, but she is undoubtedly the emotional core of the film. As the films principal villain, Mads Mikkelson gives a similarly understated performance as Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre doesn't have an absurd plan to take over the world and is armed with nothing more than a inhaler and a eye that weeps blood, however Mikkelson turns in a multifaceted performance. Le Chiffre is a much more believable villain and whist he does come across as a more human antagonist, he never loses his subtle menace.

The action in the film have also been drawn back. Taking clear inspiration from the fight scenes in the "Jason Bourne" franchise, "Casino Royale" provides far more intense, scaled back but still thrilling action pieces with a degree more tension than previous instalment's. The opening construction site chase is a particular highlight, with Bond perusing a terrorist who uses parkour to his advantage. As previously mentioned, Craig's Bond is considerably more human than previous instalments and so, whist it is obvious Bond won't die at any point, it's more refreshing to have an action film where you can actually almost feel the blows. The action is also considerably more realistic and brutal then previous films. During the staircase fight sequence, Bond strangles a man to death with close ups of both the man's face as he gasps for breath and Bonds bloodied shirt following the act. It's not quick, it's not pretty and its unlike anything we've really seen before in a Bond film. This goes to show that Bond is far more brutal that we'd thought which again adds a degree of depth to the character, showing the darker side of his job. This more intense, brutal action style may, to a degree, alienate older fans, more used to a Bond film being mere escapist fun, however I believe the vast majority would agree anything's better then Brosnan riding a CGI tidal wave.

Overall, I would say that "Casino Royale" works, as a reboot of a series that desperately needed rebooting, and once again that the Bond series can evolve from parody to gritty and relevant to today's audiences. Giving us a serious, gritty film without alienating fans, Craig's debut, proves that there is life in the old franchise yet.
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This is why we love Bond
Mace10 December 2016
Saying that Casino Royale was a big deal is quite an understatement. Back before the movie even came out and Daniel Craig was announced as the next Bond, the casting choice wasn't too well received. People didn't know who this guy was and many were worried that their beloved James Bond would be ruined after a legacy lasting almost half a century.

It's now 2016 and Martin Campbell's Casino Royale is widely recognized as one of the best Bond films ever. Daniel Craig basically re-invented Bond, giving the character a humanity and intimacy that we have never seen before. Campbell's gripping narrative and incredibly choreographed action scenes paired with a star-making performance from Craig makes Casino Royale not only one of the best Bond films, but arguably THE best Bond film ever.

To start, the characters in Casino Royale are impeccable. Not only do we get one of the best Bond actors to ever portray the legendary character, we also get the best Bond villain and the best Bond girl yet.

As mentioned before, Daniel Craig quite literally re-invented James Bond. While this is quite a bold statement, it really is hard to find fault in his performance. His ability to be an excellent action star is showcased in the film's first action scene, which is undoubtedly one of the most gripping and intense action scenes of modern cinema. Not only do we get an excellent action scene, but we see Craig's characterization as Bond already start to form through a chase scene with literally no dialogue. This due to the excellent screenplay. Not only was Craig an excellent action star, he also brought a surprising amount of personality to his straight-faced portrayal of the character. Not only does he manage to display such deep levels of emotions that we would never expect a character like Bond to have, he does so mostly without dialogue. Bond is completely fleshed out here as we see him display surprisingly deep levels of intimacy and real love.

Another great thing about the characters is that the villain is just as fleshed out as Bond is. He isn't some crazy, over-the-top madman who wants to destroy Bond. He is really just a desperate man who is trying to save his own skin. He isn't trying to kill Bond with a laser or kidnap the girl, he's quite simply just trying to get out of debt with a viscous militia he made deals with and Bond gets in the way of that. Mads Mikkelsen does a fantastic job as the desperate and nervous villain. But the great thing is that he never really feels like the villain in the sense that we can relate to everything that he is trying to do. He isn't trying to end the world or anything crazy like that, he is just trying to save himself, which made me care quite a bit about his character. He may look evil and incredibly threatening, but in the end he is just as vulnerable as Bond is, which makes for some excellent interactions between the two characters.

The character of Vesper Lynd, in which Eva Green portrays, is also surprisingly important to the plot, as far as Bond girls go. Vesper Lynd is really the person who created the Bond that we know today. Bond felt such a deep love and caring for Vesper that he was willing to put his old life aside just for her. The heartbreak that ensues is essentially where our Bond was "created" as one line of dialogue is really all we needed to see the drastic change in his personality. We know after this that Bond will never be the same again.

