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This is the kind of movie routinely dismissed as too slow and quiet by those who don't know it is more exciting to listen than to hear.
This flawed drama about a self-destructive young actress and her reclusive novelist father has its rewards, mainly in some good performances.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A mopey meditation on family and its dysfunctions, Winter Passing is in fact of more than passing interest.
Rapp's theatrical past is evident throughout: His strongest scenes tend to be those purely character-driven moments when his sharp dialogue takes precedence over any cinematic action. Harris gives another strong performance and Ferrell is great in a comic but low-key role, but this is Deschanel's movie.
A classic example of a pedestrian motion picture being lifted out of mediocrity by an arresting lead performance. Zooey Deschanel doesn't just elevate Winter Passing; she carries it.
Wall Street Journal
I found the film borderline bleak, and borderline predictable, at least in its resolution, yet admirable as well. Winter Passing almost always operates on the right side of the border, the full-of-life side where compelling characters live with urgency and intensity.
Chicago Tribune
It's just OK. Not great. Not awful. Not particularly memorable. Not entirely forgettable. Just OK.
Winter Passing plays like two indie movies trapped in one film, and Zooey Deschanel is in the better of them. Will Ferrell is in the other one.
Entertainment Weekly
Winter Passing is also being called ''the serious Will Ferrell movie,'' but he's not especially serious in it. Put it this way: His character Corbit is one of those movie types who's into ''kar-a-tay,'' which is a joke that must officially die.
New York Daily News
An odd little movie with artistic aspirations and a bare touch of comedy that offers sights you never expected (nor hoped) you'd see - like Will Ferrell playing it straight (more or less) and Zooey Deschanel drowning an innocent kitten.
The Hollywood Reporter
With the exception of a few unpredictable moments from Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell, Winter Passing finds only cliche as it reaches for profundity.

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