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Great show, well chosen cast.

Author: alien_lover47
28 July 2004

I enjoyed every episode of Mad Mad House. It was the only reality show I ever was interested in. I am glad I watched it because I learned about Avocado, the raw food nutritionalist. He helped me discover walnut burgers...mmmm....My friend and I had a raw food night where we made walnut burgers and a bunch of other stuff we found from recipes off of I'm thinking of buying Avocado's book "Eating for beauty." I want to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle by using some of his techniques. He, to me, seemed very cool and smart. I especially liked Art too, because he is so spiritual, loves life, and avoids anger. He's an inspiration. I do believe everything on this show is real. The alts certainly are because if you do a background check on them all you'll find they've made books and have personal sites and a hell of a lot of background information. The only trouble with the show I had was Kelly. I hated her SO nearly made me sick because she's an actual person...that girl has mental problems. I hope she realizes this and can take care of herself before she hurts herself or someone else. Anywho, the show was highly enjoyable and I was inspired. It certainly had lessons to give to narrow minded folks. No other reality show has any lessons at all. My parents were saying the people on there were evil or messed up...if they ever watched it they'd realize the meaning of it all. But, they're close-minded, and I can only wish they'd open up sometime and accept and learn. Anyway, I'll end this. I'm sure I sound lame, but it's what I was thinking and wanted to say.

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Great show

Author: rabbit_caviare from United States
30 June 2005

I found this show very enjoyable.

I can't say how seriously I took the alts, because it is after all, TV. However this fact alone didn't stop me from liking the show, and dare I say adding it to my favorite programs list?

I'm crossing my fingers for there to be another season, it was one of the only reality TV shows I could even stand, none the less adore. The contestants were standard Hollywood fodder but the competitions and challenges were a delight to watch them struggle through.

And I don't care who you are, there's no denying this one thing: Don's wardrobe was absolutely lovely!

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Mad Mad House Summary/Review

Author: girlfightmovie
26 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mad Mad House Format: Reality Time: 9:00-10:00PM (Finale was 2 hours) Rating: TV14 Channel: SciFi

Mad Mad House is a reality show from the SCIFI Channel, about 10 ordinary people who become roommates with a wiccan, a naturist, a vampire, a modern primitive, and voodoo priestess to learn about alternative lifestyles and vie for $100,000. Guests are challenged in-house by tests and rituals pertaining to each alt's lifestyle and then are voted off by the alts, choosing who to vote off by placing a necklace around their necks. The purpose is to allow the guests to open their minds to alternative lifestyles and such person who meets this match will win. This is one of the few reality shows where the hosts are the stars and the guests are pawns in their game to add to our entertainment of already being shock-value.

The Alts

Fiona Horne, Wiccan Don Henrie, Vampire Art Aguirre, Modern Primitive Avocado, Naturist Iya Ta'Shia Asanti, Voodoo Priestess


Eric Lindquist Tim McGhee Noel Shankel Kelly Keefe, Campaign Manager Hamin Phillips Jamie Ethridge, Exotic Dancer Bonnie Dobkin Brent Ellis Nichole Ferrera Loana Huynh

Season: 1

No. Episode Air Date Prod 1 The Madness Begins! 3/4/2004 101 2 Kelly's Barking Mad 3/11/2004 102 3 We are Goddesses, Damn it! 3/18/2004 103 4 The Alts Get Even 3/25/2004 104 5 Hanging Around 4/1/2004 105 6 Don Drinks & Drains 4/8/2004 106 7 Blood Guzzlers 4/15/2004 107 8 Thee Shall Hang! 4/22/2004 108 9 Mad Finale Mad 4/29/2004 109

This show was cancelled but has appeared on other networks, namely the Reality TV Network on DishTV, for example, years after its untimely demise.


- The hosts lost site of their role in the last episodes but revived themselves in the end. - Extremely dangerous stunts that focus on the concept of death and other morbid elements.


- You can't expect anyone to take a show on alternative lifestyles seriously if it appears on the SciFi channel, especially before a show like "Tripping the Rift," which was a modernized version of several failed shows before it, like DuckMan, a show on USA (which owns SciFi) from the 90s. - If you are the hosts and do not know what you're doing, how are you qualified to be in such positions?

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The amazing Mad Mad House

Author: Trixxanna from United States
30 April 2006

This was the only reality/game show or reality show period that had ever held my favor and had me dieing for more. It's promotions didn't do it justice but that didn't stop tons of fans from tuning in to see it every week. Though many of the contestants or guest were very ignorant and maintained extremely closed minds during the show it was the purpose of producers as to get a jarred, shocked, or disgusted view of the alts and their lifestyles. And to maintain this view point that the Alts were weird and/or just plain freaks. The true reason for viewers to return was truly the Alts who now all have huge fan bases, though many claim they too misrepresented their respected communities (ie. Fiona and Don). I myself Loved all the the Alts with the exception of Ms. Fiona who I felt was too close minded as an Alt and was too self-important or self-centered, constantly trying to over talk everyone during deliberations. I cheered when Art told her off.

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fun twist on reality tv--finally

Author: orangegoby from US
30 April 2004

The Sci-Fi Channel's attempt to attract higher ratings with a "reality TV" show was a decent one. Other reality shows have been boring and mostly unimaginative. Manufacturing the next pop sensation, eating gross thing after gross thing, and competing for some random guy or girl just doesn't intrigue me. The Sci-Fi Channel knows its viewers don't want that invading their sanctuary from popular TV programming, so they add an appealing spin to the idea.

The best aspect of the show is that it takes the guests out of their comfortable, familiar lives and puts them in an environment where they have to experience the lifestyles and values of five "freaks". Challenging what the contestants might think and then using their responses and openness as criteria for elimination was a nice break from the fastest, strongest, and most popular advancing.