The action scenes are also incredible. Pretty much every single action set piece in Casino Royale is memorable and totally gripping. They are always entertaining, but never too over-the-top to be silly. Casino Royale has a perfect mix of realism and fun that ensures the entire film is immensely engrossing even when it isn't one of the action scenes.

Martin Campbell took the harder and risky approach to a Bond film in the sense that he brought a never before seen amount of humanity to the legendary, tough-man character. His experimentation with darker themes and high levels of intimacy with the audience completely paid off. The entire film is completely engrossing as a cast of the finest Bond characters ever are mixed with some incredibly exhilarating action sequences. Seductive in more ways than one, Casino Royale manages to be thoroughly entertaining while also serving as a character study for the new generation. A truly unforgettable and intoxicating experience.
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Thank you Daniel Craig!! It has been a decade and this movie like a fine wine has aged well. It is official. Daniel Craig is Bond.
fspappa3 December 2016
I was blown away when I saw this movie. I was still trying to get over Die Another Day. After seeing the far out and ridiculous situations from that movie and horrible writing, it was great to see Bond brought back down to Earth and seeing him starting his career instead of having an established one. The opening sequence reminded me of Dr.No with Sean Connery in his motel room and shooting the professor with 1 shot. Daniel kept his cool and he knew what he was doing. I loved it when he did his own stunts especially the foot chase and the scene at the airport. Those I couldn't see Roger Moore do. Daniel Craig brought back Bond the way he was meant to be. Sean Connery may have been the first but sorry Sean, you've been dethroned. Daniel has more range of an actor. I saw it when he lost Vesper.That was fantastic! You can see him show more dimensions that make him a real person. Even the torture scene shows that we weren't in the Pierce Brosnan era anymore. The villain was cool. He was a corrupt banker and not a super villain but his motives were great. Vesper reminded me a bit of Stacey from On Her Majesties' Secret Service. She was a great equal to Bond and committing suicide was what she had to do. Overall, this was a great start to the Danial Craig era. Sorry Sean but you have been dethroned. He is a Bond for my time. I'm glad to have seen it.
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A graphic, mean-spirited vastly overrated movie.
yihdzelonh1 December 2016
How do you rate a move like this? Casino Royale is, by far, the most graphic, violent, and mean-spirited James Bond movie that up until now I have ever seen. Some of the stunts and action sequences were among the most amazing that I have ever seen in a James Bond film. Daniel Craig has some great physical skills that seem to surpass those of all previous James Bonds. He does seem to have a decent amount of presence and personality and in these aspects makes for an adequate James Bond. And yet he is easily the most unlikeable and mean-spirited of all the James Bond actors that I have become familiar with. He isn't nearly as likable...or as good-natured as say, Roger Moore...or even Pierce Brosnan (perhaps the most 'accurate' incarnation of any of the Bonds boys).

The movie -as nearly all movies do- was clearly a microcosm of the era it was released in 2000s. I was a little annoyed at seeing Judi Dench using the vile and immature language of today with phrases that included "a**" and "prick." It also cheapened the movie to see Daniel Craig say "...scratch my 'effin' balls..." Can you imagine phraseology like this being used by previous Bond actors?

At 2 1/2 hours long I felt that the movie was very clearly 'overtly' long...and though the pacing was fine I felt that the action sequences were somewhat too far in between. Most of the way through the movie, I was 'waiting' for the movie to end and kept on 'pausing' the movie to find out how much time there was left. The cinematography and FX were very good......and yet all things considered I really didn't enjoy this movie at all.

How do you rate a movie like this?

