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Alternate Versions

US version is cut in the toilet fight and the stairwell fight scene to secure a PG-13 rating. In the later, Obanno's henchmen hitting the ground and Obanno crashing into the glass window are the most obvious cuts. However, additional punches, elbows, and shoving are removed and the struggle at the bottom of the stairwell was heavily shortened. The music score has also been remixed to accommodate the edits, and alternate footage used to smooth over some of the edits.
The UK version contains the uncut fight scenes but has edits in the torture scene.
Region 2 British DVD releases vary in the torture scene: in the single-disc release (D6-43508-UK-S), the film is 138.22 mins and is missing Le Chiffre placing the knotted rope on Bond's shoulder and saying to him, "Such a waste", and at least one low-level shot of the rope coming in for impact; in the double-disc collector's edition (D7-43508-LC-S), the film is 138.35 mins and has these brief additions, plus the sound effects here seem enhanced / more violent. The 'Deluxe Edition' double-disc gatefold-packaged Blu-ray release is perhaps surprisingly the former version, omitting Le Chiffre's additional line during the torture scene.
The German version is cut in the scene where a terrorist kills a fuelling vehicle driver at the airport. A few frames where you see when the driver's neck is broken were replaced by extending the shot of the ground right before the driver goes down. Also the shot where you see the driver lying on the ground from a long shot is shortened whereas the closeup of the driver's head is extended.
The Chinese version is visually uncut, but Judi Dench had to re-dub one line to pass the censors. The line, "Christ, I miss the Cold War" was changed to, "God, I miss the old times".
The UK 50th Anniverary Blu-ray disc is rated 15, is Region Free and is fully uncut, containing all the uncut fight scenes missing from the US editions and the complete torture scene. The US 50th Anniversary Edition still features the censored version of the film and is rated PG-13.

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