But of course, it is a reality show. Drama, plotting, unusual situations, and a big prize are part of it. Putting people through all of that just for the sake of viewers' twisted amusement and no other purpose gets kinda boring. At least find a real (or an almost real) reason to have guests drink blood and stand waist-deep in unpleasant stuff. Sci-Fi did well enough with that. My biggest qualm is that the prize details should have been played down to the guests or even kept secret until the end.

Despite my qualms with the show I enjoyed it. Unlike some, I don't feel the need to discredit and trash the Alts. I still think they are genuine people after watching . Anyway, people really do live those sorts of lifestyles. It's nice to be able to get a glimpse into them. Sci-Fi scored points with a lot of disappointed viewers who have been waiting a while for something decent to watch.

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Entertainment without substance

Author: claudine-44-336225 from California
3 May 2011

I watched this show in response to comments I heard about one of the Alts. The Alts represent people who live alternative lifestyles. Five of them, a naturist, a vampire, a voodoo priestess, a modern primitive, and a witch, live in a house into which ten guests were invited to stay, in order to compete for a prize of $100,000.00. My main issue of disappointment with the process was that the alts seem to vary between eliminating contestants based upon the contestant's acceptance of, disdain for, or participation in alternative lifestyles, measure of personal growth, or a determination that personal growth had been achieved therefore leaving no further room for growth. It was irritating to deal with their vacillating. The competitions were quite shocking, although I must confess to not watching reality TV, and therefore don't know how extreme these shows can be.

Unfortunately, there was very little presented that I could take as an actual example of an alternative lifestyle, and so really had to consider it a show about contestants competing to impress a group of eccentrics taking to extremes the stereotypical associations of their claimed beliefs and philosophies. The most realistic characters were Art and Avocado, who both seemed very much to represent themselves as normal people living their lives, while participating in lifestyles and rituals that held meaning for them personally. I would like to get to know either of them. And I felt that should have been the point. Don was an interesting character, and may very well live typically of self-made vampires. I don't know. But his behavior was extreme and one of his rituals appeared to be very irresponsible. Ta'Shia was kind hearted, but seemed much more interested in how guests treated her than in teaching anything about her religion. Other than a few stone casts, incense and feathers, I wasn't exposed to any positive attribute of voodoo or voudoun, and it is truly an amazing and interesting religion.

As for Fiona Horne, I was appalled by both her behavior as a member of the Alts, and even more by her irreverent representation of witches. I watched this show to challenge a statement that she set back people's view of modern witches by decades, and, unfortunately, that is correct. Presented with an opportunity to share Wicca as a viable alternative lifestyle and religion, she squandered it by being petty, pushing people into ritual situations that were inappropriate, and by refusing to recognize that some people's beliefs prohibit participating in witchcraft. She was petulant, selfish, dressed ridiculously, focused on the false attentions of a young man who repeatedly pointed out to the camera that he was playing her, and by being jealous of the attractive female guests. This was most disappointing as I am a witch, and there's enough difficulty already in getting people to realize that we live normal everyday lives all around you, as your doctors, retailers, hairstylists, babysitters, secretaries, plumbers, and coffee preparers.

Ultimately this was entertaining, and I watched through to the end.

What I think would make this show great, and probably all other reality shows set up similarly, would be to bring in the Alts and film them watching the show as it aired. Seeing them react to what was going on between the contestants, and what was said about them behind their backs, would definitely make for an evening of entertaining reality.

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Greatest Reality Show so far

Author: B_V_Smirk from Montreal, Canada
3 August 2004

This is the best reality show, in my opinion, by far. It's not just about doing strange stunts to win some cash, but it's about opening yourself to new ideas.

Some of the contestants were kicked off, not because they did poorly at the games, but because they refused to accept a vampire, witch, voodoo priestess, primitive, and a naturalist as hosts and friends.

It showed how some people are truly closed minded and can not accept religions beyond the mainstream or how they can not handle nudity. It really shows the little things about people that in usual society, you'd never see.

If you can watch it, I definitely recommend it.

Like they said in the show, "This is so much more then a game"

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A whole new spin on the "reality tv" genre

Author: Scott ( from South Florida
24 April 2004

In an attempt to create a Science-Fiction'esque reality show, Sci-Fi has come up with a brand new ground breaking series called "Mad Mad House". This series places 10 total strangers in a house with a vampire, a witch, a modern primitive, a voodoo priestess , and a naturist. All of the "alts" as they call them all are really what they claim to be, they are in no way actors, even the vampire. The alts control what happens in the house, and who gets to stay, and who goes home. There are trials in which the guests do things ranging from stripping down totally naked, to drinking blood. Although plenty of the ideas in the show may be borrowed from other reality series, the show really is extremely different from a lot of the other reality series out there, and deserves a chance.

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Typical Sci-Fi ridiculousness.

Author: deadcujo from California, United States
22 April 2004

"Mad Mad House" is typical Sci-Fi programming: low budget, bad theme, and very laughable. Everything comes off as scripted and acted out, and it's the sort of thing you'd expect to be a prank on a hidden camera show. I don't know if the "alts" practice off camera what they do on the show, but I simply cannot take any of them seriously. The contestants--who seem to be acting rather than genuinely participating in a contest--live together and are given tests and competitions each week, eventually leading to them being eliminated one by one. The winning contestant gets a large sum of cash. "Mad Mad House" is merely entertainment and should be viewed as such, and one can easily be sucked into the absurdity if they forget it's on the same network that brings us syndicated classics such as "Crossing Over with John Edward." Unless you're a die-hard Sci-Fi fan or have a desire to watch people bob for bat-shaped sheet metal in a pool of fake blood, you'd be better off skipping this show.

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