YOU don't; I do: 4 1/2 stars.
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The "Batman Begins" Of The Bond Franchise
jordansepticeye11 November 2016
This movie and Batman Begins are very similar for their franchises,after a more cartoony film(Batman and Robin and Die Another Day),the producers decided the way to fix the franchise was to start from scratch all over again and take a darker,grittier approach.That was a great idea for this franchise,as we got one of the best entries with this movie.I don't have any major issues,but I guess the villain could've been in it a bit longer.Now,the good,Daniel Craig,he is charming and intimidating at the same time,like a more cold hearted Sean Connery.The story,it is interesting,great,and compelling.The action,it is fantastic and when people get hurt,you feel it.I loved the suspense in some scenes.The cinematography is gorgeous,and the score is great.I really like the fact that Bond isn't truly the typical "Bond" we've come to know,you get to see him evolve throughout the film.The villain and Bond girl are also awesome,they feel real and their actions seem very human.The best part of this movie though,the realism,it makes everything more interesting and makes you care more about the characters.Casino Royale is an amazing entry in the James Bond franchise,and the perfect way to modernize the iconic character.
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nickzad-r28 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Pros: -Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelson are fantastic in this movie. Mads is one of my favorite actors (he was even better in The Hunt) and Craig, I think, doesn't get enough credit for how great he was. - This is the most character development I've seen a Bond film. Bond is the most vulnerable he has been and also the most intelligent. Eva Green actually challenges Bond and isn't just some sex icon. -All action sequences are well shot and exciting. The poker scene is the best scene of the movie. -The movie takes all the Bond tropes and flips them around. Shooting through the barrel is not at the beginning of the movie, it is incorporated in the movie. He doesn't say shaken not stirred when asked. Instead of a romantic scene in the shower, Craig and Green embrace after a traumatic event.

Cons: -First of all, my least favorite thing in a movie is for there to be studio interference, and while it doesn't drag the movie down (i.e. Amazing Spider Man 2 and Martin Campbell's Green Lantern), there is some enough that the directing and writing had to be changed to include a product placement and it is distracting and groan-worthy. -I was disappointed by the torture scene. It started out so well and hard to watch like it is supposed to be, Bond starts making some jokes and Le Chiffre gets shot quickly. And while the jokes are funny, the scene wouldn't be as impactful if there was no humour and if it was longer. -The last scene where Vesper dies was not emotional for me even though it tried to be. This was because Bond found out that she was giving the money to that evil organization. Later, Bond found out that she traded the money for his life earlier in the movie. If I thought she was backstabbing Bond during her emotional death scene, then why should I want her to live. -There is also a heavy amount of exposition given mostly by Judi Dench, who I think doesn't act very well in the movie

I think this movie had better characters and action than Skyfall (8/10), but Skyfall just has a better script, better direction, and much better cinematography. 7/10
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"The bitch is dead."
Malteser99918 June 2016
This is one of those few times when I was really hyped up and left the theater with a huge "clown-prince" like smile on my face. Now, let me share my thoughts on how much satisfaction and disappointment it left me.

First I would like to mention was that this is a damn good example of a 3 act story everyone should take notes. Started of as a typical Bond mission, then a suspenseful casino game (I don't gamble) against a genius, then a tragic love story. Nothing more, nothing less.

(Spoiler alert) Let's talk more about the Bond mission. Just from that first chase in Madagascar, I was already immersed of how intense it looked. Even though Bond fell from like 3 story high, he kept on going. Meaning that the 007 character has to get this man down no matter what as it adds the intensity. The camera-work isn't edited as multiple jump cuts like in any action movies, but wide angles (and close ups when necessary).

Aside from ingenious editing, it inverted the Bond formula to a whole new level. Women are displayed as human beings, not horny sex objects (except one scene). There are almost no fancy gadgets like in previous films (the DBS looked sick though). Bond doesn't care how his martini should be served. All of these elements aren't just there to be different for sake, but because Martin Campbell wanted to show to people what a real secret agent would do and the kinds of situations he has to deal with.

I didn't want to touch the gambling act as you might be better off watching the real thing. Trust me, it's one of the best thing ever came out of the Bond franchise.

Last but not least, the tragic love story. To my surprise, it's not cliché and played out like it should. Yet, the betrayal is what molds the Bond character drastically into the person we all recognize.

In conclusion, Casino Rogale is a great movie not just in the entire Bond entry. But also works as a movie that will put everyone a big smile leaving out of the theater, including fans and goers.
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excellent start pro Daniel Craig as the most famous agent of movie theater
Miguel Neto31 May 2016
Casino Royale is the film that introduced the new James Bond , Daniel Craig, who had a lot of criticism , because not as gallant as the other 007 plus Craig surprised , the film is very good , the cast is great , Eva Green what makes a good performance , beyond being well Sexy, Mads is excellent, it is one of the best villains of all 007 films, the script has some problems , more is good, the dialogues are good , has some moments of humor, the direction of Martin Campbell is very good, the picture is also good , does not have much action , plus the pace is very good , Casino Royale is one of the best James Bond films, with great moments , it was a great start pro Daniel Craig . Note 8.4
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the film was brilliant but not my favorite 007 film
Warning: Spoilers
OK guys to be honest with you this film called Casino Royale was brilliant but i think they definitely shouldn't have killed Vesper because she had a very mysterious agenda if you guys know what i mean and also i thought to myself that the casino scenes were good when 007 visits Casino Royale and he plays a poker game with Le chieffe but unfortunately bond get kidnapped because he gets poisoned by the other guys girlfriend which then lead to my least favorite scene: the torture scene which i think a lot of people thought was unnecessary because knowing 007 and his MI6 skills and tactics he could have been set up by Q (if only he was in it) so he would have a radio transmitter in his watch but the makers of the film thought it would get peoples attention.

But that is my review of this film i thought the film was good but some of the scenes were unnecessary.

Thanks for reading my review. written by Ben Vickers on 28/05/16
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An over-long, over-saturated affair
jameslinton-752522 May 2016
I've tried to like James Bond. I really have. I watched a number of the old films, before I got bored and gave up. Casino Royale was my attempt to like them again, but it reminded me of why I gave up in the first place. Casino Royale is a bloated, over-long affair with a severe lack of realism and a woefully under-utilised Mads Mikklesen. He could have easily been one of the best parts of the film, but he was criminally under-used. Casino Royale wasn't a complete failure. I did like some of its stylistic elements, such as the flashback scenes that were shot in black and white, but for the most part I found it boring and unengaging.

Read my full review here:
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Casino Royale (2006)
samgiannn16 April 2016
I'm not a huge James Bond fan, but I like a good spy thriller, and Daniel Craig's Bond movies have been some of the best in the past few years. I went back to his first Bond outing, Casino Royale, which is arguably Craig's best. In Casino Royale, James Bond has been armed with a license to kill and goes out on his first mission as 007 where he must defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker. This movie serves as a reboot of the Bond franchise and shows a new story arc for Craig's Bond, so we see a more vulnerable and less experienced James Bond. There are still some ridiculously fantastic action sequences to behold, but it's obvious that he's not nearly as sharp as he will come to be. The action scenes aren't even the best part of the movie though. The second act takes place almost entirely around a poker table, changing from a spy movie to a more contained thriller. It's suspenseful and incredibly well acted. Casino Royale gives one of the more memorable Bond movies that I've ever seen and set up Craig for a great run in the role.
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A bright restart for Bond
Filipe Neto5 April 2016
Directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, it has script by Robert Wade, Neal Purvis and Paul Haggis. This is the twenty-first film of the franchise and the first film in the new era of James Bond, embodied by the participation of Daniel Craig, who succeeds Pierce Brosnan in the role of the famous 007. Judi Dench remained in the role of M, Jeffrey Wright resurrects the American spy Felix Leiter, Giancarlo Giannini gives life to Rene Mathis, Eva Green played the bond-girl Vesper and Mads Mikkelsen gave life to the villain, Le Chiffre.

In this film, a new James Bond, recently elevated to the status of 00 agent, will try to catch a gangland banker which helps fund arms dealers and terrorists around the world. For this, he will need to participate in a risky poker game, where the villain will seek to multiply his money.

This is one of the best Bond film's to date and marks the relaunch of the franchise, after the resounding failure of "Die Another Day". Daniel Craig is quite different from any other actor who played the role: hard, extremely violent, more a killer than a gentleman, he manage to updates his character to the new millennium. But this new approach doesn't merely update it, it also gave him more credibility and plausibility. In the public's mind, it's really possible that, if there are spies, they're similar to what Craig shows as Bond. And, like any human, Craig's Bond also fails, makes mistakes and is fallible. It's far from being a hero or a good guy. On the other hand, the villain, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is also credible and is not exaggerated by stereotypes of other villains. Discreet, quiet and, at the same time, cruel and relentless, Le Chiffre is played brilliantly by Mikkelsen, managing to pluck some shivers from our spine. Eva Green was also impeccable in the role of Vesper, a difficult and mysterious bond-girl, which perfectly combines beauty, seduction and mystery, becoming one of the most beautiful and mysterious bond-girls of the franchise. It was also the second woman to make Bond fall in love for real. The script have also fairly good aspects: the main theme, the financing of terrorism, which is very present today, or the chronological resumption of history, which allowed a more accurate approach to Fleming's book and a fresh look to the main character (in a break with previous films, particularly Brosnan's, who totally putted Fleming aside and created new scripts from scratch). Some scenes of this movie also became memorable, such as the climactic scene, in which Bond tries to save his beloved of a Venetian palace that sinks under their feet. The opening sequence of this film is, perhaps, one of the most striking ever. It was created by Daniel Kleinman and stands out for the use of pictures of playing cards, the lack of women's silhouettes (justified by Bond feel true love for Vesper) and "You Know My Name" song, composed and performed by Chris Cornell.
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You know my name; Bond...James Bond.
John Maverick29 March 2016
'Casino Royale' is a well crafted '007' film that does justice and stays true to Ian Fleming's novel. Martin Campbell surely has outdone himself since his first 'Bond' film 'GoldenEye', with a different directing style that makes this the most modern and grounded of all the 'Bond' films before.

1. Daniel Craig is no Sean Connery, but he does the best he can with the character of James Bond even though his acting comes off a bit stiff and emotionally detached at times. However, he does have the best physicality of the previous Bond actors and it sure does show in all of the action sequences which are choreographed amazingly.

2. The one sequence which stands out above the rest, is the spectacular foot chase after the opening credits where Bond pursues a bomb-maker involved in a sinister plot which is uncovered later on in the film. All the action in this film is done surprisingly well under Campbell's direction (which I had hoped later directors would have taken note on...but didn't) with all emulating a sense of suspense, excitement and most of all...consequence.

3. Mads Mikkelsen is even more exceptional than Craig as the cunning antagonist 'Le Chiffre'. He brings a sense of mystery and style as the character with so many interesting dimensions as a villain that he steals the show whenever he's on screen. One flaw is that he doesn't have enough screen-time, especially in the third act of the film. He proves himself to be smarter than Bond and just outdoes him at every turn when it comes to style.

4. Now the bad part. The real anchor that weighs this film down is the campy love-story. Craig and Green (Vesper) have an interesting dynamic when they play-off each other with a sort of love/hate relationship once she is introduced at the beginning of the film's second act. The movie takes a huge nose-dive near the 2hr mark when their love-story comes front and center. At that point, it feels like the film has outstayed it's welcome when we get a full 15mins of Bond and Vesper laying on beaches, having sex, living in hotels and exchanging lines of horrible dialogue with each other. These scenes (undoubtedly) should have been cut from the final film, cause it unnecessarily adds extra length to an already 2hr 30min running time.

5. Lastly, in no way am I denying that Eva Green isn't an attractive woman, but the actress who appears in the first act (Caterina Murino) is an absolute knock-out and is more of a classic beauty suited for a 007 film. She should have played the female lead of Vesper Lynd rather than Green based on appearance alone, cause she just emits hotness;)

If I were to decide, I'd say 'Casino Royale' is the best of the Daniel Craig '007' films since the others (the closet being 'Skyfall') never really live up to the bar which was set be this reboot.
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Bond #21: Qualifying for the Olympics
unbrokenmetal24 March 2016
In the first half, Bond is almost constantly running and jumping, it looks like the qualifying for the Olympic Games. Especially the scene on the construction site is spectacular, the inspiration seem to come from Jackie Chan movies or similar Eastern productions. The chase begins in Africa, continues on the Bahamas and with a bomb threat at Miami airport. Then Bond goes to Montenegro where he is to face the villain Le Chiffre for a game of cards. Much more than an ordinary game – a psychological duel...

With the first of Daniel Craig's Bonds, the producers wanted to make clear: it's an action movie. However, the best scenes sometimes are the quiet ones. For example, in the middle of the movie is a scene when Bond talks to Vesper Lynd about his plans. It's a pleasure to see how they are testing the waters, trying to find out more about each other without giving anything away. And then there is the moment of role reversal when Lynd tells Bond which jacket to wear, his surprised look is priceless. 'Casino Royale' carefully attempts to modernize the franchise and deliberately breaks a few (minor) rules, for example when Bond is asked if he prefers his Martini shaken or stirred and replies: 'Do I look like I give a damn?'
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